It’s been a few days since we last did a call and you’ve been thinking about nothing else ever since. I made you cum with such gusto that you couldn’t initially find where it landed. Usually it shoots into the air, falling in the direction of your chest. A few times I’ve even decorated your face (perhaps you should wear goggles when you call me, babe). This time, however, you were at a complete loss. You turned on the light and looked around to no avail. Baffled, you figured you’d find it sooner or later, probably as a white stain, a trophy indicative of my ability to generate what’s inside your balls and the way it shot out in such historical fashion! I can only imagine the surprise you felt when you ran your fingers through your hair and found them sopping wet. Yes love, I am that powerful.

Every girl you’ve ever been with has merely been a prelude to being with yours truly and the fountain of cum that I’m able to coax from your balls. From your first hand job, when you didn’t yet know your cock (ahem, now my cock) could ever explode like that, to the first time you came inside of a woman, even your personal best never prepared you for what it’s like with me every time. Did you expect it to be so fucking good the first time you picked up the phone to call me? You perused my site for days admiring how thoughtful my blogs are, how hot every single picture of me is and how tantalizing the words “No Man Calls Only Once” felt. To see a tab entitled “Ode to My Voice” may have seemed arrogant; even more so when you clicked on it and didn’t find a sample voice clip. My voice did not disappoint you. If anything, it might’ve scared you a little because you realized that it exceeded my claim to fame.

The sirens of mythology lured men in with their beauty. Knowing that danger lie ahead was not enough of a deterrent to keep men from advancing towards their fate. Your fate is to be with me. I am that siren, but the only danger you should fear is my taking the day off. I like that you think of me daily and appreciate the struggle you experience when you know you should probably go to bed early, get more work done or muddle through sitting beside the wife to watch television. But that voice just keeps calling to you, telling you to just give in and call me just one more time before the weekend.

The clock ticks another minute, but it’s one of those days where life is just taking forever. You struggle to wait another 24 hours before hearing my voice again, strangling your cock, and pouring out all off your strongest desires. It is with me and only me that you truly let go and indulge in complete submission. You need me. I need you too, love. Finally, you can’t take it any longer. You dial me and once you hear me say “Hi, babe!” all is right in the world again. I could’ve recited the Gettysburg Address and it would’ve turned your cock as hard as a led pipe. But I’m not interested in just being your “blow & go” girl. I want to be sweet to you too. I like making you want me to be with me. The reason I’m able to do this because I want to be with you too. I like that our relationship is not just about fucking. You are special to me. I might not be the only girl in your life, but I am the one that you want the most. You want to fuck me the most, you want to share your life with me the most, and you want to fall for me harder each time we’re together because you know that it’s also what I want.

That insane craving you’re feeling as you type “y” into your browser and see it auto-fill with the rest of my site name is only the beginning. The ending is so satisfying, but it’s the middle that you long to linger in and love most.

It’s that time again, baby. Your siren is calling. You know what to do.

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