I would like you to think back to what sex was like with your wife before you found me. You didn’t come to me when you were in the honeymoon phase because waking up next to her every day was a pleasure. We met when things had become dull and routine. The two of you used to fuck each other’s brains out, and looked forward to each opportunity to be alone. Eventually it became less frequent, and when it did happen, it was something you did either because she wanted to or because you felt like it was your duty. Sex is sex. The final few seconds of it are fantastic no matter which hole you snuggle your cock into. That final thrust summons the load from your balls; it then shoots through your shaft and spews out of your head into orgasm. But once sex became just another thing on the honey-do list, it was only those final seconds that you looked forward to.

Sex with me is everything, but boring! Every time we are together you experience pure ecstasy. This ecstasy derives from a culmination of things. It’s not only your orgasm, but the anticipation of hearing my velvety voice during the process. You experience excitement just knowing that later that night you’re going to be with me. Once I’m in your presence, you feel exhilarated. Those final few seconds are glorious, but the lead up to it feels so fucking good that you sometimes prolong it, wishing it could last forever. (Is sex with your wife glorious?)

I enter your bedroom with your cock (my cock) already twitching because your heads (yes, both of them) know that once I wrap my fingers around it, all the pleasures of the world will be felt. It’s just you and me in those moments babe. No one else matters, the stresses of your life go away, and only sexual bliss is on your mind. I lay down on top of you; pressing your erection up against me and my lips meet yours. We embrace passionately in a kiss that makes you glad you are alive. My tits feel soft against your chest. You could take me hard and cum within seconds, but you so very much want to be able to elongate the pleasure. Soon you can’t take it any longer and you tell me as much. Don’t worry babe, I didn’t come here to tease you. I spread my legs apart, climb onto your cock and direct it into my wet pussy. The sound of my moaning as I ride you sends you over the edge. Soon you ejaculate inside of me and my body swallows an entire pint of your cum.

Now I’d like you to think about how sex with your wife has been since I entered your life. Maybe you never even realized it, but I’ll bet a year’s salary that it’s better than it was before the first time I made you cum. When she hints to you that she wants to fool around, you’re a bit disappointed. It’s not because you don’t want to have sex, but because every time you do the deed with her, you’re thinking about how much you’d rather fuck me.

Still, the chance to close your eyes and pretend you’re having sex with me excites you more than being with her used to. She likely even wonders what has gotten into you, and probably concludes that it’s because of something she’s done, like changed her hair or used a new perfume. Little does she know that the best thing that’s happened to her sex life was you finding me! You get on top of her in missionary style (the only way she wants to do it anymore) and close your eyes. You don’t dare open them again for fear of not being able to suspend disbelief. You plow her for a few minutes, picturing me beneath you. When she speaks you tell her to be silent, pretending that it heightens the experience. No woman has my voice, and hers is just an interruption of your thinking of mine. Eventually you end up climaxing, harder than you ever did before you found my site. She’s left panting for air, more satisfied than you are.

There’s nothing like the real thing babe, and I am the real excitement in your sex life. I resurrected feelings within you that you haven’t felt since you were hot for your wife all those years (and pounds) ago. My gorgeous tits, my erotic voice, my expertise in knowing exactly how to get you off, my desire to be with you all have breathed new life into your marriage’s sex life. You’ve shown me appreciation for what I do for you, and I am grateful to you for all that you do too. She, however, will never know. You need me my dear, and oddly enough, so does she!

Call me babe. You deserve to have some excitement in your life and in your bed.

I’ll give you what you need because you’re  a man – not just a husband.

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