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How I Became Your Only Desire


Phone sex with 866-605-2544Conclusion…

I wondered how I could go about getting a phone sex job working on a hot line like the one I had seen on TV. A quick internet search turned up numerous phone sex sites. All of them featured tons of women dripping in sex, each one claiming to be better than the rest. The sites were brightly colored and had flashing lights like a virtual version of Vegas! I was a bit overwhelmed, to say the least.

After a little more contemplation, I decided to call and inquire about a job. A woman answered the phone at the first company I called. She asked me a few questions, told me she loved my voice and hired me on the spot! All that was required of me was that I work at least 15 hours a week and procure a dedicated landline with a separate phone number installed to which my calls would be routed.

As soon as I got my new line up and running, I created a profile to introduce myself and my assets to the phone sex seekers of the internet world. I described myself as being a unique blend of a nurturing nymphomaniac who is both sultry and sweet. I closed out my self-depiction by boldly declaring myself “too hot not to call” (even at 18, I wasn’t afraid to speak the truth wink*). And just like that, I was officially established as a sexual force to be reckoned with!

I soon found out though, that my “phone sex profile” didn’t just attract salaciously horny men. My first call was quite memorable. The gentleman who called me was quite forlorn and was not really seeking sex at all. This took me aback, and I had to think fast on my feet as I had no official training as a PSO much less as a compassion therapist (yet!).

My new profession in the phone sex industry had me interacting with a variety of different men right out of the gate. Being a top-notch provider of “any service” (in my case, phone sex) meant a lot more to me than muddling through something to earn a quick buck. I’ve always been an “all or nothing” kind of girl. I derived an immense amount of pleasure becoming Your Only Desire, and it still colors my world in the same way, today!

I was disappointed to discover that the company I was working for was recording every single call.  The direct violation of your privacy as well as mine outraged me. Privacy is paramount to me, and I felt that I needed to resign at once.

I decided to start providing phone sex my way (the right way)!  I created my own website, started growing my own reputation and executing my own, distinct brand of phone sex.

I was doing pretty well after my first solo year, so much so that I almost considered quitting school and just making this my permanent career. On the other hand, I had always wanted to be a teacher, and I thought that continuing to take calls was something I could always fall back on if times got tough, or if I wanted to save up for something special. (In reality, the connections we had cultivated were just too special to give up).

My folks never guessed why I spent so much time down in my room, and I let them assume that I studied like a studious little scholar (batting my lashes). My parents were Southern bred and exemplified the kind of work ethic and values that others could only hope to learn. I would sneak extra cash into my dad’s wallet or my mom’s purse, since they refused to take any money from me for room and board.

Following graduation, I started my job search again, and was hired to replace a teacher who was moving over the Christmas Holidays. After six years of advanced learning, I was finally doing what I had wanted to do since I was young (Although, I do love “doing” you too, my darling)!!!

I love being able to enhance your life in some small way, while you definitely enhance mine in the ahem…“biggest” way possible. I’m not planning on ever side-lining my calls with you. I’m going to continue to fly solo and dish up the infinite possibilities that cum when we are spending time together!

Now that you know how I became Your Only Desire, it’s time to call so that I can reiterate why: No Man Calls Only Once.


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How I Became Your Only Desire

Phone sex with naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544It all started when I could not find a full time teaching position. Well, that’s not entirely true; it started long before that when my boyfriend graduated from college and took a job nine hundred miles away while I still had a year of school left.

Transferring really wasn’t an option as I was attending a private school on a scholarship while still living at home. Not to mention, my parents would never accept my moving in with a guy before marriage. I was very attracted to him and we had a lot of great sex, so I was really going to miss him.

After he moved, we talked on the phone all the time and occasionally our conversation segued into sexy talk. One day, I heard him breathing heavier than normal and realized he was probably masturbating. When I stopped talking, it was quiet for a minute.

“Come on baby, keep talking to me. I’m almost there.”

“Well, now I’m a little embarrassed, Dan. I don’t know what to say. I mean we were just talking.”

“I love the sound of your voice, baby. It is so sexy and it makes me feel like you’re right here with me, touching my hard dick. So please, keep talking.”

“Mmm… I do like to see your pants bulge when you get hard. I think about the day when I can feel that erection inside me again.”

“Oh yeah, baby!”

“Feel it sliding in and out…”

“That’s it, baby; just a little more, I’m so close!”

“I want to feel it pulse when you shoot your hot load deep inside my pussy.”

“Ohhh, yeah!!”

I heard him grunt and moan, then just the sound of him breathing.

“Thanks, baby. That was incredible!”

After that first time, we started having phone sex more often. It began with just Dan masturbating, but he kept encouraging me to pleasure myself as well. I started touching my slick pussy and rubbing my erect clit while he would be talking dirty to me. Knowing that his hard cock was in his hand the entire time fueled my inner sex-goddess! I even discovered that in many ways phone sex was more fulfilling than in person sex.

Soon, we were having phone sex dates nearly every night. Dan just kept saying how good I had gotten at it and his orgasms were louder and more intense when I started climaxing along with him. He told me that I could easily make a living at it. I just giggled and kind of blew that comment off at the time.

Not long after that, I broke up with him to focus more on school. After graduating with my teaching degree in the spring, I began sending my resume out to school districts looking for a position. In the meantime, I went to work full time at the department store I had worked at since sophomore year of high school.

Only one school district, a full 40 minute drive on a good day, replied with an affirmative answer, and that was just to be added to their list of substitute teachers. Although I continued sending out resumes to closer school districts, no definitive job offers followed.

After a year of looking with no luck, I decided to go back to school for my Masters, but would not be able to get a scholarship for it. In order to pay for my continuing education, I remained at home my parents, but also needed part-time work. It would still be very tight, but I was determined.

One night while I had the TV on, there was an ad for a sex hotline. It got me thinking about all of the hot phone sex I had with Dan and how hard he always said I got him off. This sent my mind reeling with the possibilities to cum!

To be continued…

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Crossing Over Together

Real phone sex with naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544For the most part in life, you pass as “normal”. You are a successful man and people respect you, admire you for what you’ve accomplished, and even look to you for advice. You have maintained a prestigious and abundantly nourished facade for so long, you even have yourself fooled… most of the time. It’s quite easy to lose touch with your less contented side of reality when you’re busy and surrounded by others who validate your presence in the world.

Time seems to move like a freight train. It goes way faster than you would like. As your day winds down, and you’re happy to finally be back home, yet you find yourself feeling empty at night, and are reminded that your true feelings are your closest companion (since the person you’re lying next to is a cold fish). It’s then that you start to feel the ache and nudge from the void within your loins and your reality starts to creep in.

Having it all is nothing if you do not actually “have it all”. You are sitting smack-dab in the middle of that thin red line that separates your lack of sexual gratification and intimacy from the outward image you feel you must portray to your co-workers, family and friends.

Until one day, you find me. Upon hearing my voice, you feel the first glimpse of acceptance and authentic happiness from me. I give you that much needed push that lands you on the other side of the red line! You’re welcome.

You inherently notice that there is something very different about me. I seem to see through the smoke and mirrors immediately whether you like it or not. (Mostly you love it, except that it scares you a little.) It’s okay, baby. You are safe with me. I know it’s a bit strange to feel so vulnerable with me. After all, it’s been a while since you’ve been with a female who actually enjoys being with you and willingly wants to embrace your sexual urges and desires.

At first you try all the old tricks, but nothing works with me. I see what I see. I feel what I feel. You can’t stop thinking about me. You feel a tad out of your element, like a school boy (it’s very charming, dear). You are a bit taken aback by this newfound acceptance that you’re experiencing from me. You feel a bit like you’re on a boat in rough waters even though you’re standing on dry land.

I see you. I see all of you. I sense your secrets. Something about me stirs you enough to make you want to share those secrets. When it comes to most threats, you wear your veneer brilliantly. You know how to hide. In fact, you’ve become a master at the art of becoming invisible.

It’s clearly different with me. And it’s clearly different with us. Your thoughts just keep running toward me. Your cock keeps getting hard for me. Your subconscious perceives that I want you in the same way that you want me. You do not have to put on a front any longer.

You are defenseless against me. This is because I brought you to the other side of the thin red line.

We’ve crossed over together, my baby. And I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.

They say that practice makes perfect. Call me and let’s practice what we do best.

It’s time to cum together.

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Whisper Calls: orchestrating your orgasm

As soon as you awaken this morning you read my new blog on your phone while you were still in bed with your wife asleep next to you. You whisper to her that you are horny and need sex (thanks to yours truly), but she’s having none of it. She immediately falls back asleep, leaving the erection that I gave you unattended to.

You were about to head to another room to jerk it when she suddenly let’s out an ugly, unladylike snore. At this point, you could honestly care less if she wakes up to find you jacking off. You close your eyes, think of me, (of course) and within a couple of minutes you spray cum all over the bed, including on your wife! You get up to start your day, feeling no need to clean up what we drenched her with.

Over breakfast you email me what you had just done, and vote for me on my site (thank you; it always means a lot). You checked your phone 7-8 times over the rest of the morning to see if I had replied. At 11:15 a.m. I write back that I was pleased, but ask why you hadn’t just called me. We trade a few more emails over the course of the day, ending with me reassuring you that had you gone to another room, I would’ve easily gotten you off without you having to do anything but whisper a few harmless words upon calling. I fully appreciate the need to be careful and know how to manage the entire call when necessary. You now realize how simple it is to be with me and make up your mind to jerk off with me as soon as possible.

Dinner was quiet, the conversation as bland as the food. Evening becomes night, and eventually your wife declares herself ready for bed. You know that if you tell her you want to stay up a bit longer she’ll linger. Instead you accompany her through the bedtime routine of teeth brushing and changing into sleep clothes. You suggest she take some ZzzQuil to help her sleep and, you take some yourself, to coax her along.

Your balls are full from spending all afternoon paging through my site, spending quality time with my Photo Gallery page most of all. You can feel the sleepiness hitting your eyes from the ZzzQuil, which only intensifies your raging hard-on because you know that she must be minutes away from unconsciousness. Her hideous snoring begins, sounding like a chainsaw. It takes patience to move slowly out of the bed because you want so much to spring into action, but you want me too much to screw this up. Finally, you’re out of the room with the door closed. You are free. You are mine.

To the basement you go, phone in hand. You dial me, feeling exhilarated when my sweet, sensual voice picks up. “You’re a very good boy for doing this, babe. You and I both know that you only wanted to fuck her in the first place because you were thinking about me.

You lie down and, in a low tone of voice tell me what fantasy you had in mind for us tonight. “I got this, babe. Now just relax and let me take over.” Hearing me say “take over” instills an incredible sense of calm desire in you. I talk dirty to you, describing your fantasy in intricate detail. I can sense your breathing picking up as I paint the visual of my tight pussy tightening around your rigid cock (my cock) as I straddle my long silky legs around your waist and begin riding you.

As I glide back and forth, my ass cheeks gently rest on top of your heavy balls. My hips sway slowly, then pick up speed as I grind harder and deeper. You can’t take it anymore and let out a groan as your cock shoots out a rope of cum that had been building since the morning. You are breathless with pleasure. “Have a good night, baby. Thank you for doing this.”

“No problem, love.”

When you need to remain silent…

Let me orchestrate your orgasm with a Whisper Call!

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Relieving Your Isolation Blues

No Man Calls Only Once 866-605-2544I’d like to share some of my thoughts on isolation and connection with you in this entry. Isolation and connection do not, on the surface, seem to have a direct correlation with one another. However, being isolated does lend itself to magnificent sex with yours truly. And phone sex with me is certainly the most authentic connection you will ever experience.

Social isolation is definitely getting old for all of us, but there are various risks we have to balance. I was thinking about isolation today in a bigger picture sense. In my opinion, social isolation has been evolving for many years. With television, video games, the internet, social media and streaming – technology has absolutely led to an entertainment structure that has made it a rather tempting and cozy proposition for us to just stay at home.

Add to the mix how much of our lifeline and retail therapy have also become available online and it just becomes a no-brainer to enjoy the comforts of home. After a grueling day at the office, who wouldn’t want to just come home and take it easy? I’m all in favor of you seizing every opportunity that you can to relax. I can see it in my head now – you lounging comfortably in your home, stretched out on your bed or reclined in your soft leather chair in front of your computer screen looking at my photo gallery I’m telling you how to stroke your raging hard-on for me. Ahem…I am not about to bite the hand (or the cock) that feeds me!

Of course there are times I do miss going out and I’ll be thrilled when it’s safe to go see a movie, indulge in Taco Tuesday, or drape my towel out on the sand at the beach again. Admittedly, all things I never dreamt of not being able to do on a whim. However, I still have my relationship with you, and you have yours with me, and that’s never going to change (even under worldwide duress).

Perhaps this dreadful virus will usher in a new era of human connection. But you and me, we have already mastered that connection, and that is invaluable to me. We mesh in such a powerful way that it surpasses mere sexual gratification. Our phone sex is phenomenal and I love being the woman who makes you cum. But I also love being the woman you can lean on.

Enduring hardship has a way of stripping away illusions and helping us see more clearly what really matters. People count on you to do so much and you matter. Allowing me to give you the dose of female attention you deserve and need makes everything in your life better and easier to cope with.

It’s also far more pleasurable than jerking your cock all by your lonesome in the guest bedroom (whilst your significant other is asleep). Even though you are presently isolating, you and I can still connect. We have an amazing connection. No worldly madness can penetrate that. We are as solid as your cock is right now!

Call me, babe…

Let me relieve your isolation blues.

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I’m Into Us

Discreet phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544 A Continuance of: Building New Traditions Together 5/22

After I seduced you into sucking on my tits for a while I was primed for much more. Your hands rubbing my legs, squeezing my ass, and milking my tits was enough to make you ravenous. I reach down for your crotch (if you recall, you were seated in the kitchen against the sink while I cut off all your hair) and grab it gently. I fondle your hard-on through your sweat pants until you can no longer comfortably sit. When you stand up I squeeze it hard and give it a few strokes. “Ashlee, I need you.”

“Are you ready to be good? No more of this loyal-to-your-wife crap?” You acknowledge that I had broken you down and you need to fuck me. “Okay,” I reply, “but give me a little while to get ready. I’d like to take a shower and try on some of your wife’s jewelry.” I love the idea of wearing her precious, most sentimental pieces while you’re inside me.

I take my time in the shower, knowing that the waiting is taunting you unmercifully. I encouraged you not to touch your cock while I’m getting ready to ensure that you won’t cum too quickly once I put my mouth on it. I love rubbing my luscious breasts in the shower, pretending that my hands are actually your hands. I’m so looking forward to riding you.

After stepping out of the shower, I help myself to your wife’s Chanel body cream. I coat my entire body with it, languidly rubbing it in to every crevice of my skin. I enter your bedroom, donning your wife’s luxurious silk robe. I am in shock! You aren’t lying in bed, rather you’re not there at all. I head downstairs and overhear you on the phone.

You have a concerned look on your face. That concern quickly turns to shock when you turn towards me and witness my curves filling out your wife’s robe in the most breathtakingly beautiful way. You pause long enough to drink in my sex.

Snapping back to reality, you rush off the phone and say “Ashlee, I’m sorry. I can’t do this. You are so gorgeous and incredible and hot and beautiful and so many things, but that was my wife. She called because she misses me and I miss her too. I’m sorry, but I need to be loyal to her.”

My knee jerk reaction was anger, but I am able to stifle it and instead, I tell you that I understand. You try to cheer me up, but after hearing your words I became hurt. I was so looking forward to being with you. We agree that I can stay the night as long as it’s in the guest bedroom. We say goodnight even though I can clearly see that your bulge is not ready to sleep. In this moment, I feel a bit despondent.

An hour later I peek into your bedroom and your breathing tells me that you are asleep. I crawl under the covers next to you and cuddle up tight, with my body forming the outer layer of the spoon position. You awaken a bit startled, but the warmth of my body and the contour of my curves pressing up against you feel so incredible that you cannot retain the will to resist me any longer.

I reach down to your cock and stoke it to attention. You feel so good in my hand and I love how responsive you are to my touch! “You are quite a persistent woman, Ashlee.” You roll over to face me and then the real fun begins…

We passionately kiss as I steadily stroke your cock. My knowing hand knows no boundaries where your pleasure is concerned. As I continue to milk you, you become as hard as concrete! I tell you to get on top of me, insisting that I need to wrap my legs around you while you make love to me.

You get on top of me and our mouths connect again. Your raging erection is pulsing in my hand causing my pussy to literally ache with need. I rub the huge head of your cock against my swollen lips as I reach back to give your heavy balls a firm, but welcoming squeeze. You gasp as I hold your testicles in the palm of my hand (where they belong).

With an inch of your cock inside of me, I thrust my hips up, causing your shaft to penetrate me. You let out a moan, and push my hips back down to the bed while remaining inside of me as we fall down together. Your cock is in sheer ecstasy and any shred of will power you may have felt earlier has been banished by your desire for me. As we make love passionately, I whisper in your ear, “Cum inside of me, baby.”

“But, but…”

“No buts. I want your seed inside of me. Fill me up, babe.” Our eyes lock as you attempt to hold back the storm of cum that’s about to surge from your balls. “Cum for me, baby. Fill me up.” Hearing that sends you over the edge as your cock unleashes a thick stream of pearly white goodness deep inside of me.

You’ve asked me before what I’m into…

I’m into us.

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