You’re behind me, exploring my ass with your tongue, which always leads to you lying on top of me in the middle of the king size bed as you make love to me. I love having sex missionary style because it allows us to stare into each other’s eyes. But as much as that excites me, when I want you to make sweet passionate love to me, I prefer facing you. I want you to see the expression on my face evolve from enthusiasm, to pleasure, to passion. When my eyes roll back in my head and I’m biting my bottom lip, I’ve reached a point where I’m no longer in control of the timing of my orgasm. When that happens, I am totally under your spell and in that moment, I feel like I’m your possession.

But I think you know me well enough to know that I also like the feeling of being in control. I’m not a whips and chains kind of girl — though I have put the heel of my stiletto in a ball sac or two, upon request, of course wink*. I also do not dominate men with any form of severe physical force (unless you ask nicely). My general approach to taking ownership over you is to invade your mind through your cock, and then to reprogram you into fixating on me, and only me. All of this will happen before I even announce my thoughts aloud. I’m the “cock whisperer”.

Back to you being on top of me in that king size bed…

We’re staring into each other’s eyes, enjoying each other’s hold over the other. We truly are a beautiful combination, fitting as perfectly as your cock fits inside my pussy. I feel you push forward into me until your entire cock is deep inside. It makes me so wet to feel your chest against my tits. We spread cherry lubricant on our bodies so that we can slide against each other smoothly, making that luscious slick sound as flesh suctions against flesh. It accentuates an already heavenly experience into something neither of us ever thought possible. It’s in intense moments like these when I’m so grateful to have met you and to have become such an integral part of your life. Thank you for finding me. We are quite a pair.

Yes, you whisper sweet nothings in my ear in the beginning, but as much as you want to be sweet, and romantic, your breathing always becomes faster and heavier, which tells me that you’re losing the ability to formulate thoughts, let alone articulate sentences. Your voice gets louder, your words are repeating themselves, “Oh my God, oh my God!” It’s only a few minutes before neither of us can stand the buildup any longer. We moan aloud in harmony, and then you scream “Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!” as we both cum forcefully and gloriously.

Interludes like this one are only possible because of the intangibles. My voice is the hottest of any female on the planet. My tits are absolutely perfect: size, shape, and glow. My thighs inspire the engine in your balls to produce enough cum to feed a small army. But all of that is not enough to create what we have. It’s because of how you feel about me and how close we have grown to one another.

I love feeling close to you.

I love being your secret girlfriend.

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