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The Intimacy between Two Voices

The power of a good story is in the telling and I think the same can be said for phone sex. It is one of my biggest turn ons and can also be one of the most difficult sexual crafts to master. Anyone can read a person in real time. The most obvious reason for this is because it’s physically evident how certain things one does to their partner affects them sexually. However, with phone sex, many of our senses are taken away and the heightened faculty that you are left with is sound, stripped down to just tone and imagination; and it is so much more satisfying when the person who is guiding you into orgasm understands this and gets it right.

I’ve always preferred words over pictures. Most people need visual stimulation but for me, it has always been aural. My earliest forays into erotic pleasure began when I was a teenager while visiting chat rooms. I later progressed to phone calls with older guys. They inevitably found my voice sexy and our phone calls segued into sexual banter rather quickly. It was during those lust-driven calls that I discovered that words give me that warm, melted caramel feeling in my loins.

I also enjoy the power I feel when I’m engaging with you. Whether you are in the mood for a straightforward vanilla scenario or your fantasy involves seductively maneuvering the conversation deeper through a sexual kaleidoscope of erotic nuances, it turns me on knowing that your erection answers to me.

Engaging in phone sex with you is thrilling for me and I get very aroused by bringing your fantasies to life, fleshing them out and giving shape and weight to them. I love adding my own tweaks and embellishments to them as well. When I hear you your inflections begin to change on the other end of the line, it floods me with urgent desire for you. You are not in this alone; I derive just as much pleasure from our calls as you do, babe.

I direct every call differently. There are lots of variables involved in this. Sometimes I wait through your silence for the low, almost pained groan of recognition as my targeted words hit the spot. Other times, you are very horny from the get-go and tell me exactly how you feel about what I’m saying and where I’m taking things. Whatever kind of mood you’re in, I know how to take you there glorious fashion.

I thrive on the clandestine manner of a phone sex call, the furtive, whispered words that are shared in private, between just you and me. There is a depth of pleasure that can only be reached when you are able to be present, in the moment and ready to embrace the intense sexual gratification that can only happen when your mind and body are relaxed and in perfect sync. I know how to help you achieve this kind of euphoria because I have not only honed my craft, but mastered it.

Some men are content with the fake, heavy breathing, exaggerated moans and peals of faux orgasmic pleasure reverberating through their phone lines. However, you wouldn’t be here, if you were a man who is willing to settle for a meager orgasm. I know that you need more, crave more and deserve more. Rest assured, I will give you all that you need, and you will want more because “No Man Calls Only Once”.


It’s time to call and discover the intimacy between two voices.

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Flirting with Disaster

The second I undid the buttons on my blouse and slid my skirt down to slide my hand inside of my panties from the backseat of your car, the traffic slowed to a near standstill. “Oh, God no,” I said, with just a hint of a whine. “I was just starting to have fun.” All around us the cars slowed down and instead of zipping by us, barely able to get a glimpse of anything at all, It was suddenly apparent that the other drivers might, in fact, notice a smokin’ hot girl like me moving her hand back and forth between her legs.

“Don’t stop,” you said to me, risking a quick glance in my direction. “Are you serious? People can see me.” “I know, Ash. It’s terrible. Whatever will they think?”

“This isn’t fair,” I said, squirming as I looked out the window. The woman next to us was busy on her phone, but she passed us by in a few moments to be replaced by an old man with his chin to the wheel. He was definitely not going to be distracted by anything I did.

“Why don’t you pull them down?” I know you said this to see how far I was willing to go. I looked at you, back out the window, then back at you once more. And with a wiggle and a little tug, I slid my panties down just enough that you could clearly see in the rear-view mirror that my fingers were moving between my creamy thighs.

“Anyone can see me,” I moaned, closing my eyes for a moment. “Be adventurous and open your legs wider,” you whispered as you reached back and pulled one strap off of my shoulder. You tugged at it harder as you watched the road until my left breast was exposed. It took every effort you had to keep your eyes on the car in front of you.

“Fuck, this is kind of hot,” I said, looking up again as I touched myself faster and harder. Another car moved into the spot next to us. This time it was a college kid who smiled in our direction and waved at me before pulling ahead. Then it was a couple, both of them pointing before we overtook them.

“Do you like that they can see you?” you asked me. “Do you like that they know you don’t care that they can see you? Does it turn you on?”

“No,” I mumbled, avoiding the window as each car drew close. “OMG.”

“What is it?” you asked, turning quickly to see an SUV riding alongside us. The man inside was apparently more interested in watching me pleasure myself than he was in following the flow of traffic, and for the first time since we slowed down, there was a car next to us that didn’t move.

“What’s he doing?” You asked, being careful not to rear-end anyone. “He’s just watching and smiling at me. I can’t look away.”

“Is he hot?” you asked.

“Not really, but he’s…”

“What? He’s what?”

“He’s looking at me like he wants to devour me. He’s grinning and each time I moan, he licks his lips.”

“Pull your panties all the way down,” you said, adjusting yourself through your pants.

“Holy crap, babe! This is crazy and hot, but you are driving for God’s sake. Both of us should just stop.” I whimpered for a moment, but without looking away from him, I slid the lace between my legs down until he had a completely unobstructed view of my fingers teasing my wet pussy.

“Oh, God, I think I’m going to cum soon.”

“Is he still watching?” you asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yes, but he’s not licking his lips anymore. He’s flicking his tongue between two of his fingers in fast motion, and he looks super horny.”

“Ask him if he wants to fuck you,” you said, wondering once again, if I would do it.

“Oh, God,” I said, pushing two fingers deeper inside my aching pussy as the entire car began to smell like my sex juices. Your free hand was on your hard cock, gently rubbing it through your thin slacks as I started to play with my left nipple, never once looking away.

“Ask him,” you said again.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I said, in a whisper tone.

“Ask him again. Say it over and over again until you’re sure that he can make out the words,” you said.

Then the words began slipping from my lips like a mantra, and you came close to crashing a hundred times. But I didn’t stop touching myself, and you didn’t pull ahead, and my voice was a silent question that needed an answer.

“He’s saying yes over and over again. He’s telling me nasty things. He wants me to pull over so he can “use my little pussy.” He wants us to stop at the next exit so he can fuck me while you watch.”

“Jesus, you can hear him?”

“I can read his lips. And maybe hear him a little. His window is down but it’s so clear. Oh, God, I’m about to cum. I think he just said he was going to fuck me over the hood of the car as you watched. This is getting intense!”

I was clenching my fingers all around and moaning as I arched my back and closed my eyes. You could see me in your peripheral vision shaking and biting my bottom lip as I moaned loudly and came incredibly hard.

Then for a split second, you saw the driver with a huge smile on his face as he gave you a thumbs up through the open window of his SUV.

Just as I began to regain my breath, and just as you nearly burst from your slacks, the traffic started to open up.

I looked up once more and smiled, and then he was gone, speeding in front of us before cutting over to the right lane, passing back to the left, and then vanishing into the once again moving string of cars.

I buttoned up my blouse and then pulled up my panties as well, and the fading light outside the window finally started to obscure us both. You reached back and touched my knee as I settled back into my seat with a contented sigh.

“Geez, that could have been a disaster,” I said. “I can’t believe we did that. I’m blushing so hard. I feel like such a filthy little girl.”

I let out a little giggle as I said, “I did cum super hard though.”

“I think I liked flirting with disaster.” (Wink*)

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A New Year’s Eve to Remember

As you take a sip of your drink, I catch your eyes on me just above the rim of your glass. In a cavalier manner, I nonchalantly give back a come-hither glance that instantly places you in the palm of my hand. The party itself may be lacking in excitement, but you can sense something far more intriguing has just begun.

As the night wears on, we both make our rounds through the crowd visiting with our intoxicated friends and acquaintances. Glancing over, I notice an attractive blonde stroking your arm as she presumably tells you something humorous. Stone-faced and intent, however, your eyes remain on me. I wonder if you’ve even registered her presence, as I intentionally shift my body against the bar into a subtle arch. My perfect ass framed delicately in my sapphire satin dress beckons to be pulled up to reveal my sumptuous secrets beneath. Though no longer looking at you, I know very well the reaction that would have ensued had I given you that promising little peek. Thinking about this causes me to smile to myself.

Twice you get up the nerve to approach me. You steady your shoulders and smooth your shirt. You keep a steady pace as you approach me while you run your potential lines through your mind. Each time, however, I thwart you with a quick brush by you and a hot whisper in your ear, “Not yet.” I can feel the bulge that I have been nurturing in your pants against my hip as I brush by. By your second attempt, the bulge has grown even tighter against your slacks and I purposely let my hand graze against it as I whisper yet again, “Not yet.” I notice a visible shudder pass through you as I murmur these words in your ear. I feel the forceful twitch of your cock and know that I have you exactly where I want you.

The clock ticks by. The music plays. We dance around our little game of cat and mouse while our host turns on the TV in preparation for the big moment. The thousands of excited New Yorkers on the screen could not hold a candle to the anticipation I have been cultivating in you throughout the evening. I check the clock on the screen and spot you in a corner. Sliding up behind you, I feel you tense as you register my touch. I whisper a single word, resulting in you nearly dropping your drink…


You eagerly follow me as we make our way through the halls of our host’s home. I lead you out onto a private guest room balcony; we can clearly see the party we just left is still bustling in the living room and main patio. I back up against the stone railing and your mouth is instantly upon me. Your panting breath, warm and whiskey-laden, conveys the urgency you feel to touch me, kiss me, and enter me.

You begin to speak but I put my finger to your lips and turn myself away from you. I lean against the cool railing with a perfect line of sight to the party and the glittering ball on the big screen. You slide my panties down with almost trembling hands and then I feel it, the bulbous, throbbing head of your cock! You slide it slowly up and down between my slick lips and utter a small moan as you slowly push it deep inside me. My body heat that is enveloping you is stark in comparison to the cool air against your skin and it leaves you feeling tingling in the most euphoric way. As you bury yourself inside me again and again, I react with moans of pleasure. You see a few heads turn on the patio, trying to decipher where the sensual sounds are coming from. They eventually chuckle and continue to carry on with the party even though they’re secretly envious of the sounds they hear in the distance.

You start off slow and deep but I look back at you over my shoulder with a wicked glint in my eye. “I don’t want you to make love to me; I want you to fuck me. Fuck me HARD.”

The grin that spreads across your face as I give you permission to unleash your primal urges on me is priceless. You wrap a hand in my hair and pull my head back tight. “You got it” you say as you begin thrusting harder and deeper into me. I nearly lose my balance, as I’m taken aback by the force of nature that I have just unleashed. You rock my body again and again with your sizable, swollen cock and I feel the stirring of your hot release begin to build up inside of me as the clock ticks down.

“10, 9, 8…”

I worry that the ravenous pleasure will overwhelm my ability to speak, but I’m able to manage the one word I desperately needed to say,


With frenzied intent, I feel you plunge impossibly deeper into me. As the ball on the television reaches its intended climax, you reach yours, unloading a seemingly endless stream of cum into my quaking pussy. You stay inside of me, savoring the slowly diminishing spasms of my pleasure and then help me to stand up again on my quivering legs.

I regain my composure and smooth out my dress. You look to the sky, flush and still breathless with pleasure as I lean over and kiss you on the cheek. With a wink, I whisper one last thing to you…

“Thank you for giving me a New Year’s Eve to remember.”

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Welcoming Your Curiosity and Cravings

Many of you (my flurry of callers) have dabbled in or even full on enjoyed engaging in various types of ass-play with me during our countless trysts together over the many years we’ve known one another. However, for those of you that have yet to have me in your ear or simply still have a burning curiosity about “ass-play” and have been a bit reticent to broach it with me, I’ve written this blog entry with you in mind, more specifically.

Just as with any other type of sexual desire or fetish curiosity, you won’t know until you try it. First off: Trying, liking, craving, doing and having done to you does not mean you are gay. I have not been with a single heterosexual man that didn’t like having my finger gently find its way into his ass during the throes of passion. This is not to say that all of them requested it, but certainly, none of them protested it.

Being curious is an inherent characteristic we all possess. Why engage in sex or even masturbation for that matter, if you aren’t going to strive for the maximum amount of pleasure the mind and body is capable of releasing? I want you to experience that kind of intense pleasure when we are together. I welcome you to want to try new things with me. Being on a phone sex call with me is safe and I never pass any judgment whatsoever. Can you say the same about your wife or girlfriend?

I personally love to have my ass touched, caressed, kissed, licked and fucked. It just ups the ante on something that already feels so fucking good. Have you secretly already slipped a finger or two into your ass? Did you like it and graduate to something a bit thicker like a Sharpie or even a candlestick? Fantastic! You’ve already discovered that you enjoy ass-play!

Let’s continue building on that pleasurable feeling shall we? I could lube up a butt-plug and softly push it into your ass. Perhaps I could try a nice prostate vibe on you while I’m sucking on your hard cock? Imagine me pulling that vibe out just long enough to lick your ass and balls. If you’ve never had a woman lick your ass and balls, you honestly do not know what you’ve been missing.

I would start you off slow and easy with my smaller, six-inch dildo. I’d have you get down on your knees and suck it, getting used to it, feeling your way around having your mouth near a cock. I’d instruct you to take your time with it, getting it nice and wet. Then, once you have the rhythm down and are showing me signs of how turned on you’ve become, I’ll move on to the next step. When I’m satisfied with your performance, I’ll invite you to turn around and get down on all fours, resting your face sideways on the pillow so that you can still see what I’m doing to you.

Next, you’ll hear the squelch of the warm Astroglide as I squeeze some out of the tube to saturate your eager, little rosebud. I always ensure that you’re very wet and very aroused before I even entertain the notion of getting near your pleasure hole. I begin by pressing the tip of my lady cock against your pulsing pink balloon knot. I just love hearing the deep gasp that ensues after your initial intake of breath. It sends chills of sexual delight up my spine, fueling me to give your balls a little squeeze, triggering your anticipation of what I’ll do next. You’ve convinced yourself that it’s going to hurt but your pleasure sensors are delivering a very different message.

Now you’re ready. I gingerly begin to slip it in about halfway. It glides in effortlessly. “Good boy”. You’ve got half of my cock buried inside you, now for the rest of it. “Take a deep breath, love. Just relax, and push down a bit with your inner muscles.” That’ll naturally open you up and allow my strap-on to slide directly into home plate. I’ll move very slowly, probably so slowly that you’ll get impatient and start lunging back on me to meet my thrusts. You’ll want more, more of my pleasure rod. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t ask me to explore your sweet ass sooner.

From a gesture as simple as me pressing my thumb against your tight hole, to a finger gently meandering inside to probe all of the unknown pleasures that lie within, to feeling my luscious tits slamming against your back while my hand jerks the cum from your cock as my hips crash into you. You will be milked and fucked simultaneously until you cum gloriously!

Anal stimulation can add a whole new dimension of erotic pleasure to ordinary sex.

Anal play is not for everyone. But I want you to feel comfortable and free to experience anything you have even remotely wondered about with yours truly.

I always welcome your curiosity and cravings.

So what are you waiting for?

What shall  we try first, babe…

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Our Christmas Tryst


It’s Christmas Eve and you’re horny in your house

Your wife’s asleep snoring; she’s a terrible spouse

As you rack your brain for a pleasurable solution

There’s one thing guaranteed to bring absolution

It’s the gift that keeps on giving day and night

Your personal phone sex vixen so wet and tight

Dwelling on a sexless marriage keeps you bound

Instead you want to feel a woman’s soft mound

Knowing that your life feels much like a blight

You set out to find a phone sex playmate tonight

How you hoped you would find available chicks

Then, you suddenly realize how to get your fix

You type into the browser Your Only Desire

My pics and my voice set your loins on fire

You could be caught by the boring old wife

But it’s a chance you take to end your strife

You love how I move as I pinch my breasts

Jockeying for position, I let you do the rest

I beg you to take me and drill me with zeal

Doing as I ask really causes me to squeal

Christmas is the best season so people say

I’ll go fast or slow, doing things your way

You climax hard and I’m covered in cum

You had all but forgotten that sex is fun

Our Christmas tryst ends in sexual delight

Baby, I’m sure glad you called me tonight

Merry Christmas to you, and each caller

The New Year will be an absolute baller!

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A Priceless Lesson Learned

“It’s been a long time,” you sheepishly say after I pick up the phone. The sound of my voice delivers a hard fix. You’re not exactly sure of how I’ll respond to hearing from you after your notable hiatus from my Caller ID.

“Whose fault is that?” I ask. You can tell from my tone that even though I’m not entirely thrilled with you, I am happy you called. The realization of this sends a shockwave of jolty, little shivers through you, culminating in the instantaneous swelling of your cock. It was flaccid when you dialed my number; but after hearing just one short sentence from me, it’s fully erect, and you are mine, once again.

You divulge to me that you and your wife have been working on your relationship, trying to fix what had felt like a breaking partnership. I reinforce to you that I don’t want to replace her and I never did. I’m well aware that you need her in your life for the trivial, more mundane things. But I also know that you need me and can’t be without me for too long (addiction is such a cruel beast to tango with). Giving in to your only desire today solidifies this. There is a definitive place for me in your world and that place was born out of your sheer need. Incidentally, our relationship was un-broken.

You go on to explain that my getting you off ruined sex for you with your wife and that there was no way she could compete with me when it comes to igniting the fire within your testicles. You reveal that it got to the point where fucking her devolved into obligatory sex; you even counted down the minutes until you suspected she was nearing orgasm so that you could fake your own exhilaration and withdraw your cock from her cobweb-laden pussy.

Additionally, you tell me that when you’re with me, you don’t use lubrication. You tell me that by using your hand to dry-stroke your cock for me, you cum harder than you have with anyone else before me. When we’re together, I’ve already made your cock hard before you even begin to touch it. It’s my innate ability to invade your mind through your cock that is no match for a novice like your wife, or anyone else on the planet for that matter.

In fact, the pleasure that you derive from my brand of erotica nudges at you to slow things down. You do this because you want to elongate the ecstasy for as long as you possibly can. She doesn’t edge you or allow you to bask in the realm of heightened sexual splendor. But yours truly, does.

I’d like you to envision the following scenario: I’m standing before you as you’re seated in a chair. I begin engaging you with a playful striptease. I sensually slink my sexy body around yours. I tauntingly toss articles of my clothing over my head. Some of them fall onto the floor and one in particular, my  black thong, I intentionally drop into your lap.  You swiftly raise the tiny piece of lingerie to your nose, you can smell my arousal and immediately become intoxicated by my scent. I encircle you, rubbing myself up against you. You have become entranced by my body language, and my powers of seduction have put you in a euphoric haze. You can no longer think straight. My clothing is strewn all around us as I stand there now wearing only a pair of earrings, a pearl necklace and a pair of 5 inch strappy heels.

I saunter over to the bed and lie down, positioning my body horizontally across the mattress. I open my legs and reach down with two fingers to part my soft, dewy pussy lips. Next, I gingerly slip my finger into my wetness, wiggling it around just enough to reveal my hard clit to you. I bite down on my bottom lip as I push my fingers in deeper. I moan out as I squirm and clutch the sheets with my free hand. As my clit is played expertly by my knowing hand, my body tenses and I cum hard! I pull my sex-drenched fingers from my pussy and dangle them in midair like candy.

What are you feeling right now?

I’m willing to bet that just entertaining the notion of being in the aforementioned scenario with me turns your cock into a rod of steel, causing it to pulse with uncontrollable desire. Doesn’t it?  I presume your answer was a resounding “yes”. That’s because your erection answers to me. I hope that little dream sequence has reiterated that for you (*wink).

Let’s switch things up a bit and pretend for a moment that you’re in command (emphasis on “pretend”). What if I were batting my lashes at you and said “I’m yours for the taking, baby. How would you like to fuck me first?” Likely, you would grab me, bend me over the bed and thrust your monster erection straight into my wet pussy from behind. That’s the kind of raw lust that only I can instill in your cock. In the same way that I inspire lust-driven need, I deliver glorious pleasure at will.

Dry-stroking absolutely did not prevent you from enjoying sex with your wife. She did. She made it unenjoyably laborious for you. The plethora of lackluster phone sex providers you previously spent your hard earned cash on gladly took your money and left you empty handed. It’s okay. You found your way home to me and luckily, I’m still the best there is! (Aww…huge sighs of relief, I know).

“I want to lube up my cock and jerk it for you, Ashlee,” you say aloud to me. But we both know it was really more of a request than a declaration. “No, babe, I will not allow that. That’s a definite hard no. We’re not doing that. Throw that bottle away. I am your girlfriend and it’s time for me to make that cock mine again.”

This is exactly what you were hoping to hear. You give in immediately. Yes, you are married, but she’s a total buzz kill! Yes, you can find other subpar phone sex providers floundering around out there. I, however, am the reigning queen of getting you and I always will be. I get you off in spectacular fashion each and every time!

There’s a priceless lesson to be learned here and a reason why…

No Man Calls Only Once.

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