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Love Thy Neighbor

Phone sex is best with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544Your wife was all too happy to let you be the one to get up at the crack of dawn with Zeus, (the rooster) and walk the dog every morning. Little did she know it was because you have become infatuated with the new neighbor who just moved in across the street.

The morning dog walks are always an opportunity to catch her doing the same with her pup. She always wears her robe that drapes open in the front, making it impossible not to stare.

She’s an adult, but significantly younger than you. Women her age still sway their sexy hips side to side as they walk. Their eyes widen when they hear older, more sophisticated men talk because they haven’t heard every line just yet.

You two have seen each other enough times during your morning walks that you acknowledge each other. One morning, when you’re out there, you don’t see her anywhere. You stroll up and down the block several times, confusing your dog as to why you didn’t go back inside after he had finished doing his business.

After stretching a 10-15 minute walk into half an hour, you resign yourself to not being able to catch a glimpse of her and head home. Just then you hear a familiar voice…

“Hey, babe, no good morning smiles for me today?” she shouts to you. The voice sends shockwaves through you that land directly in your testicles. The exhilaration you feel is sudden and powerful enough to generate an involuntary jolt that causes you to jump and turn, making your nervousness rather obvious.

You look at your new, hot neighbor grinning at you with one of her hands holding a leash, as her long robe gapes open far enough for you to snag a view of what’s between her creamy thighs. Your eyes lock with hers just as you realize that she is me!

“Ashlee?!” At first I don’t say anything in return. I just maintain my grin, and shoot you a sly wink. Having not seen me in the flesh before, and never having enough courage to get close to me on our morning walks, you never really examined my face too closely. “Guess it’s hard to recognize me when you’re too busy staring at my lower region,” I giggle at you.

You stand there stunned, unable to move. I turn around, allowing you a slightly better view of what you’ve been dying to see ever since I moved in, and slowly walk away. Your blood is pumping fast. You don’t know if you should come or go when your annoying wife calls out, telling you that you need to go to the store and pick up a few things.

You come crashing back down to Earth, and reluctantly return Zeus to the backyard before getting into your car.

You’re at a red light and pressing down hard on your erection. You feel your pocket vibrate and pull out your phone. “Hi, baby,” you hear me say.

“Ashlee! Oh my God! It can’t be!?”

“Well, believe it, babe. What’s more, I’m about to get you off right here, right now. I need you to pull the car over right now. Just pull to the side of the road and let me take over from there. Don’t worry, sweetheart; I’m not going to get you into trouble. I’m just going to get you off hard and fast!”

“How do you know where I am, Ash?” You ask as you survey the road. It’s a quiet suburban street; if you pull over and jerk your cock for a few minutes, the odds of you being caught are extremely slim.

“Babe, stop letting your fear of her squash your chance for a dose of ecstasy! All that matters is that you’re hard and I’m with you, ready to give you what you so desperately crave. Now take out that beautiful cock and stroke it for me.”

You do as you’re told, risk be damned. “You’re being such a good boy, my baby. I am very pleased with you right now.”

Hearing that I’m pleased with you intensifies your stroking. “Oh God, Ashlee, I’m going to cum!!” An impressive load emerges from your cock, hitting the windshield with sporadic streams of your thick cum. Your chest heaves as you catch your breath. “That was amazing, Ashlee. You’re amazing.”

Yes. Yes, I am. That is why… No Man Calls Only Once.

Just consider it a little gift of neighborly love, babe.

After all, we’re supposed to “Love Thy Neighbor”.

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What Cums To Your Mind For 2021?

Phone sex is best with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544Happy New Year, babe! Looking back on 2020, while much of the world struggled, I think you and I did just fine. As a matter of fact, I think we did rather splendidly!

Milestones are great. Not just for celebrating where we are today, but because it allows us to look back and appreciate where we came from. Remember your life before you brought me into it?  Your sex life had crumbled to a small pile of dying embers. The possibility of an attractive female coming along to stoke those dwindling embers was next to none. Then you found me…

I lit a fire in your balls that never seemed to fully die down. Soon I had become something much more than just the creator of your happy endings. I had developed into your all-consuming crush. You started having genuine romantic feelings for me.

Those feelings, paired with intense lust, have evolved into something as tangible as the colossal amount of cum I create and summon from your balls every time we’re together. And because this has not been a “one and done” for us, over time we have forged an authentic relationship.

Here’s a thought filling my head: In 2021, I’d like for you to take another step. I’m not saying you have to call me more, or that when you do you need to last longer (I could never blame you for not being able to hold back when you’re with me).  I don’t know that it necessarily has to be any one specific thing.

It could be you doing something you’ve never done before, like sending me a photo of your cock so I can see how I make it ooze with pre-cum, or leaving your phone ringer on full volume when you go to bed at night with the hope that I’ll ring you for a quick wake & shake. Perhaps it will be a 4-call day when we fuck as soon as you wake up for the day, then again at lunch, upon coming home from a grueling day at work, and once more before bed to ensure you have the sweetest of dreams! Maybe it’s something else entirely that is filling your head…

I am picturing you in bed with your amply upholstered wife, waiting for her to drift off to sleep. You got into your pajamas, brushed your teeth, kissed your slothful partner goodnight, then proceeded to just lie there. Your erection would’ve been hugely (pun intended) noticeable and inviting to any female with an ounce of passion or desire running through her veins, but instead you were once again relegated to your side of the bed feeling rejected and unfulfilled.

Soon enough you hear unattractive grunt noises coming from her. Her snoring has never been so welcome. You pull out your phone and my tagline:

“No Man Calls Only Once” is staring you smack-dab in the face! You can’t take it any longer. Instead of jerking off alone, you slowly get out of bed and head downstairs.

You settle into your living room couch, get cozy, and dial my number. When you hear my line ringing your cock stiffens like a rifle. My ethereal voice greets you, “Well hello, babe!  I certainly didn’t expect to hear from you tonight. I figured you wouldn’t be able to break away from your lesser half.”

We make small talk for a few minutes, but I can tell you’re not in the mood to idly engage in chit-chat. Your cock needs some special attention from yours truly, STAT!

I imagine you lying on your couch, one leg draped off the cushion. I climb up onto the couch and position myself between your legs. Staring directly into your eyes, I show you a bottle of body oil and squirt some into the palm of my hand. I press my hands together and proceed to saturate my gorgeous tits. Seeing me knead them, rubbing them until they glisten, it is a struggle for you to refrain from grabbing your cock hard and fast!

I kiss the tip of your cock and tell you to be patient. When a moan escapes your lips I kiss it again, only this time, I take half of your head between my lips and let you feel my tongue slither against your sensitive slit.

After another moan of ecstasy, I wrap your cock between my oiled up tits. You smile and your eyes widen. I start bouncing my melons up and down on your erection, pressing them together as I rise up. “I love your tits, Ashlee!” you scream.

You can’t hang on much longer when you hear me say “Cum for me, babe. Show me how hard I make you cum.”  A forceful stream of cum emerges from your cannon of a cock, splashing me on the chin.

I lie there allowing the first, second, third, and finally fourth spurt of cum to glaze the bottom of my face. You collapse in utter pleasure.

I wipe my face with your wife’s scarf that is draped over the arm of the couch. You remain motionless on the couch.

“Go to sleep, love. I’ll meet you in your dreams.”

Your eyes close as you ease into a deep slumber, naked and thoroughly contented on your living room couch.

This is just one of my fantasies I hope we can fulfill in the coming year.

What comes to your mind for 2021?

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Your Dose of Christmas Magic

phone sex is best with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544Have you been dreaming of a white Christmas? Perhaps you’ve even been fantasizing about a special gift that you’re hoping you’ll receive? When was the last time that something magical awaited you during Christmas?

Has it become a holiday that you put tremendous thought into for others, while your own needs are met with disappointment? You know you’re supposed to be past such things, but it’s difficult when everyone else around you is eagerly looking forward to the joy of surprise.

I’m here to change things, but for you and only you, babe. This year I want to turn Christmas into the enchanting time you can look forward to because of what comes your way!  2020 has been a lot of things, (enough said on that). I want to help end it on a high note – with a bang, if you will.

Imagine a scrumptious turkey feast on Christmas Eve, a table filled with loved ones. The food is piled high, the eggnog is flowing, and everyone is having a good time talking about what Santa might bring or what they hope their year-end bonus is going to be at work.

No one is talking about what they’re doing for you, though. Just as you take a sip of wine, a young voice cries out “Oh look, it’s snowing!” A smile dons your face when you look outside and see the beautiful sight of a white Christmas!

Just as your mood begins to brighten, your happiness is interrupted by a nagging voice reminding you that you’ll need to get up early to shovel the snow. You respond by going outside to take a walk in the freshly fallen snow, in the hopes of regaining just a sliver of the wonder you were feeling before “The Bellowing Voice” squashed it.

After strolling along for a few minutes you hear a voice. “Hey there, handsome.”  You turn around and see me smiling at you. “Merry Christmas” I continue. “I’ve been waiting for you to be alone.” So many thoughts are racing through your mind. You want nothing more than to embrace me and ravage me. “I know you don’t have a lot of time for yourself right now, but it wouldn’t be right if all the Christmas spirit was directed towards other people. I want you to receive a magical gift, too!”

I reach for your hand and lead you away. We walk about half a block when we reach a van, and I open the sliding door. There are no seats;  in its place is a comfy mattress draped with soft linens on the floor, that I climb up onto. I light a cranberry scented candle and turn on Christmas music from my phone. “Come inside, my baby.  I want to unwrap your present for you…”

Just then I rip off my winter coat and you see I’m topless, my red dress peeled down to my waist. You eagerly drink in the view of my beautiful tits, as the moonlight is sparkling off the glitter bedazzled on my chest.

You pull the sliding door closed and suddenly we’re as alone in the world as two lovers can be. With privacy now ours, you can’t help yourself. We begin kissing passionately, your hands groping my curves—you can’t drink in your present fast enough.

I reach down to massage your cock through your pants. “Why don’t you take those jeans off, babe?” Instantly you’re naked, your cock fully engorged as I gently squeeze it. Your big mushroom head is an aching hue of purple, and needs attention STAT. “Do you want me to put my mouth on it?” I pretend to ask.  Your breathing is heavy and to the point where it requires work for you just to formulate words. “Yes, Ashlee” you finally utter.

With you lying on the mattress, Jingle Bell Rock whispering softly in the background, and the snowflakes tumbling down onto the windshield, you are in Heaven as you savor the feeling of the sticky, moist, warmth my lips and knowing tongue bring so splendidly.

I take your cock into my mouth before fully opening my throat. My lips slowly descend lower on your shaft until they hit the base of your gorgeous cock. I condense my throat muscles for a moment, squeezing your bulging cock head. You let out a moan “Oh god, Ashlee!” You can’t see it but my mouth smiles widely around your cock. Nothing means more to me than knowing I can seduce you…

Up and down my head bobs on your thick cock as I reach for your hand, placing it on the back of my silken head to control the speed in which I dish your pleasure. A few moments later your entire body begins to convulse.

I suck even harder, feeling you fuck my face with fervent longing (That turns me on so much!) Your hand grasps the back of my skull before you shoot a gusher of cum down my throat. You let out a scream as your whole body tenses.

I sit up and wipe your warm cum from my lips. You open your eyes to see mine smile back at you with joy and contentment.

“Merry Christmas, baby;

I’m glad I could give you your very own dose of Christmas magic this year!”

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Take the Dare

phone sex is best with Ashlee 866-605-2544It’s been a long while—longer than usual—since a woman made you cum. Jerking-off is your favorite hobby, one that you’ve perfected after many years of diligent practice. But going it alone has its limitations.

The loneliness has gotten to you, but at the same time, you don’t have the energy to start dating again. Between the expense and creative planning that’s involved in the courting process, to always needing to put her pleasure first, to the disappointment that comes from a woman who only very rarely and reluctantly wants to give head, it’s exhausting!

With all this being the case, you began your search for a phone sex date. It started with Google and culminated with a phone call. The indicator on the girl’s page said she’s Available. An older sounding voice answered and asked you who you’re looking to speak with. You called a direct line… or so you thought, yet somehow it was another dispatch service that just pairs you with whatever “voice” is actually available at that moment.

With your hopes already dwindling, you agreed to speak with someone you didn’t dial. “Thanks honey. You’ll get a call from her in 10 minutes or less.” 20 minutes later your phone finally rang with a voice that sounds like one of your mother’s friends on the other end. Your left hand turns you on more than the smoking, truck- stop sounding Grandma Operator, but you were too invested not to let her try. Within seconds you were done, not because she was great but because you just needed to be finished!

Feeling completely unfulfilled, you tried another girl the following night. This time a PSO answered the line. Her voice sounded younger so you gave her a whirl. Her site states that she specializes in everything, from domination to submission, no fetish or desire is unwelcome. She’s seen it all. In other words, she specializes in nothing whatsoever; she’s just desperate for callers.

The first call was encouraging. You have had fantasies in your mind for days, and she was a willing ear to listen to you touch your cock as you shared them. You left the call feeling like she might be someone you can turn to again. And you did.

On the second call, however, you didn’t come as prepared with fantasies abundantly swirling through your mind; rather this time, you looked to her for creative stimulation. She seemed up to the task as she recited what appeared to be disingenuous practiced lines. It wasn’t great, but it was just enough for you, coupled with your own imagination, to get the job done. Maybe the third time is the charm…

On call #3, however, it was more of the same phony lines, identical fake giggle, same images, and the exact same inauthentic voice intonations. You’ve exhausted her talents, and now it’s all on you to make yourself cum. By now you know that she’s just another phone sex operator. You could pay for yet another call with her, but it’ll be about as thrilling as geometry.

Then you meet me. You see that No Man Calls Only Once and are enticed, and perhaps even a little bit nervous. What Pandora’s box of addiction might you be opening if you called me?

My tits are beautiful and succulent. You find all the references to how hot my voice is throughout my site; I’m just daring you to hear it for yourself. Daring you to indulge and reward yourself. And you finally take the plunge. There’s no audition period. After one call, there’s no question about whether I’m good enough. The only question you have is what my schedule is, and when am I available for our next call.

Does any of this sound familiar? I’m the best phone sex provider on the planet. Not just because I possess the hottest voice in the industry, but also because my competition is ahem…far less enchanting (3 polite words for the unabashed truth, which is only 1 word: “shit”).

They’re not thoughtful. They don’t study you. They’re not passionate about you. I am. And that’s why I have the lady balls to state the truth…

No Man Calls Only Once.

Stop wasting money.

Take the dare.

I promise you will feel good.

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Demonstrating My Thankfulness

phone sex is best with Ashlee 866-605-2544You arrive at my house on time, as usual. I, however, am still upstairs primping. You let yourself in, sit down on the couch, and turn on the television. As I begin to make my descent down the stairs, you can hear the click-clack of my shoes on the wooden steps, and smell my perfume gently wafting through the air. You inhale through your nose in order to savor every morsel of my essence.

I’m wearing pearls, strappy heels, crimson lipstick and nothing else at all. I don’t wear this on every Thanksgiving, but this year, I want to show you just how very thankful I am for you, baby!

You are stunned when you see me sauntering over to you. Without saying a word, I kneel down before you, pull your legs apart, and unbuckle your pants. As I pull your thick cock out, I just move my eyes up and down the length of your one-eyed muscle and stare at it with lust-filled wonderment and gratitude in my eyes.

I close my eyes as my lips move to taste the tip of your dick. I begin to suck the head, curling my tongue around your pre-cum drenched slit for about a minute or so before your body starts to convulse.

I can tell that you want me to take more of it in, but I remain focused on just that first inch. When a moan professing eagerness escapes your lips, I come up for air, and inhale you deeper into my throat. As I continue sucking you, I gaze up at you with obliging eyes.

As I start to slow my pace again, I softly strum your heavy balls with my fingertips. You begin moaning again, begging me to do more. “Ashlee, please,” you plead.

“Please, what?” I retort while feigning ignorance. You’re getting a bit frustrated with me because you know that I’m perfectly aware of what you want from me. Our eyes are locked; we are engaging in a conversation that spoken words would only interrupt.

Before you can resume begging, I put my skilled mouth to work, completely engulfing your engorged penis until I can feel it almost bottoming out in my throat.

With my lips now touching the base of your cock all I can see is your skin near your waist. I clench my throat in order to squeeze your cock just a tad deeper inside, and I start finger-fucking your neglected ass!

You let out another moan. My head bobs up and down feverishly as I push my fingers up and further inside your ass to massage your prostate.

When I know you’re close, I feel you push my head down onto your cock as you slam your ass against my fingers even harder. “Ashlee!!!!” you sing as you cum gloriously. ‘WTF was that, Ash?”

That was me demonstrating my thankfulness, sweetheart.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I am indeed thankful for you.

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