They say the sun will come out tomorrow, but during winter it’s easy to forget that. Spotting a girl in a pair of skin-tight denim jeans is about the best you can hope to take in when you’re out and about when it’s chilly. The fleshy thighs have been covered up since Thanksgiving. Fortunately for us both, the season is changing and so is my wardrobe. And you know what they also say? Suns out, buns out!

I didn’t do much for St. Patrick’s Day this year. I didn’t feel the need to relive my college days when how fast you drink cheap beer tinted with green food coloring was regarded as a talent. I like catching a buzz as much as anyone, but I found more pleasure in watching the college basketball conference tournaments leading up to Selection Sunday. I spent the weekend trying on my spring and summer attire with hoops on in the background.

As I tried on my clothes, I imagined how you and your cock would react if you saw me showcasing my beautiful ass after months of viewing bulky puffer jackets and denim-draped legs. My go-to seems to be tight-fitted up top, but equally as influencing down below; that’s My favorite little flavor of March Madness.
I know my boobs usually steal the show. But sometimes I like to feature my backside too. And while I’m quite aware of the power my chest wields, my ass, on the other hand, is pretty proactive too. I am indeed grateful to possess much more than one magical weapon!

Drink in the photo that accompanies this blog entry because you are about to experience just what my framed bottom can do…

I lead you to a couch, nudging you to be seated. When your back hits the cushion I spread your legs apart and turn around. While looking over my shoulder as I’m biting my bottom lip, I begin to softly grind my silky thong-laden ass into your face. You reach out to squeeze it, but I pull forward. Watching my ass cheeks gently jiggle and twerk right there in front of your face fuels you with a lust-filled agony that is permeating your body. You can feel the urgency of pressure in your balls. They are near full capacity.

I drop to my knees and grab your belt. Your pants are soon down to your ankles, leaving only your boxer briefs between me and your cock. I rub your erection through the fabric until a huge wet spot forms on your briefs from your leaking dick. You’re breathing heavily and trying to grab at me. I reach beneath the waistband of your briefs and your wet bulging head meets my hand instantly. I aim your cock up towards your face and press the top of your shaft firmly against your flesh, removing my hand from your briefs. I caress the soft underbelly of your manhood and stare into your longing eyes. “Please, Ashlee.”

“Please what, baby?” But you don’t need to answer. You can’t answer. I stand up and show you my perfect bottom again and then lay down against your cock, lining it up with my ass crack. Pressing up against you, I rock up and down. As I continue to move back and forth, I can tell that you can’t take much more. I continue dry-humping you for a few seconds more until you frantically explode with a frenzied sense of pure pleasure and relief.

Want to experience my magical weapons for yourself?

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