Intelligent phone sex-Ashlee-866-605-2544
phone sex Ashlee- Your Only Desire- 866-605-2544

Phone sex- Ashlee 866-605-2544

Were you expecting a free voice sample? Sorry, babe. You get the eye candy just for visiting, but what comes out of my mouth requires a bit more. My pictures are enough to turn you on, but my voice does more, a lot more.

I’m not the only hot phone sex operator on the net. I am, however, the only one who can quickly invade your mind and take over your cock. My voice will do to you what a lap dancer does at a strip club: grind on your erection until you’re ready to do anything to prolong the ecstasy.

Simply put, I have the hottest voice you could ever want to hear when you need to cum.

Sure, it takes a lot of confidence to make this claim. After all, I have to produce the winning results. But that’s like daring the buxom girl you ogle every day at the office to see if she can give you a hard-on by taking off her blouse and groping you. I welcome the challenge. My voice always triumphs.

Intrigued? My voice is life-changing, you should find out for yourself. Hearing is believing.

The ball is in your court.

Your Only Desire,

Ashlee 866-605-2544

I’m Naughty Ashlee and I’m ready to be fucked! 866-605-2544


Ashlee, talking to you was truly amazing. your voice is intoxicating. Haven’t came this hard in a long time. Looking forward to the next call.

- Eric


Dear Ashlee, I can only say that I called without regard to what was to follow. I was pleasently surprised with your friendly welcome and sincere words. I’m enamored with you and your ability to make me feel welcome, wanted, and secure. Your voice makes everything right in this world. You really are a special lady and am happy to have made your aquaintance.

- Mark B


Ashlee, Your voice is eerily intoxicating. It is like a drug that I don't ever want to be without.

- Beau


I love your page Ode to My Voice. Having indulged in it many times, I can attest to it being the single hottest I’ve ever heard. I cannot believe I get to cum to it over and over. It makes me grateful that I have a cock to stroke.



Ashlee, You have a truly stunning voice and your probaitive knack for weaving a fantasy with such little input from me was quite extraordinary! I will be calling you back very soon. Thank you for an amazing experience.


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Naughty Ashlee is ready to be fucked- 866-605-2544

There’s a thin, red line between vanity and self-awareness. Why should I pretend that I’m average?

Phone sex is best with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544
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My voice will send you reeling straight into orgasm.

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There’s a 10 minute minimum on all calls. I accept calls from within the USA, US Territories and Canada. Calls from the USA and US Territories are $3.00 per min. Calls from Canada are $3.50 per min. There’s never a processing fee and it’s always toll free!
All credit cards/gift cards shown below are welcome. Payment is required before our call begins and cannot be billed to your phone! Your charge will be discreetly billed and appear on your credit card statement as: GA

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