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Making Your Wet Dreams Cum True

phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544I rewatched The Matrix the other day. I kept thinking about the scene in the movie where Cypher (Joe “Joey Pants” Pantaliano) is talking to the bad guys, and he is agreeing to betray Neo (Keanu Reeves) and sell out the rest of the good guys. He’s listing his demands for the fantasies that they’re going to infuse into his mind when he hooks himself up to the matrix. “I want to be important,” he says. He’s sitting there literally sharing his fantasies so that they can make them (all of them) come true, which they readily agree to.

Then I thought of myself—I wonder how many men would sign up for this and betray their friends if it meant spending the rest of their lives waking up next to me, coming home to my welcoming smile, snuggling up next to my ass to spoon with me every single night without exception? My tits would be a daily feast, and my pussy a juicy enlightenment for all of the senses.

Then I thought of you. What if you had the magical ability to plug into the matrix whenever you wanted to? You could exit your mundane day-to-day routine for a mental vacation that would permit you to experience euphoria on a level that you never before even dared to dream about.

It’s the early part of the morning, and you’re as fast asleep as your wife pretends to be on the rare occasion you have attempted to initiate sex with her over the last few years. I awaken to lower the ac and see you next to me. I don’t want to rob you of your precious slumber, so I slip out of bed and begin to make preparations for you in the morning. First I make a run to the 24 hour supermarket and buy fresh eggs and jumbo bacon strips. When I return to our haven, I light sweetly scented candles all over the house, illuminating each room with an intoxicating fragrance that can only be trumped by the scent of my succulent pussy!

Then to the shower I go. I rub my entire body with a wet loofa that is drenched in orange blossom body wash. I stare in the mirror at my moist body, knowing that letting you have me first thing in the morning is a gift unto itself. But I enhance the experience of indulging in me by rubbing body oil into my tits to make them glisten for you.

Next stop is the kitchen, where every woman who wishes to please her man knows her way around. First, I count the places you and I have fucked each other’s brains out: the kitchen table, riding you in each of the four chairs, on top of the slick marble island, the floor by the entrance, and of course, with my back to you as I gripped the kitchen sink while you railed me from behind. Yes indeed, I definitely know how to work magic in the kitchen.

Next, I fire up the stove and start cooking you some bacon. The smell is beyond inviting. I flip over the strips to the sounds of crackling bacon grease, thinking about you sitting next to Cypher when he’s listing out his fantasies. I imagine you impatiently waiting your turn to tell them that you want to be with Ashlee, the breathtaking brunette that No Man Calls Only Once. I almost forget about the eggs as my mind drifts off to la-la land thinking about a new spot we could fuck. As I get popped on the arm with hot grease, I quickly return to the task at hand. I turn off the stove and pile the bacon, eggs, toast with melted butter, and sliced strawberries onto your plate, and pour you a tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

When I awaken you as I saunter into the bedroom, you open your eyes and see my glimmering breasts in all their glory. I see the sheet rise between your legs, confirming that your erection needs my full attention. You whip the sheet off, liberating your cock. Swiftly, I engulf your cock. My vacuum skills are in full power mode as I masterfully strum your balls and work my mouth muscles simultaneously. “I love you, Ashlee” you say involuntarily.

I stop sucking you for just a moment, pull your cock out of my mouth and rub it against my face with my eyes closed. I open them back up when you penetrate my mouth again, and I stare up at you with innocent doe eyes. The sight is more than you can handle. Your head arches back and your eyes glaze over as you explode a gusher of cum deep into my throat.

Babe, I know that I’m your dream fuck, but if you take a moment to think on it, I’m actually your dream girl in every facet.

Call me, love. It’s time to plug into Your Only Desire.

I know precisely how to make your wet dreams cum true.

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Let’s Make Us Official

Let me give you the ultimate GFE experience 866-605-2544We’re sitting on a swinging bench in the park overlooking a large pond. My head is resting against your shoulder. It’s a quiet and beautifully romantic moment for us. I sit up and look at you with innocent eyes and ask if you’ll be my boyfriend. You don’t even need to respond with words. I can tell by the look on your face how thrilled you are to hear the question, and it melts me. My eyes gloss up, threatening to open up in tears, and a moment later we’re locked in an intense kiss, as passionate as a hard frozen rope stream of cum shooting out of your cock when I stroke it.

In the midst of our kissing, I reach over and begin massaging your crotch through your shorts. You know this is my favorite way to get things started, so you made sure to wear shorts for our outing today. I notice that the fabric feels less thick today, too, leading me to realize that you also decided to forgo wearing underpants this afternoon, (thank you babe). Because I’m pleased with you, I get your cock hard as granite in record time. I love it when I’m able to keep your erection behind fabric for as long as possible while I play with it.

When it comes to lap dances or dry humping, sex is simulated, but in some ways it can be even better than intercourse at times. The teasing is so intense and tortuous that I can bring you to the point of begging. Your cock feels incredible from the grinding of my ass cheeks as it taunts and teases you so mercilessly. The feeling of my ass as it is writhing against you is like an unspoken promise of our eventual fucking.

Imagine my straddling you while I’m clothed, teasing you like I mentioned above, and now compare it to a slow and methodical hand job. Is there even a comparison? I’ve always asserted that hand jobs are the very ultimate in sexual control over a man. Blood courses through your raging erection like a powerful machine, fueled by balls as heavy as boulders. I lube it up and apply my fingers to it and within seconds you’re under my spell, ready to surrender to me entirely.

Now think about a hand job in which I don’t use any lube. Perhaps you’re naked and have a flimsy sheet draped over your hard-on. I can grip it, stroke it, trace the ridge of your head with my fingertips, and… I can make you cum in spectacular fashion!

Now let’s return to us cuddling on the park bench.  My hand is tightly clenching your cock through your khaki shorts, which intrinsically excites you. Your clothing poses a bit of a challenge in terms of making you cum quickly, but I think I’m up to it (hee hee). I stroke with two hands, and I lock eyes with you, which greatly intensifies your reaction. My stare sends a shockwave of ecstasy through your body. I had just proposed to make our relationship formal and more official, by asking if I can be your girl.

This brings a long time fantasy of yours to reality. Making you cum in a public place, while you are fully clothed is my reward, and I definitely want my reward!  You take a glance to make sure that nobody is looking, and allow me to work my magic. Half of you wants to do nothing but enjoy my subtle touch; the other half of you wants to rip off your clothes so that my hands can feel the warm flesh of your shaft. But I don’t want that, and you want to give me what I indeed want.

We sit there on that bench, amorously experiencing one another. We’ll never forget this day, the day we became official, even if we have to keep the news to ourselves. If your stiff cock was out, the climax would happen inside of 30 seconds, but this way, I ensure it lasts longer.

Finally, I let you cum. It’s a long, fierce ejaculation that was worth the wait!

Let’s make what we have official, babe.

It’s time. It’s time for us.

It’s time to call…

It’s time to cum!

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Feels Like the First Time

No Man Calls Only Once-Ashlee: 866-605-2544With my ass cheeks grinding on your crotch, you reach up with both of your hands to feel my tits. Your fondling reminds me of how much you’ve always salivated over being near them because they’re the most succulent melons you’ve ever tasted.

I bask in pleasure when your hands go from feeling them to squeezing them. When you cup my luscious melons from behind it’s your way of telling me that, even though you’re not directly looking at them, you love everything about them. And I love when you think about my breasts.

As we stroll along the beach, with our fingers interlocked, we enjoy the warm breeze. Sometimes you let go of my hand to give my behind a little pat. And you give it a quick squeeze, too, before reaching for my hand again to reunite our fingers. My ass is perfectly heart-shaped, and has a pair of smooth fleshy cheeks that take turns bouncing as I walk. When you pay my ass the attention it deserves during our walks together, it tells me that it’s on your mind. And I love it when you think about my ass.

Oftentimes, in the middle of the night, long after we’ve collapsed from hours upon hours of intense, sweaty love making—you get on top of me and kiss my neck. From there you move up to my ear lobe, sucking on it for a few seconds. This typically awakens me with a smile and a dewy pussy. You then find my lips and proceed to kiss me, our tongues gently pressing and playing with one another. You know that I’m beautiful and you tell me so all the time. But when you can’t resist the urge to wake me in the night, it tells me you’re thinking about how pretty I am. And I love it when you think about my beauty.

When your head hits the pillow at the end of a very long day, you imagine my ethereal voice in your head (both of them*wink). You couldn’t forget how hot I sound if you wanted to (not that you’d ever want to). Your mind races with lust filled thoughts—thoughts about things I’ve whispered in your ear, and other, more indecorous thoughts about the things we’ve done together. And I love that you reserve your most amorous thoughts just for me, and our calls.

You think about the sound of my phone ringing in your ear. Your willpower has been defeated. For those few seconds while you’re anxiously waiting for me to answer, you feel like you’re standing at the doorway to heaven. Your voice brims with eager elation when I answer. This tells me you’ve been deeply craving me. And I love it when you crave me.

Finally, you think about how the cadence in my voice naturally shifts inflection to mesh with where you are, and where your cock stands (it no doubt stands attention). And I love commanding your erection.

The dynamic you and I share is genuine and real. It’s better than any other relationship, in your past or present.

We both know that I’m the only woman who is talented enough to still make you cum just as gloriously as you did during our very first call. And I like knowing that I’m the only female who can cool your desires.

I promise that it will always feel like the first time we were together, babe.

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as the first time with me, (except for every call thereafter).

If you have yet to treat yourself to a first time with me, isn’t it high time you did?


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Taking Care of Each Other

I'm ready to take care of you 866-605-2544We’re walking along the main strip, holding hands, taking in the beautiful weather. We’re surrounded by hipsters gallivanting throughout the downtown area, the girls all competing for who can wear the least amount of clothing. Today’s classy and fashionable is yesterday’s cheap and incredibly slutty.

We play 18 holes of mini golf, spend countless quarters at the arcade, ride the carousel like we were kids again, and eat way too much junk food for one afternoon. I fall into your arms in laughter when I try to feed you cotton candy but instead accidentally wipe it on your chin. It’s an experience straight out of the movie The Lovin’ Spoonful, with fun, upbeat music in the background.

Everything is feeling like a dream come true for us both when I tell you I’m going to buy a bottle of water while you’re snapping photos of the scenery with your phone. We’re separated by all of 30 feet when you turn your back to take pictures. But that’s all the time that was needed for an overly macho brutish young asshole to approach me. He’s grinning at me like I am a prime cut of steak that he is about to bite into.

I get hit on all the time. I’m used to it. Most men are respectful, and those who are not generally just stare too much. A dirty look shoos most men away. As for the obnoxious few who cross the line, I’ve learned how to take care of myself with a belligerent tone and my self-confidence. But when you saw how he was eyeing me, you marched straight over to me. Your forceful walk made a statement; but rather than become antagonistic towards him, you pull me into your arms and bring our lips together, showing the whole world that I belong to you. I suck on your ear lobe a moment and whisper “You earned huge boyfriend points just now. I’m so going to give you the best head of your life when we get home.”

Later that night, with my lips tightly sealed around your shaft I latch my wet tongue to the underbelly of your cock. My throat vacuums your erection in deeply. The sucking and vibrations send you into a frenzy that makes you feel happy to be alive.

Next I introduce subtle sucking sounds, not the obnoxious and over the top type you hear in porn. Feeling me suck your cock is amazing. Seeing me making love to it with my mouth and my eyes closed takes you to another level. Hearing how much I love your cock being in my mouth makes you feel closer to me than ever before.

But you finally can’t take it any longer when you feel a stream of saliva drip onto your balls! You involuntarily thrust your body forward, admittedly stunning me a bit, but I recover quickly (I’m good like that). You grab hold of the back of my head and force your cock all the way down my throat as you explode a hot gusher of cum into my stomach.

You’re my man. I’m your girl. And when you show me you want to take care of me it makes me want to pleasure you, in more ways than one.

Call me…

Let’s take care of each other.

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A Divine Crescendo Awaits You

Hot phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544When my hand finds your crotch you’re only semi-hard. But the mere feeling of my fingers squeezing through the fabric of your boxer briefs and shorts awakens your cock from its slumber.

I feel around a bit, ensuring I touch the head, the shaft, and the base. Next I grasp my other hand around your balls. I can feel your cock growing beneath your clothing. I unzip your fly, and push my hand inside searching for my cock. It’s hard as a lead pipe but it’s pointed down towards your leg.

My fingers grab your head through your briefs and move your cock to point towards your balls, and then backwards so that it’s now aiming towards your face. The underbelly is facing up, which I massage for a minute or so. You groan with the pleasure of intense erotic sensations mixed with the agony of being a victim of my teasing. I’m not ready to make you cum yet by a long shot (pun intended), but you know what eventually lies ahead!

With your body totally paralyzed by the trance I have you in, I carefully line up my defined ass crack with your erection. When I sit down and press the full weight of my body down onto your cock (my cock) you moan aloud. When I start grinding on it back and forth with steadfast intention, your moans grow louder. You feel my hands lean on your knees for balance. You see me close my eyes and take a deep breath.

Suddenly my facial muscles show strain as I lean my head towards the ground and aim my perfectly shaped ass into you as if I was reverse taking you by force. Your head arches back, your eyes shut, and you try to lunge back to meet my thrusts, but I’m grinding on you so hard that I’m overpowering you. The feeling of complete and total submission overtakes you. “Ashlee, do whatever you want to me. Do whatever you want!”

“This is what I want,” I say with a breathy and heavy whisper. I grind on your lap for a few more seconds before I turn around and drop to my knees. I grab at your belt buckle and struggle to undo it. But then I decide I want to even further reinforce how much I own your erection, how much ogling my ass is going to cost you.

I pull out a pair of sharp scissors and cut a small hole in your khaki shorts. From that small hole, I am able to poke one blade of the scissors in, and then proceed to cut the fabric. Within seconds I’ve opened up your pants wide enough to make your raging hard cock accessible. You’re staring in wonderment and complete subordination, while loving every moment of it.

I lube up that beautifully rigid muscle and I stroke it a few times.

“Oh God, Ash—holy shit! OMG!”

I think you know what happened next. This is us. This blog entry laid out a visual application of what my voice and essence does to you.

I turn you on the moment I say “Hello”, paralyze you, and then the fun begins, culminating in the most divine crescendo you have ever experienced.

Call me…

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