I don’t know what it is about wearing less than a yard of fabric that makes men wildly enthusiastic about seeing me. I could stroll around stark naked and while I’d attract your constant attention, it wouldn’t be with quite the same degree of wonderment that it is if I’m donning a skimpy outfit. I suppose seeing me so scantily clad is a bit like an unspoken invitation to undress me with your eyes. And once my clothes come off, well, that’s when the fun begins.

With the weather getting warmer, one of the perks is that I can wear the same lazy Sunday attire out and about as I do inside when I’m just lounging around watching television or sunning by the pool. During the winter, I can’t just jump off the couch and take my pup for walks the way I can in the spring and summer. Being stuck inside comes with its set of benefits, (a very buxom set, I might add) but it denies me the chance to tease and torment you the way strutting with less on my body does.

But today when you arrive at my house, I answer the door in an outfit that seems more like a series of black strips tied around me rather than clothing. Black straps were crisscrossing my torso, and my hips, dangling down onto my leg. It was like a movie scene where I just escaped captivity as a sex slave. Being the one who takes orders has never been my thing, but you can’t help but admit that I look beyond fuckable. “Ashlee,” you say with your mouth hanging open, “you look incredible!”

I smile at you, rewarding you for your timely compliment. I know the greatest thrill you can experience is knowing you’ve pleased me, so I let you soak in the moment of seeing me happy. “Baby, let me grab my sarong and bag and we can head out. I can’t wait to see the lake and get in the water!

I grab you by the hand and we drive as fast as we can to the lake. As we arrive, the sky looks overcast, and the water is a bit murky, but I’m determined to get wet and so are you (even if you don’t get in the ahem…water). Once we are on the beach my hands are tugging at your belt as I lead you down closer to the water. Once I pull your belt open, I get it off your waist in one movement. Seconds later, you are completely naked, and suddenly my skimpy black suit makes me seem overdressed. I bend over to let you imagine heaven for a moment, then stand back up. I push you backward. A fly could’ve knocked you over. You lose your balance and fall into the water.

Moments later my legs are wrapped around your waist, your cock inside me as you hold my back. The water makes our rhythm easier to achieve, and bouncing on your cock is even more pleasurable. “I love you, Ashlee,” you whisper and grunt at the same time. With goosebumps covering your naked wet flesh, you cry out in ecstasy.

I’m just a girl wearing a black sex-slave-looking bathing suit, but once you push the tiny piece of fabric covering my crotch to the side, you realize that I’m the best fuck you will ever experience!

Just call and find out for yourself.

After all, No Man Calls Only Once!

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