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The word “beautiful” tends to refer to a woman’s face, her eyes, hair, and most definitely her voice. When men say the word “hot”, they are referring to a woman’s body. And while every man loves sexy, voluptuous thighs that just beckon him to rub his hard-on across, let’s face it, you judge a woman’s hotness by her tits and ass.

They are the parts of the body that stand out the most, that stick out the most. Very few men prefer a flat ass or tits that barely register; my tits and ass are my most coveted assets. Men like you want to touch them, suck them, and fuck them. When I look in the mirror, I see a gorgeous face that causes you to become flush with emotion; when I smile at you, I’m silently communicating that I’m all yours. When I think about my ass, I’m aware that it’s on display to the entire world, but I rather like that! Every eyeball is on it, either with insatiable desire or intense envy. However, when I think about my tits, well, that’s when I know that I rule the entire world.

Oftentimes, I daydream about what it would be like to just happen upon you by accident; I think both of us would be quite taken aback. You’ve made love to me many times but each time we were both mentally prepared to be intimate with one another. To suddenly, unexpectedly be in each other’s presence, to see me with my hair in a messy bun with no make-up on, and you wearing your lazy Sunday college t-shirt and comfy casual shorts, I think it would be both surprising and incredibly exhilarating.

Your eyes are glued to my bouncing breasts, and I cannot blame you in the least. I’m not showing much flesh, but my skintight white tank top beneath my unbuttoned flannel and tight ripped jeans are in many ways even more provocative than bare skin. My attire covers my entire chest and arms all the way to my wrists. But with the way the fabric clings to my tits so tightly, it almost dares them not to leap out and reveal themselves to you. I allow you plenty of time to indulge in them. (I’m gracious that way, wink*.)

Real phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544After letting you languidly ogle them with your eyes, I say to you, “I know you need more, babe. You need to touch them. You need to feel them. You need to fuck them. Come up to me from behind, pull me in tightly, and fully grope them.” “Uh-huh,” you say without having control over your own tongue any longer. I summon you closer and then turn around, inviting you to do exactly what I just said aloud a moment ago.

You approach me and turn my smiling face away from you as I eagerly wait to feel you pressing your body against me. Your cock pushing through your shorts is the first part of your body to touch mine. A second later and I can feel your hands on my rib cage climbing upwards. Your hands find my luscious tits and squeeze. I let out a moan that stimulates you even further. You embrace me tightly and savor the moment. That’s when I hit you with my other weapon…

My ass starts grinding back, pressing your cock in between my golden delicious ass cheeks. Suddenly your hands feeling the greatest tits on earth are no longer the center of your attention. Heaven is dancing on your crotch. My tits are hard not to focus on when I’m facing you, but when I’m in the other direction, you realize that I have an ass so perfect that it imprisons you, creating an invisible leash that connects your mind to mine. After a few moments like this, you are putty in my hands. I can do whatever I want to you. And you love it!

My ass-iduous ap-tit-udes are only part of why you came to visit my site. You want to release yourself to a seductively assertive woman who gets what you need and delivers it in spectacular fashion. My voice is not just the hottest voice in the history of masturbation. I have a body and brain that match the sounds you’ll hear.

Eye bang me all you want, baby. But to learn what this body, brain, and voice can do to you, to find that healthy fear that comes with giving in, all you need to do is unzip your fly and pick up the phone.
Then you’ll truly discover why: No Man Calls Only Once.

mind fuck- phone 866-605-2544
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My voice is addicting - Ashlee - 866-605-2544

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My voice is addicting - Ashlee - 866-605-2544

Unzip your fly and call me.

My voice is addicting - Ashlee - 866-605-2544

Tell me how bad I am, it makes me feel so good!

My voice is addicting - Ashlee - 866-605-2544

On my tippy toes with only one foot clean, there’s still not a crevice on me that won’t turn your hand into a machine!
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