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The time we spend together is precious and I love that it’s all about you. If you enjoyed our time together, there’s something you can do for me that means more than you probably realize.

Please take a moment and leave a comment below expressing how you feel about me and our call. What was it that initially inspired you to dial my number? Did I hit your triggers and deliver what you needed? Don’t be shy, sweetheart; share your thoughts with me.

Reading your comments excites me, encourages me, and makes me feel special. Most importantly, it draws you nearer and dearer to my heart and I know that’s where you long to be.

I welcome your perspective on why no man calls only once.

Your only desire,

Ashlee 866-605-2544

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136 entries.
Kurt Jr wrote on March 16, 2019:
I love your voice, your tits, your ass and of course your honeypot. I wake up everyday thinking about you with a woody. O how I need you so Ashlee.
Raymond wrote on March 16, 2019:
My old lady is downstairs listening to some loud music; actually I think she is watching her favorite musical movie Pitch Perfect. Anyway, it's noisy enough for me to get away with a call to my Goddess Ashlee who so excites my big cock that I spew out my own favorite music. Talk to you soon my Goddess.
Elwood wrote on March 16, 2019:
You are even more smokin than Britney Spears was in her prime (old Pepsi commercials, etc. anyone?). The hottest thing, however, is your voice that always has me poppin up like a toaster. Love you Ashlee girl! ❤
James wrote on March 16, 2019:
I originally called to conquer you but you quickly turned me around and helped me to tap into my feminine side. (I knew nothing of this side of me). Now when I chat with you my legs are smooth and I'm wearing panties, stockings, a garter belt and a bra and I feel more aroused (and normal) than ever before. Thank you so much Ashlee for accepting me and continuing to help me to discover myself in this sometimes judgemental world. Love, James.
Dan wrote on March 13, 2019:
When I first saw your site, I fell in love with your tits and your writing. I didn’t think I would ever fall so hard for your voice though. You are the hottest piece of ass in the history of ass.
Mark E. wrote on March 10, 2019:
She is everything a man wants and needs in a lady. She is sincere, intelligent, caring, breathtaking, honest and devoted to you. I feel young, desirable and alive after talking with her. Once she begins talking with me, my mind and my body become one with hers in the most exciting way. She can and will fulfill the needs in any man's life. There are many ladies in the world, but there is absolutely only one Goddess Ashlee.
Anthony wrote on March 8, 2019:
I have found my queen. You deserve to be on a pedestal. Your voice, your vibe, your mind-wow is all I can say. I cant get enough and I now understand so completely why no man calls you only once. Ashlee, you are the epitome of sass and class!
MS wrote on March 1, 2019:
Amazing woman, amazing friend, amazingly smart, amazing voice and that’s just the her and discover “why no man calls only once!””
Dan wrote on February 23, 2019:
Every day I spend at least a few minutes on your site staring at your beautiful tits. I am powerless before them. Thank you for showing them off and for getting me off with so much care and attention.
Mark E. wrote on February 18, 2019:
After reading all about Ashlee, taking in all of her breathtaking photos and finally setting up the time for our first session I find she is already controlling and reeling me in. Wow, I have never experienced such magical sexual power from a woman. I'm a grown man but I feel like an excited teenage boy being aroused for the first time. I will share more after she has deflowered me.
Sweet Tim wrote on February 17, 2019:
It’s been a while since we’ve had time together. It’s amazing how much I miss you. So I wish we could talk every day. You always make me feel so good and as always this cock is all yours. 😘
Bruce Brakenridge wrote on February 15, 2019:
Ashlee,I look forward to reading what you have to say. I actually treasure just talking with you during a call as much as the sex stuff. You really are a goddess that has it all. You keep me enthralled with every word or gesture-right down to your very sexy laugh. Has any man ever told you that he’d cash it all in for a chance to be with you? I think I know the answer to that question but it’s in writing if you ever want to take me up on it. Always look forward to every layer of you that you care to share. Last thought- you might be too young to know this but-you really could make a dead man cum!!
Reuben wrote on February 13, 2019:
Ashlee has been my girl for a long time, at least 10 years. You won’t find a more honest, sweet, sexy woman in this business! So don’t waste your time looking around. Call Ashlee and all your wildest fantasies and dreams will be fulfilled.
Dan wrote on February 11, 2019:
I think about you all day every day. You are the #1 girl in my life and have been since the day I first heard your voice.
Mark wrote on February 6, 2019:
I don’t ever want to be without you...your voice, your mind, your body, our passion. My god you make me feel so special and sexy. No 1 👍 U.
Isaac wrote on February 6, 2019:
You own my cock.
Brian wrote on February 3, 2019:
Ashlee, I could easily reiterate some of the comments written here but I believe you are something much more to me. You can call it a connection or a feeling of being completely at ease… whatever it is, you’ve got it and its a beautiful thing. Love you, Brian
Mark B wrote on February 3, 2019:
Dear Ashlee, I can only say that I called without regard to what was to follow. I was pleasently surprised with your friendly welcome and sincere words. I’m enamored with you and your ability to make me feel welcome, wanted, and secure. Your voice makes everything right in this world. You really are a special lady and am happy to have made your aquaintance.
Dan wrote on January 18, 2019:
I never knew I could cum so hard the first time we spoke. And the best part is, is that every time is better than the last. What you do to my cock almost scares me. I belong to you.
JM wrote on January 18, 2019:
Ashlee, you are the gold standard of hotness in every way!
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