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Spontaneous Combustion with Yours Truly

private phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544It’s the middle of the night and you’re lying on your stomach, when you feel your wrist buzzing. It takes a few seconds of vibration before your smart watch finally wakes you up. You slowly come to your senses and gaze at your watch. It’s a text that reads “I’m at your front door.” Your whole body freezes as you become conscious of the blood flowing into your head (both of them). The wife is breathing like she’s asleep. Her nightly carbohydrate fix knocked her out. You slowly emerge from your bed. You stand still for a moment trying to get your bearings. Your wrist buzzes again. “Well?”

You grab your phone from the nightstand and reply “Don’t ring the doorbell! I’m coming down.”  I’d never think of outing you, but I understand your fear and that it makes you feel better to say it.

You come downstairs and peer through the peephole of your front door. I’m standing there smiling back at you. When the door opens I attack you, throwing my arms around you, embracing you tightly as our lips meet. There, in the doorway, in the middle of the night we make out passionately. It seems like forever before you eventually pull back and stare into my eyes.

“You scared me half to death, Ashlee.”

“I know, and I’m sorry. I just needed to see you.” I smile as I talk. “I needed to, um, make you cum.” My hand slips down to your crotch, massaging your growing bulge through your flimsy pajama bottoms.

“Ashlee, my wife—” but I’m not hearing you. I push you backwards into the house and close the door behind us. I grab you by your undershirt and turn you towards the door. You’re stunned, totally unsure as to what is going on when I passionately kiss you again. I push you into the door until your head is pressed up against it. You’re about to exclaim your concern aloud when you see my eyes open wide and you can feel my hand reach beneath the elastic waistband of your pants. When my fingers surround your shaft, you let out an involuntary moan of pleasure.

My lips meet yours again to silence you. My hand’s grip strengthens around your cock as I stroke it slowly. The intensity of the moment, the knowledge that your secret is safe with me, quickly brings you one shudder away from an explosion as the blood is coursing through your body. I pull away from your face to lock eyes with yours. My jerking speeds up, your head arches back, “Holy shit, Ashlee, I’m going to cum. Holy shit! Holy shit! Ho-uh-ly…ahhhh!!!!” you moan as a beautiful, long stream of white glaze comes soaring out of your cock.

I stand there silently to let you take in what just happened. When your blood-flow normalizes again I greet you with a smile. “Sweet dreams, baby.” I plant one last kiss on your neck and slink out like a cat-burglar in the night.

I’d love to relive the aforementioned with you.

In fact, isn’t your wife asleep right now!?

There’s no better feeling than a spontaneous combustion with Yours Truly!

Stop resisting.

You deserve me.

It’s time to call.

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Sating Your Cravings

Phone sex is best with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544The alarm sounds, obnoxiously announcing the arrival of another Monday morning. You rub the sleep from your eyes before heading to the bathroom. You hop into the shower and immediately your imagination starts to turn towards me. As you’re lathering up your delicious man parts you instantly become erect as you fantasize about me standing behind you beneath the shower head as the warm water cascades onto our humid bodies.

I hug you tight, resting my face against your back. One of my hands wraps around your cock while the other finds your balls and gently embraces them like a possession of mine. I begin pumping your cock steadily as I move my hand from your balls to grab the wet bar of soap, and glide it firmly down the crack of your ass. You moan as I begin to slink my fingers in, and reach up (way up) to massage your prostate. With all this stimulation to your ass, balls and engorged cock, you can’t hold out very long, and spray the shower tiles with your first load of the day.

After your fantasy concludes in spectacular fashion, you dry off, get dressed and head to the kitchen. You sit down to eat, reading the headlines online. Two sentences into an article and you’re already bored, so you begin typing “y-o” when the rest of my website auto fills the URL line.

You cast a vote for me (thank you, babe – it’s always appreciated) and then you pull up my latest blog entry. You always enjoy seeing your comments published here on my blog or on my guest book page. It is confirmation that I’ve absorbed your thoughts and sentiments toward me. The weekly pictures I post are always what catch your eye first, but it’s what I say, week in and week out, in my writing, that confirms how well I know you and understand how the male brain and libido work. I’ve mastered exactly                                                                             how to push your sexual buttons and indulging in my website is starting to get you hard again!

You peruse a few more of my previous blog entries and corresponding photos as your coffee and toast get cold, but who cares. The bulge in your pants is dictating (pun intended) what you need right now. After about 20 minutes of rereading my blogs and revisiting my photos page, you admit to yourself that once upon a time you thought you could quit calling me at any given time, but you were obviously only kidding yourself.

I forewarned you that No Man Calls Only Once, and that’s what first enticed you. You just didn’t think I’d take hold of you the way I said I could. It’s not that you can’t stop doing phone sex calls with me as much as you genuinely don’t want to stop.

You look at the clock and realize that you’re going to be late for work if you take too much longer online. And then a thought occurs to you, and you tear open your briefcase and pull out your calendar. Your first meeting isn’t until late morning. You shoot me an email with nothing in the body of it, just a subject line that reads “Can I call you right now?”

A few minutes pass, as you sit on your couch tapping your feet anxiously, as if you could cheer on time to move faster. After refreshing your email several times you finally just dial me. After two rings you hear my hot voice say “Hello” and it shoots a jolt through your ear, down your spine and straight through your hard cock. “I need you, Ashlee!  Like, now. I seriously need you to get me off!”

“I’m here, baby, and I’m going to make you cum gloriously!

Now take off those slacks and toss them on the floor where they belong.”

The next half hour we spend together is erotic bliss.

“Work will always be there, but this morning you had a craving and sating your cravings is what I do best.”

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No Man Calls Only Once

phone sex with Ashlee 866- 605-2544When was the last time you checked out my First Timers page? If you read through it again, you’ll notice that I try very hard to drive home the point that you are safe with me. But what does that mean? What am I referring to?

First off, one thing you absolutely never have to worry about with Yours Truly is whether you’re going to deal with some bureaucratic shit-show. There isn’t one girl to take your credit card information, another to manage a call center, and then finally the girl who is supposed to make you cum.

When you plug into me, it’s just me and your cock. You’ll never speak to another person, and all contact is always on your terms. I’ve heard horror stories from men, about having started to build a rapport with a phone sex operator, only to one night hear another voice answer the phone, yet insisting she was the same phone girl he’d been speaking to previously. I’d sooner take down my site than willingly allow someone else to trade on my name. I am Ashlee, and the only place to find me is on this site or and by calling 866-605-2544. No imposter site can offer you my voice or my skill set.

I also won’t ever do anything with your credit card that we don’t agree to in advance. I’m not some big corporate entity that will mail you pages of fine print that essentially says I can sell your personal information. Everything you share with me stays with me. From your name to your personal info to what makes your cock hard to your most secret fetishes. Trust is supremely important to me. It’s a two way street and it’s the reason why you and I have built a lasting relationship. Our intimacy depends on it, and I love being intimate with you.

Being discreet is vital to me and I understand that sometimes you don’t have privacy. There might be other people in earshot of you when you want to indulge in me. In the past I’ve written several blogs that are meant to convey to you that I understand the need to be quick and quiet (whisper calls). I totally get that sometimes you need me to take over, do most or all of the talking and let you just relax and jerk your cock as I bring your mind to a heavenly place.

Featured on every page throughout my site is my favorite truism that No Man Calls Only Once. I endeavor to convey several different meanings with those 5 words. First off, it’s me unapologetically embracing the truth. Making you cum is my passion. It’s what I think about when we’re not on the phone together. And because I devote so much energy towards pleasing your cock, I’m pretty friggin’amazing at it.

I ask that you also regard “No Man Calls Only Once” as a warning. I am addictive. If you’re looking for a one & done phone fuck just to rub one out, be prepared for a huge surprise! I’m looking for a long term relationship with your cock, and while your brain might be able to resist me at first, I will pervade your mind through your cock.

So please, be forewarned, if you are afraid of addiction, then you should know I deliver a hard fix, and you will most certainly want more. By the time you’ve had me 1-2 times, you will begin to crave me down deep. It won’t feel like an addiction, but more like you finally have what you’ve desperately needed for so long!

You won’t want to resist me. You’ll rush home from work to be with me; or stay at work until everyone else has left just to seize an opportunity to bask in me. You’ll think about my beguiling voice and how I make you cum so gloriously.

Maybe I am your drug. But you need not think about recovery because once you’ve fucked my brains out, you will yearn for my essence for as long as your balls produce cum.

Consider yourself warned. Addiction never felt so good.

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Celebrating My Tits

Independent phone sex with Your Only Desire 866-605-2544While you are sitting in a chair, I slap you in the head with a side swipe of my left breast. You pretend not to notice anything. When it happens two more times, you ask me if everything is okay. “Yes, babe; I’m just getting ready.”

A moment later you can feel the back of your neck being squeezed between my tits. I kiss the top of your head. “Babe, I don’t think I want to give you a scalp massage after all.”

“Huh?” you ask. I walk out from behind the chair to your front side so I can face you. Your eyes are level with my erect nipples. You look up and see a slightly serious look on my face.

“I’m not going to service you just now. That will, ahem… come later.” I pause on the word “come” as I say it and it is not lost on you at all. “Right now I want my tits in your mouth.” You grin, but you can tell by the look in my eye that I’m serious about needing you to do this for me.

I lift up my right boob and give you a moment to wet your lips. Then I bring my pointed nipple to your lips and penetrate through to your waiting tongue. I gently grab the back of your head. “Suck my tits, my love. Suck my big, beautiful melons. I love the way you make love to them with your mouth.”

You do as commanded (because you are such a good boy), causing me to moan with enjoyment.  You tickle my right nipple and I know without a shadow of a doubt that you are rock hard. I pull back away from you, your saliva shining off my gorgeous breast. “Both of my tits need attention, sweetheart.” You nod in agreement as I bring the other one to your waiting lips. You close your eyes as you suckle eagerly. I praise you by petting your head.

After a few minutes I pull back again. With two fingers I lift up your chin to face me. “You’ve done such a good job and you’ve earned a handsome reward, one much greater than just a scalp massage.” I glance down at the pointed bulge that’s stretching your jeans, and I squeeze the head of your cock to tease you and build the pressure. It’s both pleasurable and torturous. Finally, I get down on my knees. You love seeing me unbuckle your belt and unzip your fly. Moments later and your cock is free from the confines of clothing.

“I’m not going to suck it, baby. Today is all about my tits.” I reach for some oil and lock eyes with you as I slowly rub my tits until they’re glistening. I wipe the excess oil on your knees and spread your legs apart. I move closer between them and proceed to place your cock between my luscious melons.

At first I just allow you to drink in the incredible sensation of being nestled between my titties, but then I begin to slide them up and down on your raging hard cock. The look in your eyes changes rapidly from anticipation to full-on glazed over with horniness and ecstasy as the slipperiness of my bosom is causing your balls to churn frantically. “Ashlee, I’m going to cum.”

“Are you going to cum for me, my baby? Are you going to blow hot cum between my tits? Are these tits going to make you cum?” I coyly pretend to be inquiring.

“Oh fuck, Ashlee! Oh fuck!” And then I feel powerful frozen rope streams of cum shoot onto my tits and chin. One shot, then a second, then a third as I press my tits together tighter and tighter.

Your head falls back from exhaustion. I release my tits and grab your cock in one hand, gently lifting your balls with the other as my fingers form snuggly around them.

I squeeze the base of your cock and stroke it slowly to encourage that last droplet of cum to ooze out.

I know you, babe. And I know my tits own you.

Call me. It’s time to celebrate my tits.

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Loving You Everywhere

Real phone sex with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544You wake up to an incredible feeling. One of your balls is in my mouth, preciously being fondled between my tongue, lips, and cheek. I’m being gentle with my sucking muscles to ensure the most pleasant experience imaginable. I’m under the covers, hidden from view, and even though you didn’t know I was coming over, there’s zero doubt that it’s Yours Truly giving you this intense dose of Heaven.

A slurping sound meets your ears to remind you that you’re still alive and that you haven’t ascended to the afterlife paradise. I’m accentuating my efforts by adding the sound effects. I’m trying to drive home how eager I am to make you feel good, while giving you a glimpse of my more submissive side.

We both know that your attraction to me is insatiable to the point where I’ve taken ownership over your cock, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know when it’s my turn to be all about you. While I maintain full control over you with my wet mouth, I enjoy the role-play of me serving you. A blowjob can be romantic; however, having your balls in my mouth is my special way of showing you how grateful I am for how much you indulge in me.

Your balls are the motor that I harness when I want to make you do things for me. Your cock is more like the steering wheel. I love them both! However, without enough fuel, the engine simply doesn’t run. (You don’t need to find the nearest Exxon station; you only need me.) Direct access to your balls from my tongue magically instructs the blood in your body to pump harder, eventually generating buckets of cum to form.

I want to make love to them, lather them up with saliva and rub them on my face. Then I will gingerly push them back in my mouth and begin to gently hum through my nose. The vibrations drive you absolutely wild with pleasure. Your body convulses, your head arches back, your eyes roll back into your head… and your magnificent cock, without so much as a fingertip touching it, explodes like a rocket into the air, your cum landing several feet away, coating everything in its path with long, frozen rope streams of your warm, white glaze.

You pant for air until you eventually regain full consciousness. When you come to, you realize that I’m lying sideways on the bed curled up next to you, my head resting on your shoulder. I see you’ve returned to Earth and plant a series of warm, wet kisses on your neck. “Welcome home, babe.”

Your mouth forms a huge grin, knowing full well that I’m referring to my sending you to Heaven. I’m a talented girl, and I know all your pleasure points. Your balls are just one of them (or two of them, really) that I can leverage at will. We hadn’t explored them in a while, hence my wanting to sink my lips into them this time.

I like mixing it up and loving you everywhere.

Call me when you’re ready for takeoff again.

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