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The Photographer and the Muse- Conclusion

“Hi, Lauren,” I said. “Your husband borrowed me.”

“I see that,” she said, smiling. “And you are?”

“My name is Ashlee; I love your work.”

“I’m glad. You’ll make a lovely addition to our gallery,” she replied and again lifted her camera. With that, her husband – whose name I’d still not gotten – pulled my mouth back to his and kissed me deeply. I returned the kiss with equal ardor, our tongues sliding together in a sensual duel. Meanwhile, flashes from the camera were all around us, as Lauren circled the bed to catch us at all angles.

My partner turned me over, settled his torso between my legs and began to kiss my taut belly and chest while running his hands up and down my body. He teased my nipples with the tips of his fingers before devouring my gorgeous breasts with his skilled mouth. Not surprisingly, he worshiped my tits, murmuring “beautiful” and “breathtaking” and other words of endearment over and over as he savored them. Lauren moved in close, the camera clicking rapidly as she captured shot after shot of her husband basking in me.

She moved behind us, and to my surprise, she put down the camera and leaned over, bringing her face and lips to mine. As her soft, pink tongue slipped between my lips, I returned her kiss even as her husband began trailing his mouth down my body.

Lauren moved away again to the foot of the bed. Her husband was now teasing me with his tongue, lapping the tops of my thighs, my belly button, everywhere but where I wanted it most. When he lifted himself up on his elbows and again made his way back to my tits, I was about to voice my frustration. Just as he cupped my face and kissed me passionately again, I felt another pair of hands on my thighs sliding up to the waistband of my skimpy panties.

Soon enough, Lauren had my panties off, and she turned her attention to the boxer-briefs her husband still wore. They, too, were discarded, and now she ran her soft hands up my supple thighs. Just as her husband had done with his tongue, she teased me, massaging, touching, and tickling all over my legs, but never touching my molten core.

I squirmed and looked down, getting desperate to feel the heavy, iron-hard cock pressing against my belly inside me. After long minutes of torture, I finally felt a finger slide up my wet slit. Her husband lifted his hips slightly, and I sensed Lauren’s hand moving to grasp his shaft. She then brought the head to my entrance, teasing it up and down, lubricating his stiff cock with the juices seeping from my swollen pussy.

At last she positioned him and let him push forward. He slid all the way into the hilt, filling me completely, and I gasped with pleasure as he groaned from his own pleasure. I heard the camera clicking again as he began to pump slowly in and out, and I knew that Lauren was memorializing the moment. I briefly wondered if these photos would make themselves to a wall somewhere in the massive house before rapture took over and I began to fuck back in earnest.

“Fuck her, Thomas,” Lauren whispered. At least now I knew his name!

I hooked my heels behind his ass to urge him on, pulling him hard against me as I thrust upward to meet his downward stroke. We fell into a perfect rhythm, his shaft and my sheath, propelling our mutual pleasure. I felt the weight of the bed shift, and I looked over Thomas’s shoulder to see his wife leaning back, the hem of her cocktail dress around her waist, her legs spread wide, her fingers buried in her pussy as she watched her husband plundering my own.

Thomas began to fuck me feverishly, and I could tell by his hastened thrusts that he was about to reach his crescendo. I urged him on, my mouth against his ear, purring (if you’ve yet to hear me purr, you really ought to!).

“That feels so good, doesn’t it? Fill my hot, tight pussy with cum. Fill it up – fill me with all you’ve got. Let’s make a masterpiece for your wife.”

Thomas groaned as he pounded me furiously, and at the same time, Lauren began to moan. I, too, reached the crest of ecstasy, and waves of pleasure washed over me. I felt the gush of Thomas cumming, his hot liquid filling me, as he roared.

At last, all three of us regained some measure of composure, and Thomas slipped to my side. Lauren moved up to sandwich me between them and watched as her husband and I exchanged softer, more intimate kisses.

It was past midnight when we three returned to the party. Shannon was furious, but when she saw the mischievous look in my eyes as I entered the main room with the hosts, she just shook her head and smiled. She knew I’d have a story for her to enjoy when we made our way out of there.

A week later, a large parcel arrived; it was quite heavy.  I struggled a bit to get it inside and up onto the table. I carefully tore open the plain brown wrapping, and when I removed all of the paper, there was a large, framed black and white photograph like those that adorned the walls of the white house.

My breast, a mouth, two delicate threads of saliva still clinging from the opened lips to the hardened nipple they’d just bathed.

There was a card attached, as stark white as the walls of the house it came from. In blood red letters, there were two words beautifully written by a feminine hand…

The Muse

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The Photographer and the Muse-Part 1

phone sex is best with Ashlee 866-605-2544“C’mon, please? I don’t know the owners at all, but I’m dying to see the house.”

My friend Sophie was trying to talk me into going to a gathering in the Hollywood Hills at a house designed by her architecture professor. Sharp lines and right angles aren’t really my thing (I’m obviously more about curves wink*). However, she was enamored with his modern, sleek style and desperately wanted me to accompany her.

That’s how I found myself wandering through one stark white room after another. To my mind, it was terribly boring except for one thing: a series of large black-and-white photos that were strategically placed on a huge wall.

Together, they told a story of mutual seduction. The first was of a couple standing a few feet apart, their faces out of the frame. He was in a dark suit and a dress shirt. She wore a fitted black dress that hugged her slim, dancer’s body as she curved gracefully towards him.

The next photograph showed only her hand on his chest; her darkly painted nails contrasted with his immaculate white shirt. He seemed to stand perfectly straight, while her fingers were slightly curled. Her nails looked like talons ready to claim his bare flesh.

In the second room, his strong, veiny hand rested on the arch of her ass. The following photo went back to a close-up of his chest that showed his right nipple peeking between two of her fingers.

I followed the unfolding story into yet another room. The photo on display showed the curve of her neck, his mouth was on her, and his blood red lips looked famished. The bold splash of color only added to the eroticism, and I found myself becoming more and more excited to follow the trail.

“Are you enjoying the art” a deep baritone voice whispered, so close behind me that my neck tingled. Startled, I stumbled back a bit until a stoic hand on my elbow steadied me. Glancing down, I recognized the veiny hand from the photographs.

“Yes,” I replied, “very much,” and started to turn, but another hand on my opposite hip held me in place.

“They’re all originals, and these are the only prints,” he said. “Perhaps you’d like to see the studio?”

His hand now slid to the small of my back and softly propelled me forward. We took several turns as we walked deeper into the house; and I was beginning to wonder just how many rooms this place had when we came to the first closed door. The hand left my back briefly to push it silently open.

We entered a room dominated by yet another immaculately white object at its center – a bed. In contrast to the rest of the house, the walls in the room were a deep black, and the bed was surrounded by photographic equipment such as shades, lights and screens.

Finally I was allowed to turn and see the man who’d led me there, and the effect of the lighting in the room was stunning. Jet black hair swept back surpassed only by his dark eyes. Eyes that seared themselves into mine, hypnotizing me.

Without a word, he pulled me close, and his mouth claimed my own. Under some strange spell, I responded greedily and raised no objection as I felt the zipper of my cocktail dress being lowered. He continued to stare into my eyes as he removed the straps and my ample breasts sprang free. He seemed pleased that I wasn’t wearing a bra, and equally pleased when he saw the tiny black panties adorning my body once my dress was pooled at my feet.

He led me to the bed and sat me on the edge. He simply stood in front of me until I understood that I was expected to undress him. I unbuttoned his white shirt, almost the exact same shade of white as his skin in the filtered light. Coarse black hair covered a chiseled chest, and when I undid his slacks and slid them down, his toned thighs were “Adonis” like. The mere sight of him was intoxicating.

I started to slide down his boxer-briefs, but he stopped me, and urged me up onto the bed. He joined me on the bed and lay on his back. He pulled me atop him and we, again, began a slow, languid kiss, his hand sliding down to cup my ass.

I saw a bright flash in my peripheral vision, and heard the unmistakable click of a shutter. I saw a woman; her face was obscured by the camera she peered through. Her black dress gripped her body tightly, and her darkly painted nails stood out.

That baritone voice again sounded in my ear…

“Say hello to my wife, Lauren.” it purred. “She’s the photographer.”

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The Perfect Give and Take

5 free minutes with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544I’ve been thinking about the dynamic between us lately. Sometimes I feel like I preside over our relationship and that you are content being passive and a bit more yielding. Other times it’s reversed, and you take more of an assertive stance. Yet, these opposing roles don’t cause any discord between us, because at the end of the day we have the perfect blend of give and take.

It’s a bit like having a joint bank account. The focus is not that 50% of the money is mine and 50% is yours. We each have access to 100% of it.  However, there are times when one of us will withdraw or deposit more than the other. It’s with this analysis in mind that I concocted a thrilling fantasy about compromise and knowing when it’s the right time to give or to take from one another.

You live alone in a 2 bedroom apartment in the city. You’re home alone one night, perusing Phone Sex Central in search of a girl to keep you company when suddenly there’s an emphatic knocking at your front door.

Your body involuntarily jumps from being startled. You look through the peep-hole and see a beautiful, buxom goddess standing on the other side (yours truly, of course!). You see nothing to fear so you open the door.

I look into your eyes, and quickly maneuver my voluptuous body past you until I’m inside. “Hurry, I exclaim. Close the door! Please close it!”  You’re stunned but do as I ask anyway. You can’t imagine how this incredibly hot body that’s shaking before you, could ever be in the wrong versus whatever she’s afraid of outside.

My boyfriend locked me out of our apartment after he found me packing up to leave him, I tell you in between trembling breaths, and he is in a murderous rage. I climb into your arms after seeing the empathy on your face. You embrace me like a little sister at first. But I don’t let go of you so quickly. Instead I make myself comfortable snuggled up against your chest. I wrap my arms around you tightly as my knee finds your erection.

I rub it back and forth until it goes from hard to rigid. “Can I stay the night?” I ask with big beguiling eyes. Your cock pulsating up against my leg is the precise answer I was hoping for. We spend the next couple hours just sitting together talking. Your soothing voice calms me and makes me feel safe and protected.

“You really are my hero tonight.” I whisper in your ear. “And I know how to reward a man who does such sweet and chivalrous things for me.” Your mind is reeling with the possible ways in which you might be rewarded by me.

At this point, your heart practically leaps out of your chest as I begin to undo the buttons on your shirt. My fingers gently rub your chest just before I start planting wet kisses and little swirly licks with my tongue all over it. I look up at you and bat my lashes as my kisses start moving upward to your neck.

When my hand joins in, it roams down to your crotch and your body shudders and fills with goose bumps as you moan with pleasure. You hold my face in your strong hands and reply with “Do you have any idea what you are doing to me, Ashlee? I want your reward.”

I wrap my fingers around your muscular shaft and begin to jerk it hard and fast. As I’m pumping your cock, I reach down and give your heavy balls a soft squeeze and you erupt, glazing my entire hand with your hot cum.

“Thank you for being here for me tonight, babe. I love that I could be here for you in return.”

“You and I have the perfect give and take!”

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Hot August Nights

Direct dial phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544Sweet cinnamon lingers on my tongue as I walk along the dark asphalt that’s still steaming from the warm August rain. I can feel the water beneath my toes as they push forward in my stilettos; the leather is damp, and I can feel it beginning to stretch.

The humidity is unusually high. It’s under my skin. The nape of my neck is hot under the weight of my long raven hair and it’s quickly losing its satiny perfection. With each step I take, it’s becoming more and more tousled. It’s giving me that just-fucked calling card that makes people crane their necks just to drink a bit of me in.

But I haven’t been fucked. Not just yet…

Still, maybe they’re noticing the flush in my cheeks, the vague imprint of anticipation and the lust-filled rush of arousal that glazes my eyes. Perhaps it’s the way I’m walking, seizing the opportunity to press my creamy thighs together as I slow my pace just enough to embrace the deep throb of yearning between my legs.

I’m enjoying the way my panties ride snugly between my moist lips as they slide back and forth against my longing clit. They’re cut high and drape over the apple-bottom swell of my ass. I’m taking great delight in feeling the warm night breeze under the short hem of my dress. All of these tantalizing pleasures are keeping me constantly aware of my own sexuality and stoking my desire to be fucked by you.

Inspired by my arousal, I reach into my handbag, and find my cell phone before ducking for cover under a building with an awning. I lean against the wall and push the phone beneath my dress, pulling the soaked fabric of my panties aside to expose my wet pussy for the camera lens. I hear the click of the camera as I slowly blow a red bubble with my cinnamon gum, taking a few more shots for you.

I phone you to tell you that I urgently need to be fucked, and that I’ve already called an Uber to bring me to your place. I explain that after dinner with Jill, we saw a very erotic movie and I simply cannot end my evening without feeling you inside me. You reassure me that you are going to fuck me into oblivion when I get there!

When my ride pulls up, I get into the backseat and nonchalantly push two fingers inside my dripping wet pussy. The warm gush of heightened excitement rushes through me and reminds me of how my pussy will be tightly clenched around your dick like a carnivorous little flower that needs to be fed in just a few more minutes!

When I arrive, you peel my wet dress from my body and begin grabbing at my body as you ravenously kiss me. You order me to lean back against the bed so that you can get a good look at me and sear the image into your mind. I am more than happy to oblige you.

You pull out your cock and stroke it a few times before reaching for my hand to help me back up. You then feverishly push me down onto the bed on my back. You pull up my bra to expose my tits, and you yank my panties off, lifting my legs and pulling them wide, resting my ankles on your shoulders.

You can clearly see, feel and smell my frenzied state of arousal and don’t waste a moment more teasing me with foreplay. You drive your hard cock straight into me fast and deep, like a jackhammer.

A minute later, I dig my fingernails into the flesh on your back and scream out as I explode all over your cock. You want to know if I’m ready for your cum; I nod and bite my bottom lip. You crash into me one last time as you shoot a massive load into my pussy.

You collapse into me and I whisper in your ear…

“I just love hot August nights!”

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It’s a Win-Win Situation

phone sex is best with Ashlee 866-605-2544It’s very early Saturday morning; the sun hasn’t even come up yet when you are awoken by a knock at your door. Who in the world could be at your door at this hour, you wondered. You have no idea what to expect as you sleepily shuffle to the door. When you open the door and see me standing there before you, you have even less of an idea of how you should react!

I really don’t give you an opportunity to verbally respond or react as I blaze past you and let myself in. Straight away, I throw my arms around you and press my lips to yours. As our bodies touch, there are no words required; I can feel your “reaction” pressed against me, and it’s a big one!

However, you slowly begin to recall that your wife is upstairs, and the bulge in your pants begins to soften. I reach for your cock and gently squeeze it through your pants, rubbing it until it’s fully erect again. Then I begin reassuring you with the sexy voice you’ve grown (quite literally) to know and love. “Baby, everything is going to be okay; you know I’d never let her find out about us.”

“Oh, I do want you, Ashlee. I want you so badly. I need you,” you exclaim.

“I know you do and you shall have me, my baby. I don’t understand why you’re so concerned.” You explain that there’s no way we can have sex with her here and you can’t leave without her knowing something is amiss.

We’re standing in your living room, embracing each other, and your head is staring down at my heaving chest.  “This is not going to hurt her, just let me do it, babe,” I ask you.

“Huh?” You look up at my face. I gently push your torso back and reveal a syringe. “What are you going to do with that?”

“It will bide us some time together. Don’t you want to fuck me?!  She’ll be resting peacefully for a couple extra hours. She won’t remember a thing; I promise you.”  A thousand thoughts race through your mind.  “Do you need a moment to think, sweetheart?” I ask as I gently pinch your erect nipples. “Take a minute, babe.”

My mouth reaches up towards your neck. Your being distracted allows me to plant sensual, wet kisses up and down your neck as my fingers form around your cock. When I feel your cock harden again, I pull away and start to unzip your fly. With your cock in my hand, I look up, “Just let me do it, babe. Please.”

“She’s yours, Ashlee. Do whatever you want with her. She’s yours.”

“Good boy.”

I kiss your lips and say, “I’ll be right back.” Before you can entertain a second thought you take in my beautiful ass behind a flimsy dress and know you made the right decision!

“Now that she’s taken care of, it’s time to take care of you, lover.”

Sometimes you just have to let go and trust. It’s good to see things from another point of view (namely, mine).

She will wake up thanking you for allowing her to sleep in, and you, my love, get to cum gloriously!

It’s a win-win situation.

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