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The End of my Innocence – Part Two

After I made Sean cum over the phone, he was actually really sweet to me. He could tell I was excited about my first sexual experience. Maybe it’s because he wanted to do it again at some point, or because he wanted to do more things with me (and to me), or maybe, just maybe he actually cared about me. Regardless, he was sweet and nurturing, and told me that he felt close to me because of what we had just done together. That’s what allowed me to fall asleep so soon after we hung up.

The next day, when I woke up, it amazed me how easily I had taken control of the situation with Sean. I knew that he was completely mesmerized by my voice and I realized that something had changed deep inside of me. I had a developing body that even older guys couldn’t resist staring at, but from what I’d heard, a lot of hot girls didn’t know how to get a guy, much less take ownership of one. This story is about how I came to realize that I could tap into my sexual powers at will, and fill any man with uncontrollable desire.

This was right around the time when cell phones were becoming ubiquitous, but text messaging was still for the truly technologically savvy. I wanted to get Sean off again, but I couldn’t just summon him over to me. Instead, I bicycled over to Foot Locker where he worked and I waltzed into the store. When I found him, I whispered “You want to talk me on the phone again, don’t you? Before he could answer, I said, “we can play on the phone again, or actually even do the things you want me to do to you, but I need you to do something for me.” He nervously asked, “Whaaaaaaat do you want me to do, Ashlee?”

“How about you take me and my girlfriends to the Aerosmith concert next week—you pay for the tickets and drive us.” He was a bit stunned, but he was trying to maintain his composure. This was his first time seeing me in person and he was taken aback by my visually arresting looks, and the ultimatum I had just given him!

“That’s quite a lot. Those tickets are not cheap and it’s not like I’m rolling in the money with what I’m getting paid here. I’ll do that if you promise we can get together,” he replied.

I agreed, but I told him my parents would be home, so we’d have to do it at his house. I had to admit that I really wanted to see his cock. I had only seen a cock in magazines and on television, but I never actually saw a man’s cock up close. I knew that he would do whatever I said because my voice and body controlled his every action, so I wasn’t worried about him trying anything that I wasn’t comfortable with. Since I had him completely thunderstruck, I could play with him as I wished.

Not too long thereafter we were on his parents’ couch, just talking. I wasn’t sure when this was all going to happen. Just then he started brushing the back of his finger along my right nipple. It instantly tightened up and became erect. I instinctively put my hand on his leg and squeezed. “Are you going to take it out?” he asked me. I was about to reach for his belt, but he was too aroused and anxious to let me, instead he quickly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. I watched as he pulled his pants off and his big phallus stood up at full attention (he had been hard as a rock well before we sat down). It was beautiful. I wanted to rub my face on it, put my lips onto the head and suck it hard with my lips. I wanted that cock so badly, but I was nervous.

I then remembered who was in charge (me of course) and I slowly stroked his cock and listened with pleasure as he moaned. I knew that I could control guys with my voice, but in that moment, I discovered that my voice coupled with my body gave me a one-two punch that no other girl my age had.

The next 2 minutes lasted a lifetime. I continued to jerk his cock slowly, but after about thirty seconds my pace quickened. I was a girl on a mission. I wanted to see my first fountain of cum. I couldn’t stop staring at the head. It was amazing. I knew that one day I would have one of these inside of me. My forearm morphed into a machine, fueled by adrenaline. I could feel his cock tense up, and then a gusher emerged from it, a big stream of shiny whiteness pouring into the air.

So there you have it. Having my hand on a cock for the first time lit a fire within me and I knew that it had all started from getting a guy excited over the phone. Since then I have definitely honed my sexual powers. I love getting you off and you can feel that every time we speak. It all dates back to that first time when I realized how exhilarating it was for me to get in a guy’s head, explore our magical realism, and listen to him as we explode together with eardrum splitting orgasms.

I love you babe. But you love me more.

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The End of my Innocence

You may have noticed that I recently updated my website. I’ve added a brand new page to my menu and some new pictures throughout the site (with several more to come). In addition, there will be lots of updates to my Tidbits page this week as well. So stay tuned, and let me know your thoughts! I love being your eye-candy and nothing gets me more turned on than knowing that your erection belongs to me!

I decided to reveal a bit more of myself with this refresh underway (when a girl you’ve already seen naked wants to reveal more, you pay attention). On my Tidbits page I shared that my first phone sex call happened when I was only 14, and that I swallowed my first load three years later. I thought you might enjoy those little nibbles from my autobiography as much as I enjoyed divulging them. I liked the thought of you visualizing me when I was younger. I wrote out my words on a piece of notebook paper, but when I saw the words “First time I swallowed: 17” live on the page; I decided to share the backstory and the torrid details surrounding the unveiling of my innocence.

I regard the summer of 2002 as the time when I awoke from innocence. It was the months in between my 7th and 8th grades. I had dated boys, but never went beyond kissing and letting them feel me up (I was already a C cup at 13; D cup by 15). The night where things began to change was a hot July week day. My girlfriends and I were hanging out, no parents around, just killing time in the air conditioning. This was before cell phones took over the world and most prank calls were made by kids instead of scam artists.

We used to entertain ourselves for hours by calling cute, older boys at stores in the mall in hopes of flirting with them. At some point we stumbled upon a high school senior named Sean when we called him at his job at Foot Locker. My best friend Suzanne kept him on the line for a good 2 minutes (a marathon in prank call time) the first time he answered. The next time she called him a week later, they talked for 10 minutes, and he ordered us a pizza and soda. We thought it was the coolest thing ever, and that he was the coolest guy ever. I wanted to see what would happen if I called!

So, back to the July week day… when someone proposed seeing if Sean would send us pizza again, I insisted that this time I be the one to talk to him. Suzanne was taken aback, perhaps even a bit jealous of the thought of another girl talking to Sean, but after some peer pressure from the others, she caved. We all sat around in a circle with me in the middle. I dialed him, got him on the line after two rings. “Hi Sean, this is Ashlee. I’m a friend of Suzanne’s.” That was all that he needed to hear in order to start flirting with me. It was not my first time, but he was older than the other boys I had previously engaged in this game with. He was charming and funny, and he told me I had a sexy voice. Finally he asked “Are you wet right now?” I slammed the receiver down (this is 2002 we’re talking about) and turned beet red in front of my girlfriends. Despite their protests, I refused to share with them what he just said. I couldn’t. I couldn’t because I knew they’d ask if I was, in fact, wet right now and I also knew they’d know I was lying when I told them I was not. I was only 14 years old, my panties were soaked and I was giddy over garnering the attention of a senior in high school!

Riding my bike home was a bit uncomfortable given how moist my crotch was, but I made it there quickly. I took the key my mother left under the mat because no one was home, which is just what I was counting on. I ran upstairs to my room and took my shorts off. I was about to get in bed and love myself to orgasm, but the phone rang. It was Sean. “Hi Ashlee he said.” Please don’t hang up. Please, please, please,” he begged. He apologized profusely, insisting that he didn’t know what had come over him and that he just found my voice to be so incredibly hot. I knew that high school boys were supposed to be horny and found it hard to resist temptation, so I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“How’d you get my number anyway?” I asked. Apparently all it took was another pizza delivery to convince my friends to give up my contact information. That actually turned me on. An older boy, one who was only a year away from college, when I was still in junior high school, had told me that my voice was hot. I found myself getting wet again, though this time my guard was down and I could relax because he was being so sweet. I wanted to summon my verbal hotness on command, but when I spoke, my nerves crept up again, and my attempt fell flat. Finally, without it even feeling like it was voluntary, I said aloud “I want to touch your cock!”

“Good, because my cock has been out since you picked up the phone, Ashlee.”

The next few minutes were a blur. I don’t really remember what I said or what he said either except at the very end when he told me he was going to cum. I just remember thinking that I was a slut for having let him phone-fuck me. I just wanted to curl up into bed. That’s what I did, falling asleep on my side with my hand between my legs and my 14 year-old C cup tits pressed together. The feeling of being a slut passed after a few weeks. That’s when I decided to meet up with Sean in person.

To be continued…

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A Huge Blast from My Past – Part Two

In part one of this experience, I found myself lusting over a volunteer I’d hired when I was a head librarian. As we continue, I’m about to tease and seduce the unsuspecting Reuben in my office. What I didn’t know was that he had a few tricks in his repertoire as well.

After we entered my office I closed the door and said, “I have one more task for you tonight.”

“What’s that he asked?”

“The other librarians think you will do anything I say and they tell me you’re always trying to kiss my ass.” Reuben looked upset, but before he could say anything, I added, “I’m going to give you the opportunity to actually kiss my ass.” He looked confused, but he started to understand when I turned around, put my glasses on the desk, pulled my hair clip out, bent over my desk, and lifted my skirt, revealing my shapely cheeks and white silk thong. “Go on and kiss it,” I said, “show me how loyal you are to me.”

He squatted down and placed his hands firmly on my hips as he began clutching the fabric of my skirt and pulled it straight off my body. He then sent chills up my spine as he sensually held onto my ass in his strong hands and kissed my left cheek. I was about to give him my next command when I felt his tongue on the bottom of my right leg. He ran his tongue up the back of my leg all the way to the top of my right cheek. I liked his initiative.

When he was standing, I turned around, sat on my desk, and said, “Let’s see how you do with the front.” I spread my legs for him and after moving my wet panties out of the way; he dove in and provided me with what would be the first of many orgasms for the evening, this time with his amazing tongue technique. After instructing him to come up for air, I told him to take his clothes off. He did so and revealed that he was rock hard. I was hungry for him, but I decided to tease him a little more.

I looked him over and said, “I don’t know if your cock is capable of satisfying me, I’ll have to measure it.” I walked behind my desk and pulled my scarf from my neck, so I only had on my blouse, thong and bra. He started stroking his cock and caressing his balls in an effort to gain every millimeter of length that he could. I told him to keep his hands off his cock because he might be getting himself worked up for nothing. After taking a ruler out of my desk drawer, I walked back over to him and pretended to measure his cock. While I was holding the ruler next to his erection, I wanted to devour it, but I was having too much fun with my little game. I told him that he was borderline and I wasn’t sure if he could fulfill all of my needs. I then told him to give me one reason why I should play with his cock.

Reuben smiled as he said, “I have an excellent reason for you. I have complete control over when I release. I can go as long as you want and I won’t climax until you tell me to. It’s basically cum on command.

“I’ve heard that before,” I replied, “and no one has ever come close to living up to that claim. However, you’ve been such a good boy, I feel like I should give you a chance to prove yourself.” I was thinking that it would be a fun challenge to make him cum as quickly as possible. We would see who really had the control.

I walked over to a sofa that I used for naps during my lunch breaks. I took a blanket off the sofa and spread it out on the floor. I told him to lie down on his back. He did as I instructed. I stood over him and his cock was at attention as I took my blouse off and showed him my matching white bra and a glimpse of my magnificent tits. I then pulled my thong off and walked back over to my desk to spread it out so he got another great look at my ass. After turning back around to face him, I undid the bra clasp and let it fall. He said, “Wow” when he got the full, unobstructed view.

I then straddled his stomach and pressed my ass up against his cock and leaned over so I could shove my tits in his face. He sucked one nipple and pinched the other while his free hand reached back to squeeze my perfect ass. I was getting seriously worked up so I scooted back a bit and rubbed his cock all over my wet pussy lips. I really wanted to hop on for a ride, but I remembered my goal of making cum involuntarily. Normally when I ‘m giving head I take my time, kiss and lick, tickle the balls, and slowly work my way toward taking it all in. In this case, I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and immediately took all of him into my mouth.

He gasped and I thought it would be a matter of seconds before he let go, but he maintained control as I went up down while cupping his full balls. I eventually moved my hand out of the way and was able to get even more of him inside my mouth.

He showed amazing stamina and I couldn’t believe that such an incredible BJ didn’t cause him to explode. Undeterred, I continued on.

I mounted him slowly, just allowing the head of his cock inside. I slid down at a relaxed pace and when I had all of him inside me, I squeezed from the inside and he moaned. I felt the end was near. I rode up and down and had wave after wave of rolling orgasms, but he maintained his erection. I experienced shock and awe as I continued to use him for my own selfish pleasure. I thought about giving in and ordering him to cum, but I’m very competitive and I wanted to win.

At some point he said, “Let’s switch to the missionary position.” I did not want to let his cock out for even a second to change positions. When I finally needed to pause and take breath, I asked why. He said that he wanted to feel my tits pushing up against his chest while he was inside me.

That sounded good to me so I reluctantly got off and we switched positions. I immediately grabbed his cock and led him back into my needing pussy. I dug my fingernails into his ass and arched my back so my tits were pushing up into his chest. After wrapping my legs around his body, his in-and-out thrusts became more urgent, and I came again. By this time I was ready to concede defeat so I said, “Cum now Reuben, I command you to cum right now!” He unleashed an epic orgasm, both in terms of quantity and intensity.

When we were able to rise, we put our clothes back on and left the library. I was about to offer a goodnight kiss at my car when he said, “I want a souvenir.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

He then bent down in front of me, ran his hands up beneath my skirt, and pulled my thong down. I decided to allow him his treasure so I stepped out of my panties. He then stood up and put them in his back pocket. Reuben then came in for a kiss and as he pressed up against me, I could feel through my skirt, and his pants, that he had a hard-on. “You’re hard again,” I whispered.

Reuben then pulled his pants down just far enough to get his cock out. He lifted my left leg and entered me again. I had to bite his shoulder to keep from screaming. Standing in that position wasn’t very comfortable so I knew I couldn’t go through another marathon. As soon as I felt like I was on the verge, I said, “I want to cum together this time. When I start my orgasm, I want you to cum.” I began to convulse and then he let go with another load. It wasn’t quite as massive as his first, but it was still an impressive performance.

As I watched Reuben walk over to his car I could see my white panties hanging out of his back pocket. After starting my car, I made a mental note to change the schedule so I could close with him more often!

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