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Hello, I’m Ashlee. I’m glad you found me and soon you will be too. You’ll find I’m dangerously exquisite, an addictive drug that will surge through your mind and body, leading to the sexual high of your life. Intelligent and seductive, I will engage your mind and your cock will be sure to follow. Within moments of hearing my voice, you will quickly realize the difference between yours truly and the other girls you’ve called in the past.

Men call me for lots of reasons, but most of the time, it’s because they are looking for an unabashed and genuine dose of female attention. I’m not just your average phone fuck. I offer you a real phone sex relationship. This is not pretend. I know what you crave because it’s exactly what I hunger for as well. Are you shocked? Well, don’t be because it’s the truth. I’m not some robotic girl reading from a cue card of prepared responses. I get very turned on knowing that I’m exciting you. As a result, my pussy will be dripping wet as my swollen clit is played expertly by my knowing fingertips. This sincere phone sex encounter will make way for our enjoying one another, hopefully again and again.

I invite you to share your desires with me, no matter how taboo or unusual they may seem. I am reassuring and approachable. Your pleasure is of the utmost importance to me. I’m an absolute sweetheart, but I can also be a very dirty girl! My sexuality is layered, but easily accessible. I will seep into your brain cells during our very first call. Even though we are in separate spaces, our voices and experiences intertwine, and we’ll connect – truly, madly, deeply – reaching a climactic crescendo together. After our call, you’ll see that I take phone sex to a new level of eroticism.

You will find me a versatile and stimulating conversationalist. I have a vast array of interests, ranging from dance and the fine arts to finance and sports, to name just a few. I am a wanting, willing vixen and can’t be pigeonholed.

GFE, guided masturbation/JOI, mutual masturbation, edging/gooning, CEI, role-playing (all kinds), sensual domination, financial domination, fetish phone sex, forced fem, CBT, humiliation of varying degrees (from soft to harsh), sissy-boys, panty-boys, ABDL, infantilism, mommy calls, milf calls, age-play, cock-curious, size queens, BBC, golden showers, foot worship, family fun, tease & denial, ass play (yours or mine), queening, pegging, figging, strap-on play, ass worship, cuckolding, mind fucking, forced intoxication, intelligent, no taboos phone sex chat, and any other sort of kinky phone sex fuckery you are in the mood to explore.

I am multidimensional. I will be as nasty or nurturing as you need me to be. I am wide open (and not just my legs). I have no boundaries where your pleasure is concerned.

Say goodbye to mediocrity and hello to Your Only Desire!

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The Skinny on Things...

There’s a 10-minute minimum on all calls. I do not accept international calls. Calls from the USA are $3.35 per min.
There’s never a processing fee and it’s always toll free!
All credit cards/gift cards shown below are welcome. Payment is required before our call begins and cannot be billed to your phone! Your charge will be discreetly billed and appear on your credit card statement as: GA

Refund policy - If you’re not completely satisfied, buy more minutes!

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