I waltz through the door like I own the place and toss my jacket on the couch. Nothing is necessarily threatening about my actions, but my general lack of acknowledgment is obvious. You wonder if something is wrong. I plop down into a dining chair and put my head into my hands. You ask me if I’ve had a rough day as I massage my temples with closed eyes.

“No, babe. Just tired. Just very tired.” I explain. You’re unsure if you should offer some words of affirmation or keep quiet to shield me from any additional noise. Finally, my eyes spring open and find you. “I just need to turn my mind off right now. No decision-making for the next 30 minutes.” You nod your understanding, and then I continue, “Take me out for dinner. Please don’t ask me where I’d like to go. Don’t tell me where we are going. Just tell me what you want me to wear.”

You stutter a bit but eventually say, “Show me your tits tonight. Put them on display for everyone to see.” Normally, I might balk at such a request. I show off the goods when I want to, not when a man wants to show me off as I hang adoringly on his arm. But I did insist that you take the initiative and make all the decisions. I can’t start debating it with you when you do as you’re told.

“Fine,” I respond, then disappear into the bathroom. Moments later, I reappeared wearing a flimsy black crochet dress. “Hey babe, normally I wear this around the house when I’m in for the night. It’s my sexy nightgown.” You are stunned and silent; your mouth is hanging open. Sound emerges from it, not words; it’s just noises that communicate that you’re transforming from a man into an animal in this moment. I do a 180 to allow the hem in the back to bounce up to reveal the thin string of my thong being swallowed up by the crack of my juicy ass.

“I changed my mind, handsome,” I begin, sticking my index finger into your stomach; I trace it down towards your rapidly stiffening man muscle. “I want to stay in. I want to relax and do nothing.”

“Okay,” you reply. Your eyes are fixated on my chest as my cleavage causes your erection to twitch. You see it glistening from the body oil I rubbed on myself. Our eyes lock, and you know you won’t decline me anything for the remainder of tonight. You’ll do anything I want, you rapidly think to yourself as my hand grips your stiff cock through your pants.

“Babe, I want you to do something for me,” I say.
“Anything,” you breathe back. I push you backward until you fall ass-first into the sofa. I straddle you and pull down the top of my flimsy night dress, exposing my tits. You can’t keep your eyes off them.

“I want you to bury your face in my tits and squeeze them with your manly hands.” You do as I command, enjoying the feeling of my smooth, sun-kissed skin and the weight of my bosom. “Now, I want you to put your mouth on them and suck. Suckle them deep into your wanting mouth, babe. Give them the attention they deserve!” You do as you’re told and are rewarded with divinity beyond belief. After a few minutes, I pull your head up and lock eyes with you again. You’re a man enraptured in a lust-filled haze on a quest that ends in heaving sighs of ecstasy, and that’s exactly how I want it. “Babe, it’s time for you to glaze them with a hot load of your man gravy. Do it now!”

It’s time to stop wishing…

You’re only 10 digits away from the voice you will never want to be without again!

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