Your daily grind is difficult to say the least. Tonight it’s the red eye to San Francisco on a five day trip that will also take you to Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego. Last week is was St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago. You often stay in the same places and see plenty of familiar faces. In fact, the flight attendants even know you by name and one of them greets you with a blanket and pillow. You’ve always wondered about her “situation”; she doesn’t wear a ring, but you choose to keep it professional. It’s the same with the tall blonde that works the front desk at the Marriott. She says hello with a smile, asks about your trip, but you know in your mind its corporate rate, not a corporate date.

That’s where I come into the fold. No matter where you are, I’m always there. I’m the comforting voice that can ease your mind, reduce the tension and take the stress away. That’s because I take you to places you’d rather not talk about with the stewardess or the front desk clerk. I’m one of those comforts of home even when you’re not at home.

Would you like me to turn down the sheets and tuck you in? I can fluff more than just your pillows. Perhaps you’d prefer a wakeup call from me; my velvety voice is much more inviting than the gruff voiced old man who normally gives you your wakeup call! I can take care of the morning wood you’ve woken up with. Since you dreamt about me through the night, you might as well have the sweet, ripe pussy that’s been on your mind since the last time we spoke.

I believe there’s no better way to start the day than with a couple of toe curling orgasms. The coffee can wait until I’m finished with you; I assure you that I’m much more invigorating than any amount of caffeine. I’ll leave you prepared for the meeting with that tough client. You’ll have a smile on your face and the confidence to take on anything that they can throw at you. Traveling so much does not have to be something you dread. You can invite me along; I promise I’ll cum with you!

So now you’ve reached the end of my post. It’s time to call me… your sexual host!

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