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You Can check Out, But You’ll Never Leave

Through the years people walk in and out of your life. With a New Year comes time for reflection. I certainly haven’t walked in and out of your life. When I arrived, I did so with plans to stay. You were forewarned as much when you read on my website “No Man Calls Only Once.” That means that you’re not just going to get off to the sound of my voice. It means that when you call me you’re entering Never-never land where anything goes, and the only limits are our combined imaginations. And when you enter a world like this, to quote someone else with a preeminent voice, astute mind, and a beyond magnanimous skill set “You can check out at any time you like, but you can never leave.”

You do not need to wonder if I’m going to be here in 2022. I will be. You will be. And we’re going to be spending a lot of time together. December 31 is not in any way a demarcation line for our relationship. It’s merely a date that reminds you of how long you’ve been in the throws of your addiction to me. Once upon a time you and I were new to one another. We had the wide-eyed excitement of the experience of getting to know one another. Since then, we’ve cultivated our relationship in such a way that we can equally value the intimacy and the intricacies of what is now, “us”.

The above is not a true fact because I simply said so. I might have you entranced emphatically, but even I cannot just wave a magic wand and command you to become mine. I seduce you with my powers of prowess. Seduction is not about persuading you to do something that you don’t really want to do; it’s about encouraging you to embrace the lust-filled desires that you have always had to subdue with every girl before me.

Because of my ability to invade your mind through your cock is so effective, it seems like you’re a slave that lives and dies with the glorious orgasm and the huge smile that only I can give you…

In reality, I’m constantly seducing you. I’m always thinking about you, even when we’re not on the phone together. This is how I know I’ll never lose you. This is how I know that you belong to me. You simply love your cock way too much to not have me when the moment arises (and it does often). My promise to you is that: I’ll always be here. We are a two-way street, babe. You need me, and I need you to need me.

To better understand this, imagine a world in which you and I were physically prohibited from seeing one another for an extended period of time. Perhaps you were pioneering outer space or were locked in a soundproof glass cage by the likes of Joe Goldberg. Regardless of the situation, when you return from being isolated from Yours Truly, you arrive at my doorstep; you’re unable to put into words how you feel when you see the door open and I’m standing there dripping sex from head to toe. No dialogue is necessary when you rush in the door and push me up against the wall.

I immediately feel your raging hard cock pressed up against me as you lift my skirt to penetrate me as fast as you can. Your dick lunges forward as deep inside me as you can get, railing me hard and fast with primal need.

I fucking love being needed like this by you!

I love the guttural sounds you make as you slam into me over and over again, emptying your hot, vast load in glorious fucking fashion.

This is us, baby. This is us now, and in 2022, and forever.


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Your White Christmas Awaits You

My favorite thing about Christmas is not just the day itself. Sure, I’ve always loved spending the day with family and drinking spiked eggnog while watching Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (“Clark, we’re stuck under a truck!”). I also love finding thoughtful presents under the tree for me. And of course, I absolutely love, love, love giving gifts to my man, if you know what I mean (and I know that you do, don’t you, Sparky?). But more than any of that is the fact that it’s a season filled with whimsical joy, and a pleasant social fragrance.

I enjoy the idea of you and me, in a luxurious hotel that’s bustling with business in the midst of Christmas week. It’s almost dinner time, and we still haven’t decided if we’re going to order room service or get dressed up and go out. We decide to punt the decision for an hour or so when I ask you when the last time you took a bath was.

Moments later, and we’re alone in an opulent hot tub that is brimming with warm, bubbly, splendor. We’re sitting together with our bodies pressed against the back of tub wall, candles are flickering in the room, and Nora Jones is crooning romantic holiday as we sink deeply into, us. It’s the quintessential honeymoon setting, but I just call it Saturday night with Yours Truly (wink*). Your arm is around me; my head is resting on your shoulder. My hand has been gently caressing your inner thigh, taking great care not to make any physical contact with your cock or balls.

It’s hard for me (pun intended?) to maintain the willpower not to reach over and take your raging erection into my hand. But I resist, and for that your heartbeat thumps loudly with anticipation, your blood is flowing to your manhood at a rapid pace just beneath the water’s surface. I stare down at it through the foamy bubbles. It looks like an extraordinary sculpture that has been chiseled and formed to absolute perfection.

“So, what are you getting me for Christmas, my love?” I ask you. I’m being a bit playful because you certainly don’t need to give me a gift that comes in a box all tied up in a pretty red bow. The fact that you’re treating us to this sentimentally sublime stay at the Ritz Carlton is present enough. But there’s also that part of me that wants more. And I’m willing to seduce you before asking you for it. I like wielding this power of you.

Imagine you’re standing before me, naked as the day you were born, while I’m sitting facing you. I take your balls in my hand and strum them with my fingertips for a moment. It doesn’t take long for you to evolve into my malleable pet. It’s with this mood in mind that I ask if you were going to play Santa again for me this year.

“Ashlee, I uh— “but I press two fingers to your lips, signifying that I’m not interested in hearing you speak. It’s then that I reach for your rigid cock. When the palm of my hand makes skin to skin contact, you moan in ecstasy. When my fingers wrap around your thick shaft your hips instinctively thrust forward. When my thumb massages the mushroom head of your cock, your entire body convulses. “I need you, Ashlee. Take whatever you want from me. Do whatever you want to do. Please just pump my cock, please!” you plead.

But baby, that’s all I wanted for Christmas. I wanted to know that I turn you on so much that you’re willingly to give me everything. I don’t want for much in this world (being as hot as I am, there’s not many things that I have to wish for). So, what do you gift me with this Christmas? The answer is time. I don’t need to confiscate your Christmas morning with your family.

Your White Christmas Awaits You…

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The Prelude to More

This was not one of our well-planned rendezvous. No, this was you and I, and the coincidence of all coincidences that we landed at the same wedding. Neither of us really knows the bride or groom. For you it was your wife’s boss’s daughter getting hitched. You were there for political reasons. I was there with a friend of mine who needed a plus one. She is the bride’s dog’s groomer. My friend was actually the one who noticed you. “Ash, don’t look now but there’s a fucking gorgeous hunk of man eye fucking you right over there.”

I was prepared to act cavalier as I took a glance until I realized it was you surveying me. Just as we made eye contact, however, your other half interrupts us. “Honey, I’m going to pop over there to talk with one of my co-workers. You don’t mind being all by your lonesome for a little while?”

Sweeter words could not have been spoken! She left a musty cloud of her dime store perfume looming in air as she scurried along to her next conversation (victim). You turn to me and see me smirking right back at you. It was exactly what you had hoped to see: confirmation that I’m focused on you; I understand your delicate predicament (aka your wife); and finally, that nothing is going to stop us from coming together tonight.

I motion to you that I’m headed to the Ladies Room, knowing that you’ll follow my cue. Minutes later, and we’re in each other’s arms, hidden within a forest of hanging coats. You had given the coat check girl a large bill on our way in, a small price to pay for what’s to cum.

“Ashlee, I need to have you. I need you.” “What do you need, baby? Tell me what you want to do to me,” I direct you. But I don’t let you answer. Instead, I drop to my knees. You love the sight of my hands unzipping your fly, followed by my nibble hand dive right down into your pants. You let out a light moan when my fingers bring your hard cock into the palm of my hand and form a grip around it. I pull my head back and stare up at you with lust filled eyes that expressed how much I want to please you. You gently rest your hand behind my head, cradling it, sensually guiding me towards your thick cock.

Staring at your engorged cock, I could feel how slick my pussy was, and how feverishly I wanted to suck it. My mouth opened, lips wet (both sets), and I draw you deep inside my mouth. My lips clamp around the shaft as I savor the taste of your pre-cum. I begin to sucking you off to the tune of my humming. The vibrations are driving you to the brink as you struggle to summon the strength to stand upright.

I take your cock out of my mouth for a moment, and yank your pants down to your ankles to allow more room to maneuver. Then I return to blowing you with the precise amount of sucking strength. As I’m working my magic, you feel my lips touch the very base of your dick. Your balls slap my chin as we rock back and forth. Finally, you can’t hold out any longer and you shoot a warm geyser of cum down my throat. I eagerly swallow every drop, and contently run my tongue over lips afterwards.

The ways in which I want to make you cum are vast and varied.

Call me.

I promise your call will be the prelude to More.

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What Gratitude Feels Like

Phone sex Ashlee 866-605-2544I don’t really read too much into my dreams, but as you’re fast asleep and actually experiencing them, they can be incredibly intense (especially the bad ones). The dream I had was truly terrible. But what ensued afterwards was such a wonderfully delightful surprise that I just had to write about it and express my sincere gratitude.

The Dream…

You and I were on the phone together. You were lying down in your bed, your cock hard as a rock, gripped tightly in your hand; your iPhone was on speaker while resting on your chest. Our conversation flowed freely and our sexual chemistry was at an all-time high. As I heard your breathing becoming harder and louder, I knew you were on the brink so I took over the call, and the phone sex was on!  I decided to edge you, elongating the pleasure and urgency that was coursing through your veins. Shortly thereafter, you screamed out “I’m cumming, Ashlee”. You erupted like a volcano, spewing your hot man gravy all over yourself.

“Did you cum hard, babe?” I asked rhetorically. The grunt that escaped your mouth was barely audible, but it was enough to confirm that you did, indeed, cum very hard! As you lie there basking in the afterglow of our erotic phone sex encounter, the aftershocks of our sex slowly begin to trickle through your depleted body. In that moment, we both feel contented and emphatically aware that my brand of personal phone sex is unparalleled; I am your only desire, and you are mine.

Once you start to regain your normal breathing pattern, you say “Ashlee, I have something for you. That gold snowflake bracelet you’ve been wanting for so long… well, I bought it for you! I can’t wait to get home tomorrow. I’m so looking forward to taking you out for a night on the town! I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to present it to you, and in less than 24 hours I can finally slip it on your wrist.”

Upon hearing that, I fall deeply and madly in love with you. I cherish all the ways in which you go above and beyond for me. You know all of the little Tidbits about me and you remembered how I just love surprises! I had planned on welcoming you home with a killer blow job, but now it’s my turn to surprise you with a little gift of my own! I want to wake you up with my mouth wrapped around the head of your cock every single day for an entire month!

The next day finally arrives, but your flight home is delayed, and then the traffic is unimaginably slow. When you’re close to my house you call me to say your car broke down and you need to be towed. “I’m sorry, Ash,” you tell me. With that, my heart sinks. I so very much wanted to see you, wanted to saunter around in a sexy dress that shows off my curves. I had planned to suck your cock until you were close to climaxing, and then have you pull it out of my mouth and finish off by christening my wrist, and the gorgeous bracelet that was supposed to adorn it!  (Like I said, bad dreams are terrible.)

Reality Sets Back In…

But then I awoke. It took a few moments to realize none of what I dreamt had really happened. But it’s not always so easy to simply flip your emotional switch back on. I glance at my phone and saw that I have a missed call from you. I attempt to reach you to no avail.

I’m missing you like crazy, and long to hear your voice. I check my emails to see if maybe you left me a comment on a recent blog post or on my Guestbook page. Instead, there’s an automated email from Amazon. It’s a notification that my coveted bracelet that I had just dreamt about, has been purchased from my wish list!

When it arrived a note was enclosed that read, “Sorry I missed you, my sweet Ashlee. I wanted you to have this. Everything you do to me and for me, from the way you make me cum during our phone sex calls, to keeping my secrets safe, to the blogs you thoughtfully write, to the way you maintain your website, is only part of why I won’t settle for anyone else! Nobody does it better. And certainly, No Man Calls Only Once.”

“Thank you so very much, baby! I really needed to hear that.”

You matter a great deal to me, and you mean more than you could possibly know.

I look forward to showing you what gratitude feels like, my love.

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The Promise of What’s Sure to Cum

With my hand cradling your balls I look up at you with half opened eyes. “I can make you do practically anything I want, can’t I, babe?” I know what is going through your mind at this moment. I know that you are weighing your thoughts on what you would do for me versus what you want me to do to you. Your cock is hard and blood is coursing through it like a well-oiled machine.

I move my hand from your balls to the base of your cock; you are already aching with need. I apply lubricant to the palm of my hand and your balls as I carry on with the task at hand (yes, pun intended). When I first applied the cool, damp gel it caused you to jump, but with my slow, deliberate strokes you are soon experiencing a form of Heaven you didn’t even know existed.

“Ashlee, yes, you can make me do anything. Please, ask something of me. Ask me for anything?”

“Ask?” I say. “We are well past the point of my making requests, baby. Asking implies that you have the option to decline me.”

“Do what you will to me Ashlee.”  I show my appreciation for the obvious realization you had before you answered my question by bringing my lips to yours. We kiss passionately with my hand still wrenched around your throbbing cock. Your moans are beckoning me to do more. They are actually bordering on whining, which I like because you’re showing me that you’ve given yourself over to me to do with as I please. I pull my face back and stare into your eyes once more, watching your face twitch with anticipation.

I push you down on the couch; I straddle you, balancing myself by grabbing your shoulders. You thrust your pelvis upwards as soon as you feel the wet, tight hug from my slick pussy. I bounce up and down on your cock, my eyes looking straight into yours throughout our sex. Your head arches back like you’re trying to show off your Adam’s apple. I squeeze my muscles from within around your shaft and hear you bellow aloud “Oh fucking shit, Ashlee!!!” as you explode a mad load of cum into me. I keep riding you after you finish on a mad mission to join you in Heaven. A moment later I dig my fingernails into your shoulders, inflicting a small dose of pain, but you dare not complain. As I’m still clinching your flesh I coat your cock with my own cum.

The aforementioned is part of what I think about when you and I have not rendezvoused in a while.

I also think about how much I miss you and enjoy taunting you with…

The promise of what’s sure to cum!

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