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My Alter Ego – Conclusion

After you stand frozen ogling this gorgeous girl for what seems like forever, you regain your composure and ask her who she is. She answers, “I’m Lana.” Your eyes widen as you suddenly realize upon hearing that voice, the bodacious babe donning the blonde hair is actually me.

You stumble a bit, but play along using in a coy tone, “Well Lana, how can I help you?”

“I’m a bit lost and my phone is dead. Could I possibly come in and use yours?” You immediately usher me inside where I “accidentally” drop my keys. With a cavalier cadence in my voice, I say “oops-a-daisy”, bending over to pick them up while my ass coincidentally finds itself nuzzled right up against your crotch! I smile as I can see that you’re already hard and I’m pleased with myself, knowing that my plan is working.

“Do you have anyone special in your life Mr…?”

You give me your name as I rise up to look you in the eye whilst my hand gently clutches your inner thigh. You tell me that you indeed, have a certain someone in your life. (Hmm, could it be the real me?) I put my other arm over your shoulder and pull myself closer to you as I say, “Well, maybe I could be her just for tonight.”

The rest becomes a beautiful blur of us making out wildly. I sat in your lap rocking back and forth on your raging hard-on before I reached in and claimed it as mine. As I grasp your cock and steadily stroke it, you lift my breasts into your mouth and begin sucking my erect nipples.

Soon, I become impatient and start to rip your clothes off. I yank at your pant legs, pulling them off in one clean swoop, setting your legs and cock free for the taking. I urgently push your dick into my eager mouth and suck you with such force that you have to lean back against the wall in order to steady yourself. We haven’t even made it past the entry way when I pull you down onto the floor. Once you are lying on your back, I run my warm tongue over every square inch of your body. I use my fingernails to slowly run them over your heated flesh, leaving you squirming for more.

After leaving you drenched with desire and watching the head of your cock drip with pre-cum, I take pity on you. I straddle you and strategically push your manhood deep inside of my aching box.

We fuck vigorously as you use my hips for handles, holding on to me while I ride you like a wild stallion. As the pleasure mounts, I arch my back, press my tits high into the air, clench down and cum all over your thick cock. I can feel you closing in on your own release so I pull you out and quickly push you into my mouth and suck you into ecstasy.

I eventually get up and get dressed. As I am walking away, you ask, “Will I see you again, Lana?”

I turn back, blow you a kiss and nonchalantly say, “If you’re lucky (*wink).”

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My Alter Ego – Part 1

It has been a while since we last talked. I know how badly you want to connect with me and hear me whisper in your ear as I seduce you into another night of passion. But you’ve been busy of late and don’t always have the privacy you really need to fully enjoy a call with me. I’ve also noticed that sometimes you seem to want a bit more from our relationship and I’m very attentive to your every desire.

Today, I was walking home and got to thinking about how we could spice things up. Almost immediately, I was reminded of your glorious cock and how incredible it feels when it’s pressed against my lips, between my supple breasts, and of course, deep inside of my velvety pussy. I almost walked right into an oncoming pedestrian as I felt a soft ache between my thighs. “Snap out of it Ashlee”, I reminded myself to focus on what’s important – pleasing you and keeping you riveted. After all, I’m not just an average woman and I’m certainly not like your boring wife.

As I continued walking along, I remembered many of the scenarios and escapades that we’ve discussed and shared over the years since we’ve been doing calls together. We have brought so many sex laden fantasies to fruition. But, I remember you once mentioning that you were a bit curious about indulging in some type of naughty interlude where another woman would be  involved in our sexual exchange.

Thinking about a situation like this made me a tad jealous, as I want to keep you and your cock all for myself. But then I had a revelation…what if I could give you the experience you desire – a hot new girl to play with that will satisfy your cock’s curiosities

and sate the cravings that reside within your mind.

Now, I know you are already wondering, who could possibly fulfill you better than yours truly, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

While approaching a nearby store, I decided to pop in and check out what they had to offer. I liked what I saw and picked up an outfit for this new experience. I purchased a short leopard skirt, sheer leopard print top and a pair of zebra, over the knee boots. Now my plan was almost ready to be put in motion.

I, of course, was a very integral part of this plan. Even as I was getting ready for the evening’s events, it was a bit difficult to keep my silky panties dry from all of the excitement that was pulsing through my ever-moistening pussy. Soon enough, however, I was dressed and ready for your surprise.

Knock, knock – you answer the door and you are literally awestruck by a beautiful creature with blonde locks and sultry crimson lips that is standing on your doorstep!

To Be Continued…

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The Goddess and the Ghoul

I’m your goddess with brown eyes, not blue
You’re my man, a devilishly handsome ghoul
Your choice this Hallows Eve is a treat or a trick
With that, I drop to my knees to suckle your dick
You’re so big, my thick and juicy goblin
Tilting my head, I keep on a-bobbin’
You drive it forward even faster
Make no mistake, I’m a cock master
You thrust into me slow and deep
We make love until you seep
As we collapse, side by side
I ask if you enjoyed the ride
Now that you’ve cum so gloriously
You know why I’m known notoriously
No Man Calls Only Once
Just ask my ghoul, he came a bunch

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