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I just love a curious man and I thank you for taking the time to inquire about engaging in a completely discreet and private phone sex call with me. Below you will find many quintessential questions and the answers to those queries.

My website is a place where a person who is anywhere on the sexual spectrum may experience erotic bliss in a safe, yet, exhilarating environment. It is a haven for unique individuals such as you, who dare to explore their innermost desires.

I am neither the cheapest nor the most expensive phone sex option out there; I am, however, your best value! I don’t aim to provide service to the most callers; I selectively engage with only men that I feel a connection with and that are the right fit. I’m a voluptuary, I’m a tease and I’m a goddess on my knees. When you hurt or you suffer, I’m your angel undercover.

Most importantly, I sincerely love interacting with you. I’m all about satisfying curiosities and I hope to satisfy yours for many calls to cum!

What should you know before calling?

Most importantly, you are completely safe with me. I am a one woman, direct dial phone sex service. I specialize in offering authentic, personalized erotic pleasure for your sexual needs, urges and desires. Your privacy and discretion are paramount to me. That’s the abridged answer to this question. If you would like more details related to this question, I’ve dedicated an entire page on my site just for you. You can find it here: First Timers

What do I charge?

$3.50 per min for USA and US Territories with a 10-minute minimum. I do not accept international calls. Detailed billing information is at the very bottom of this page and every page on this website.

Why are my rates slightly more than some services?

That’s like asking why a juicy rib eye steak is more expensive than a McDonald’s burger. You will look forward to having my voice dwell in your ear and feel fulfilled every single time you dial my number. Almost everything in this world comes down to getting what you pay for in life, and I, my dear, am no different. Other companies may charge a little less, but in the end, you are just the next horny guy in their phone sex queue. I, on the other hand, see you as far more than that. I thrive on providing you with a genuine and personal interaction. I give you my complete and undivided attention and I am sincerely interested in cultivating a lasting phone sex relationship with you. After one call, you will see that my words ring true. To offer anything less than what we both know I’m worth would dilute and cheapen our experience together. I’d rather have 100 guys who crave and need me on occasion than 1000 men who call me because I’m on the dollar menu!

How will a call with me appear on your credit card statement?

( GA) Additionally, if someone gets a hold of your phone and calls me, I always cover for you by saying that I conduct marketing surveys by phone.

How long of a call should you purchase?

That depends on you and your cravings, darling. How long would you like to bask in pure ecstasy?

What does voting do? Why is it important to me?

Voting for my site is one of those things that takes so little time and effort to do, but has such a huge impact for me. We both know that there are a ton of other sites out there, many of which are run by companies allegedly featuring 100 + girls! Those massive, less personalized sites are more concerned about their bottom dollar than your gratification. I, however, am a solo site trying to swim upstream in shark infested waters. I have no advertising department and no schemes or gimmicks up my sleeve. I’m just one sultry brunette offering you the call of your life. So while my voice is enough to put you under my spell for eternity, it’s those few seconds that you put in to cast a vote for me, here and there, that allow others to discover me too. My business is built on repeat callers developing a true connection with me over time. That is priceless to me and I insist on being trustworthy and ethical, as it is the essential foundation for the way I conduct myself and my calls.

Do I offer any specials?

While I do offer an introductory special to my first time callers of receiving an additional 5 minutes free with their paid phone sex call to allow us to become acquainted with one another, I do not offer any gimmicks or crazy promotions like some fly-by-night companies do. Everything I do is based on ethics and being straightforward with you. I make no bones (except for the one in your pants!*wink) about who I am and what I have to offer. My voice, my mind and my body are all unique unto me. My imagination and dedication are unparalleled. You will not find anyone, anywhere else that can hold a candle to the personalized way I deliver my charms and your ecstasy.

Are any topics off limits with me?

Yes. I’m not the least bit interested in the following:
Blasphemy, Satanism, Snuff, Accomplice, or Scat.

What if you don’t use all of the minutes you purchased?

On anything longer than a 10 minute call, your minutes are good to the last drop (just like your frothy load). Yes, you can carry them over into our next call together.

Can I do all of the talking?

Yes. I do many quiet or “whisper calls”. I know that sometimes the need to call me is more powerful than the risk of getting caught. Don’t worry, babe, I have you covered. Just send me a quick email right before you call and I’ll take the reins during our call. I’ll make sure that you cum in spectacular fashion without having to say a word. (Yes, I can really do that!) Email:

Can you leave me a gratuity?

Yes, I gratefully accept gratuities.

Is there a connection fee?

No, never.

Can you charge a call with me to your phone?

No. I accept credit cards only.

Do I sell discounted blocks of time?

No, I’m not like Costco where you buy in bulk. A call with me is equivalent to buying something exquisite from Tiffany’s. The only difference is that my pretty little box is pink instead of turquoise!

Do I offer cyber sessions?

No. While I know sexting has certain advantages, I personally find it to be impersonal and lacking in excitement. When engaging in sexting, the interactions are nothing more than words on a screen. Ask yourself, how do you actually know if you’re truly even speaking to a woman when you engage in cyber-sex? Besides, mere words in text could never possibly do to your cock what my ethereal voice can! If you find yourself without the privacy to speak, simply reach out to me with an email and let me know that you need a “whisper call”. I answer my emails promptly and I will gladly oblige your request. Wouldn’t you rather be playing with me instead of your keyboard?!

Now that I’ve wet your proverbial whistle, isn’t it time to call me so I can blow it for you nice and hard?

You are only 10 digits away from discovering why… No Man Calls Only Once.

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There’s a 10-minute minimum on all calls. I do not accept international calls. Calls from the USA are $3.50 per min.
There’s never a processing fee and it’s always toll free!
All credit cards/gift cards shown below are welcome. Payment is required before our call begins and cannot be billed to your phone! Your charge will be discreetly billed and appear on your credit card statement as: GA

Refund policy - If you’re not completely satisfied, buy more minutes!