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A Blissful Bang in Exchange for Anything

One on one phone sex with naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544As your fingers play around with my swollen pussy lips, the welling moisture is telling you how fucking hot I am for you. I always revel in how it feels to be finger-fucked by you anywhere, but in this particular situation it was even hotter for me.

My back is pressed flat against the inside of my front door. You had just arrived and right after I let you in, you grabbed me and flung me around, pinning me so that I was trapped between your erection and the door.

“Ashlee, you love to tell me when I need to be a good boy,” you say before attacking my lips with yours. I was taken aback by the speed in which you turned the moment from a usual greeting into an intensely lust-filled interlude.

You pulled away from my mouth long enough to say “Now it’s your turn to be a good girl for me.” Yes, you pulled your lips away from mine in order to speak to me, but your pelvis was now doing the talking as it was pressed firmly up against mine, conquering possession of my body hard and fast.

You knew that I was stunned in the most erotically enthusiastic way, so you continued to assert your dominance over me while you had me so eager to experience what would cum next.

Our eyes locked in a paralyzing gaze as you reached between my legs and starting massaging my pussy lips through the dampened fabric of my jeans.

You pulled back just a bit to gain access to my zipper, and yanked it down. You pushed your hands inside to claim what was obviously yours. You pushed my slushy panties to the side and pushed two fingers inside my creamy pussy. You pulled them out and brought them to your nose to take in a long whiff of my arousal. You then slid them into your mouth, sucking them vigorously. This naughty show of primal assertion drove me insane with desire! Sensing my need to be pleased, you pushed your fingers back into my now drenched pussy and began banging me with deliberate intent.

“Oh my, babe, what’s gotten into you?”

But then we both quickly realized the irony in my question. We laugh out loud together. “No, Ashlee, it’s what’s gotten into you, my dear!”

I consciously tried to muster some mental control of the situation to not comeacross too eager, but with your fingers reaming my walls and your thumb strumming my clit, I was fucking helpless and loving it!

As I continually moaned aloud, you were now concentrating more on evoking pleasure than trying to win the battle of charm and wits.

You realize that attempting to play my own game against me was futile. Focusing on seduction rather than adhering to any sort of strategic critical thinking was bringing you just as much ecstasy as you were giving me.

“Ashlee, do you want me to stop?” you ask.  “Why, oh why, would I ever want you to stop?” “Well then, my buxom beauty, tell me what you’ll do for, um, I mean to me after I make you cum?”

“I’ll do anything,” I utter in a breathy voice. “I’ll do absolutely anything, baby.”

“Wow, anything?” you ask as your fingers bring me to the brink with each rhythmic thrust.

The answer is yes. I will do anything for you.

Please call me, babe.

I’m so ready to show you what “anything” entails.

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How Did I Get Into Phone Sex?

direct dial private one on one phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544I cannot really pinpoint an exact moment in time or a specific episode that motivated me to have a ton of photos of myself taken, create the safest and most discreet phone sex website and declare myself open for business (and for you). It was more a culmination of various moments over the years. Kids grow up dreaming of one day being the president of the United States, a fireman, a baseball player, or a supermodel. No one says “Daddy, I want to be a compliance officer (or an accountant, or a media buyer, or a flight attendant) when I grow up.” But some of us do end up there.

Life takes us on strange journeys, and we land in places that never even occurred to us when we first gave serious thought to what we wanted to do with our lives. I don’t even know where my odyssey began, and to be truthful, I’m still trying to figure out how it will unfold (or who I will end up with,*wink).

But I want to share with you a few formative moments that I’ve experienced along the way to discovering how to give you the absolute best phone sex you’ve ever had.

Go back to my senior year of high school, when I was no longer the only girl in my class who had big tits. Mine were definitively the best, the biggest, and the most breathtaking, but the other girls caught up to me in terms of at least having a couple of mosquito bites to flaunt.

I might have been a good girl, but I was not a virgin, either. Even a good girl needs to experience a juicy cock in her mouth at some point (check out my Tidbits page for a bit of info on when I started giving head). One hot guy in particular won me over, and eventually he was rewarded with being my boyfriend. It was fun while it lasted, but after a while it becomes difficult to respect a boy who is all looks and no brains.

Quite a while after we broke up, I got a text message out of nowhere from him. “My god, Ashlee, I just saw the hottest girl I’ve seen since you and I were together.”

“Oh? And that made you think of me?”

“It made me think two things simultaneously. First, seeing her body made me want to go to the gym and pump the weights so vigorously that eventually she might let me feel her tits.”

“What in the world does that have to do with me? Why do you think I’d care that you’re hot for some other piece of ass?”

“I don’t think you care about that, Ash. But my second thought was that I have to run back to my apartment, pull down my pants, and jerk my cock until it explodes. I need to hear your voice. I need you to get me off, please. I’ll do anything. I’ll pay you anything. Just let me hear your voice and let me jerk off to it. Just like old times.”

I thought about it for a moment. I had gotten him off with my voice before. Once upon a time, I made him pull the car over and stroke his cock for me along the side of the highway. Another time, I got him off over the phone when I was away at cheer camp. While all the other girls were learning how to perfect their herkie and hurdler jumps, I was making him cum gloriously!

I mulled it over and finally replied, “No. Jerk off without me.” And then I blocked him on my phone.

I didn’t become a phone sex provider that day. Nor did I decide to do it because of just that isolated exchange with him. But it was one of many things that contributed to my discovering how good I am at making men cum.

And every time you and I rendezvous for a mind numbing phone fuck, I’m reminded of why I love it so much.

Call me babe.

Let’s get off tonight.

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We’re dancing alone in my house; my echo-tap (Alexa) is serenading us with smooth jazz. I love feeling your arm around my perfect sized waist that forms my hourglass figure. It didn’t take long for the mood to become romantic. While this wouldn’t normally be worth mentioning (because it always gets hot and heavy pretty quickly when we’re together), it is tonight.

You told me on the phone that you couldn’t see me tonight because you have been bad and you need to seriously focus on your wife more. My question for you is: do you love her more because of me? Imagine I wasn’t in your life, and your cock was devoid of the attention I provide on demand.

She’s already leaving you unfulfilled as it is. Imagine how large the void in your life would be if you didn’t shelve your will power and find me. I think that I make your marriage more tolerable. She doesn’t leave you with empty balls, because she doesn’t fill them up to begin with.

When I was sitting on your lap the last time we were together you told me that in spite of her shortcomings as a partner, you’re not sure you can fuck me anymore. I disagreed, but I also understand that you are torn from time to time. Sometimes you just need time to do its magic. So I backed off and let you focus more on the overweight has-been that contracted to manage you until death do you part.

That’s why I was surprised when the doorbell rang and it was you standing before me, a bouquet of two dozen sterling-silver lavender roses in your hand. I was taken aback by the surprise of it all. I had always thought you’d be back, and while your appearance with hat in hand was appropriate and appreciated, I still thought it would take a while longer and you’d make contact with me over the phone first.

“Ashlee, I missed you,” you greet me. “I missed you too, babe.”  I warmly welcomed you into my home, but I was still a bit unsure what to expect. “I’ve missed you beautiful, Ashlee. And while I’m here because I very much want you back in my life, there are certain boundaries I cannot cross anymore.”

“Don’t talk, babe,” I say. “Just take off your pants.”

“That’s what I cannot do, Ashlee.”

“Then why are you here?” You proceed to explain that while you want to see me, hold me, talk to me, and cry with me, you cannot be romantic or sexual with me. In short, you just want to be friends.

This so won’t do. If you want me in your life, then your cock needs to be in mine.

I make several advances at you over the course of the next hour to no avail, eventually pivoting to another tactic. “Alexa, play Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh”. I greet your perplexed look with a smirk. “Care to dance with me, lover.” You’re taken aback by my calling you “lover” but it’s just dancing, so you relent.

That’s how we arrived at the scene I began this blog with. I’m in your arms, as you are embracing me tightly. We stay pressed against one another long after the song ends. My breasts are snug against your chest. My hands are rubbing up and down your back. I whisper “This feels nice, baby.”

“Yes, Ashlee. Yes, it does!” And upon hearing that, I maneuver my thigh to line up with your crotch and press myself into you. Your cock was already coming to life, but feeling my leg come for it and claim it sends the blood pumping through your veins at breakneck speed. It grows to full length and girth against the vice of our bodies. I pull my head off your shoulders and face you. Our eyes lock, we converse silently, my making it clear that I’m not letting you off easy.

My hand reaches for your pulsing erection. I squeeze it tightly through the fabric of your pants and squeeze it back and forth. You let out a moan of intense pleasure. “Now take those damn pants off already,” I order you. Moments later, we’re on my couch completely naked. I’m facing you as I ride your cock up and down. You don’t last long as my pussy muscles strangle your cock straight into submission.

You explode a geyser of hot cum inside of me.

I collapse onto you, my arms encircling your neck. We embrace again. “You’re mine babe,” I tell you.

“I know, Ashlee.” you reply.

“You are my good boy”.

You are like a boomerang; you always come back to me for phone sex.

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Submission Has Its Privileges

I enter your place wearing a tight, black leather dress. Even if it wasn’t such a form-fitting outfit, you’d be able to tell that I’m not wearing a bra. There is nothing nonchalant about these tits. My tits defy gravity and the way they bounce forbids your brain from focusing elsewhere. From the moment you open the door, you know I’ve come over to seduce you. You know I can turn a conversation on a dime from casual banter to something that hardens your cock within seconds, but this time there is not going to be any flirtatious build up. I arrive on a mission, a mission to remind you how much you need me in your life. I sit you down on the couch and command you to sit up straight.

You look a bit like a deer in the headlights as you gaze at me. My tits are staring you back in the face. They are such a sexy and spectacular sight that your hand instinctively grips your cock. As you clench it tightly, you’re thanking holy God that you were born with the gift of eyesight, and you’re also salivating over the possible chance to suck on my magnificent mounds.

I know this is going through your mind like I knew that the sun would come up this morning. “Do you think you’re the first man I’ve ever seduced with these breathtaking breasts, my dear?” I ask rhetorically, mostly to confirm to you that I am indeed reading your mind. In fact, I’m doing more than reading it. I’m writing it. I’m taking you over so intensely that your thoughts are a dictation from me. And what I’m dictating now is that you want to suck on my tits so badly that you’d sign over your house to me.

I smirk at you when I see that you’ve put two and two together and understand that I’m actively brandishing my power over you. You gladly submit and your mouth falls open. I walk close to you. You can smell my perfume. My nipples are erect, and you want so badly to take them between your lips. I bring the spout of a bottle of cold water to your lips. “Take a sip, babe. I want your mouth nice and wet.”  I serve you the water like a mother would her baby. After I’m satisfied with how much you drink for me, I pull the bottle away from you, pouring the remainder of cold water onto my tits. You watch me as you feel your cock pulsating in your pants.

“Ashlee, can I please suck on them? Please?” you plead.

“Yes, babe,” I answer. “You may suck on them. I want you to suck. I want you to suck them now.” I inch closer to you, placing a hand beneath your chin and guide your mouth towards me. I whisper “Close your eyes and suckle me, sweetheart.”  You do as you’re told. I cradle your head with one hand and pet the top of your head with the other. I love feeling your tongue and lips move along each of my bodacious boobs, worshipping me with your mouth. You know I want my tits sucked. And you know that by pouring yourself into doing this, you are pleasing me. Doing what I want is reiterating that while you’re pleasing me, it ultimately pleases you even more.

You and I have a symbiotic relationship. You love the way I’m able to seduce you with my esoteric, eccentrically endless arsenal of edifying, exhilarating, exotically erotic encounters that effortlessly eradicate your pent up energy. Thus allowing you to embrace all of the extreme elements of elongated ecstasy that I eloquently and exclusively envelop your mind and erection with!

Some of the tools in my aforementioned arsenal are: My tits, my voice, how I read your mind, the way I move my body and of course… the way I, alone, “do it” for you!

And you repay me by submitting to my beguiling bevy of benevolence. Seeing you submit pleases me. And pleasing me makes you cum. This is the depiction of the dynamic between us. You’d do anything to suck on my sweet melons because of how you feel about me, not just because they’re the most tantalizing tits you could ever taste. You’d do anything to hear my voice, and not just because it’s the hottest and most sensual voice of any female you will ever hear. Because this is how we roll.

This is us. We’ve become closer as we’ve embraced this.

Call me, babe…

My tits need to be sucked.

Submission definitely does have its privileges.

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Tell Me It Wasn’t A Dream

Sex on the beach phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544I had the most awesome time on my vacation! While I was away, I had a very erotic dream about us. Here is how it went…

“I’m so excited! I’m getting ready to take a vacation soon to the Pacific North West. I’m not going to say exactly where I’m going, because a dreamy man is waiting for me there.”

You know who you are.

You’re the sexy man of my dreams. The one I let sweep me off my feet for an entire week filled with never-ending pleasure. You are the one I think about all the time. You’re the man in my fantasies; you know exactly how to make me shudder with elation.

I so enjoyed the magnificent scenery that only places like Washington and Oregon have to offer. Being in nature, surrounded by such huge, glorious redwood and pine trees all tucked away in such a peaceful setting was heaven.

The hot night air and salty smell of those gorgeous beaches was breathtaking. As we walked hand in hand on the desolate coast line with the full moon shining on us from above was truly dazzling.

Feeling the waves hit our bodies with the icy water only made us even hotter for one another. We lay down right on the sand and made out for what seemed like hours. You were rock hard for me, and I was dripping in sex for you.

I straddled you, draping my hot naked flesh across yours. I slowly stroked your stiff cock with one hand as I strategically squeezed and rubbed my other fingertips in a soft, circular motion around your heavy balls. The sexual tension between us was intense; all I could think about was feeling you inside my aching pussy.

I pushed your cock deep inside me, and rode you so fucking hard that my tits were bouncing wildly. When you reached up and started pinching my erect nipples, it immediately sent me into orgasm. Hearing me scream out in such ecstasy sent you reeling with your own euphoria as you blew your hot man gravy deep inside my velvety pussy.

Please call me and tell me this wasn’t a dream, babe.


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