Phone Sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544One of the key components of making a phone sex call with your only desire (yours truly) so astoundingly different is that our call is not simply an auditory exchange. I have a natural ability to create an all-consuming whirling of every sensing organ in your body. The culmination of setting every fiber of your being ablaze simultaneously results in the best sexual high of your life!

While I am always eager to entertain your personal and individual fantasies, I realize that sometimes you need a bit of inspiration for your next great high. That’s why in today’s blog entry, I thought I would share a little sexual scenario that I fantasize about.

It’s one of those warmer-than-usual November days when you put the long pants to the side for a day and bust out the shorts you thought were going to hibernate for several months. You take a stroll around a local park and try not to get caught ogling all the girls half your age with their beautiful fleshy thighs on display. When one particularly hot piece of ass walks by right in front of you. Suddenly your erection is painfully in need of attention, “Holy God, I need to call Ashlee!!”

You want to sprint home but that fatty in your shorts is making it a bit awkward. You call me once you’re in the door, the keys still in the lock when you hear my voice “Hey, babe”!

“I need you, Ashlee. I need you now. Like right now!” You’re panting as you assert your lust for me.

“Okay, baby. I’m here for you. You are a good boy for not attempting to stave off the cravings this time.” I reward you by letting you know that your phone call pleases me. Referencing “cravings” is my way of reinforcing that you are indeed addicted to me and it’s foolish to entertain notions of anything otherwise. Now that you’ve had me, you rely on me to give you the fix your mind and body needs so desperately.

“Oh, Ashlee,” you start, “I can’t even try to fight my cravings this time. My balls are rapidly filling up. Please empty them. Please make me cum for you. Please give me what I need”

“Alright,” I respond calmly. I love that you’re acting so subordinate, sweetheart. But you never need to fear that I won’t make you cum. You have my solemn promise that every time you call me, I will make you cum (hard).

I then tell you to lie in the middle of your bed with the lights off. The windows open with the warm breeze coming in. I like to think of you, naked, hard cock in your hand, slowly touching, and eventually jerking frantically as I’m in your ear instructing you. Your forearm is the true workhorse, but it’s as if I’m curled up next to you slowly strumming your balls with my fingertips. At last, your body gloriously goes limp as your hot cum coats your naked flesh. “You are now well again, my baby.”

“Call me when you need your fix, my love.”

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