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Presumably, you’re reading this because you want to know more than just my measurements (38-26-38).
My tits and other assets are all over my phone sex site, for you to check out anytime. I’m guessing you already have! However, discerning callers want to know more about me and why my phone sex calls are, without question, the best.
I was always the “pretty girl” growing up. I guess I got the boys’ attention without ever really trying. But it wasn’t until my late teens that I really started to blossom into the visually arresting beauty I am today. It was then that I understood the power my sexuality had over the boys and men. (In my experience, most men are just boys with money.) They would do just about anything to feel me up, and it was very exhilarating. Instantly drawn to my hour-glass figure, I found that I could keep them rock hard and riveted through a connection of the mind.
Since then, I have become an expert in cultivating these connections. I take great pleasure in a mutual mind fuck, just as I do when I’m commanding cock. As a bonus, I always defy expectations along the way. Maybe my passion comes from my Greek and Italian roots. (Viva Italia!) Whatever the reason, I engage with you because it enlivens me and I crave sex just as much as you do.

So, why should you call me over another phone sex provider? Probably the best answer is that I don’t need this job. I choose it, because I love it! Nothing gives me more satisfaction than knowing you are on the other end of the line writhing in pleasure. Our calls excite me and I enjoy climaxing with you. Let’s face it, a mind-blowing orgasm feels better than just about anything else. But I don’t stop there.

Real phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544While we are engaging in phone sex, I want our minds and bodies melded together in perfect sync. Though we’re miles apart, you will feel the heat of my desire; my warm breath, my moist lips, and my talented tongue. My pulsating body is yours to take however you like. To ensure that incredible feeling, I take a special interest in my callers, and this sets me apart from everyone else.
There is no generic moaning or standard, boring lines. I listen to you, talk to you, and will provide you with escapism, eroticism, or fetishism of nearly infinite varieties. Our calls really are about whatever floats your boat. When we finish a call, I want you to keep thinking about me the next day and beyond. When you’re jerking off or fucking your significant other, you’ll think about me. Your memories of me will linger in your mind and hover in your testicles until we speak again. Simply put, I’m damn good at what I do, and I get off on getting you off.
So what’s it going to be, babe? I’m sure your cock is ready for me, but is your mind? You may cum in minutes, but I’ll be seared into your brain forever. Calling me today is easy. However, as with any fast-acting drug, kicking the habit tomorrow will be much more difficult. Be prepared to add my phone number to your contacts because you won’t want to be without it once you’ve had me!
I look forward to us.

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Simply put, when you purchase a call with me the following will ensue: you will bask in the feeling of pure ecstasy the moment my voice begins to dwell in your ear. You will revel in my mind and be astounded by my skill set. All of these senses will culminate into the most volcanic orgasm that you have ever had. I am a cut above. I turn the mundane fantasy into a scintillating soiree! I’m a natural born seductress and you’ll never know unless you have me at least once.

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