phone sex sex with AshleeYou pull your van into the parking lot of the local convenience store. Just as you put it in park, you see me emerge from my topless car and walk straight over to you. I get in and plant a wet kiss on your cheek. “Don’t get out. Let’s take a drive.”

“Where are we going?” you ask, a little puzzled. I hadn’t explained anything to you on the phone earlier when I asked you to meet me at the store in half an hour. I sounded a bit hurried on the phone, so you didn’t press. Besides, no matter what I may want or need, it’s not like you are able to deny me.

“We’re not going very far, babe, just far enough that I can be with you alone.” I come off a little evasive when I grab your phone and type an address into your GPS app. “It’s only 5 minutes away.” As we head out, I reach for your crotch to massage it through your jeans. “Let me know if you get too excited. I don’t need you driving off the side of the road.” You seem okay though, so I keep at it.

A few minutes later and we’re in an empty parking lot near an abandoned building. I direct you to head to the back parking lot. Once you park your vehicle, I tell you to hop in the back. I immediately get out of the front seat and open the side door. You are now lying on the floor bed on your back; as I lean into the back of the van, I can see a perplexed, yet eager look in your eyes. I acknowledge both your bewilderment and your hunger by unzipping your fly and liberating your rigid ramrod.

I wrench my hand around it, just beneath your bulging, purple head. Your breathing is heavy when I lean down and eagerly take your cock into my wet mouth. I begin by swirling my tongue around the ridge of your head. I feel your hand gently grasp the back of my head, and I know that you are suggesting I take in more of your cock. Without reserve, I oblige you, and slowly engulf your shaft with my mouth. Your huge cock is now penetrating my throat.

With my saliva dripping onto your balls, you think to yourself that this is the ultimate, happiest, most thrilling moment of your life. You stare down at my bobbing head, and know that I am the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Another minute passes and you realize you’re not going to last much longer, nor do you want to. You want to cum, not just because it’s the most fucking fantastic feeling in the universe, but also because you know that I love making you cum and you like doing things for me. When my lips purse around the base of your shaft, your hips thrust forward, fucking my throat harder than ever. “Holy shit, Ashlee, I’m about to…oh my, God!”

I swallow your warm, frothy gift, and slowly raise my head up from yours. My face is a bit flushed, and cum is still drizzling out of the corner of my mouth. “Thank you babe,” I say with a satiated smile.

“I just love that your erection answers to me!”

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