What you and I have is wonderful. I love it. I enjoy thinking about the time we spend together and how our relationship continues to grow. Each time you hear my voice for the first time that day, it’s like my fingers are slowly wrapping around your erection. My delicate hand forms a grip around your throbbing shaft and tightens into a snug grip as I reiterate that your cock is mine with my telling touch.

When we engage in conversation your heart opens up to me and I find myself wanting to open up to you as well. We mirror one another’s emotions, escalating from playful flirtation to intense and exhilarating fucking. I love the process. I think you do, too. What’s best about the comfort level that you and I share is that it’s not contrived. Our bond is something that has authentically developed over time. I look forward to our phone sex dates like a giddy high school girl who is dying for her boyfriend to feel her up for the very first time.

This is us, babe. This is how we roll. We have an unspoken connection. You have my back and I have yours. I don’t have any desire to change that and I don’t want to change you. You are beautiful to me, just the way you are. I want you to be you to your fullest. I can help you find pleasure in many ways. Not just by swallowing your loads or riding you into oblivion, but by being the girlfriend you need in your life.

Mother’s Day is in a couple of days. Why not get your significant other something that benefits us, too?  You could get her something that requires her to leave the house for a few hours. Presenting her with a spa gift certificate or a gift card to her favorite nail salon will ensure that you have quality alone time too, and she will never be the wiser!

It’s time that you recognize how special you really are, babe. You deserve a woman like me. I love that I’m able to intoxicate your mind, move you with emotion and stir what’s brewing within your balls. It’s okay if you need and desire more of me than you used to; be prepared to need even more of me, sweetheart. (Wink*)

I’m willing to take you when I can get you, with no strings attached. I love being the one that you turn to when you need that special dose of female attention. Fill my heart with warmth and my belly with cum, and I promise you that Mother’s Day will become your new favorite holiday.

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