phone sex is best with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544When you first laid eyes on me your tongue hung out of your mouth. You knew you were caught staring when I made eye contact, but you didn’t flinch and you couldn’t look away.  Normally I interpret this as creepiness, but I could see from how mesmerized you were that you couldn’t help it, especially with the bikini I was sporting.

Instead of meeting your ahem…“heightened state” with a dirty look, I gave you a smirk, one that says “Your submission is adorable.”  I glanced towards your crotch. Your cock was already stiffening, but when you saw where my eyes were looking it fully came to life.  My smirk evolved into a grin, then a kiss blown through the air, before showing you my backside as I turned and sauntered toward the water.

We were at a beach house party, neither of us having any idea who the other was. You spent the next hour wandering around from the outside roaming the beach to inside, going from room to room, not able to find me.

You were hoping for the chance to silently flirt with me for a little while longer so you could gauge my interest in you and summon up the courage to approach me. I was nowhere to be found. You figured I had snuck out and at this point, even making eye contact with me again was beginning to seem like a mere fantasy.

You start saying your goodbyes to the people at the party when suddenly I appear! Your friend’s wife, also the hostess of the party, is behind me, ushering me across the room towards you. Unexpectedly, I’m returning your stare as we approach you. It seems like you are viewing me in slow motion as you see the top of my boobs bounce a little with each step I take. “I want you to meet my dear friend, Ashlee,” our mutual friend says, before being called away. “So I guess we do meet after all,” I whisper, as if I possibly wanted it too.

This gives you a bit more courage. “I’ve been noticing you from afar,” you begin with.

“Really? I hadn’t noticed!” I pause with a straight face just for effect before breaking into a smile. Your heart skipped a beat when I replied with sarcasm but it began to palpitate normally again when you saw me smile. I reach down, rub your cock through your swim trunks and whisper, “I’m going up to the deck by the pool. You should come rub some lotion on me. You wouldn’t want my delicate skin to burn, would you?”

Your throat goes dry and you’re unable to make a sound, but it’s not like I needed any confirmation that you were, um, up for it.

Your strong hands rubbing lotion on my back feel amazing. As you lift the fabric string slats on my bikini to get lotion between them, I say “There are other people who could come up here, otherwise I’d have my top off already.”  When you are finishing with the small of my back, I’m wondering if you are going to rub my exposed ass cheeks or if you’ll need me to tell you that it’s okay first.

You suddenly make a bold move; you spread my legs open as you place your cock against my pussy, and rest it between my moist thighs. I’m not going to allow you the keys to my Kingdom just yet, so I snap my legs shut. Now I’ve got your cock in a flesh-filled vice grip. “Ashlee, that’s not fair. I was—”

“I know what you were about to do,” I giggle. “But what I want to do is lie here with you on top of me. I’m going to massage your cock with my inner thighs. Just rest on top of me babe…”

There we lie for 10 excruciating minutes. You fidget non-stop, your hips begging me to let you penetrate my pussy. Finally I relent. “You’ve been teased enough. Proceed, you may fuck me.”

Like a man on a mission you roll me over, spread my legs and within seconds you’re inside me. Your hands grip my legs just where they meet my crotch. You pound away, but you were so incredibly turned on from all my teasing that after only a few powerful thrusts your breathing becomes ferocious. Your eyes close, your head arches back and you launch an explosion of warm cum deep inside me. “Thank you for the party favor, Ashlee.”

Call me, baby…

Because I’m the best party favor you’ll ever get!

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