phone sex is best with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544Have you been dreaming of a white Christmas? Perhaps you’ve even been fantasizing about a special gift that you’re hoping you’ll receive? When was the last time that something magical awaited you during Christmas?

Has it become a holiday that you put tremendous thought into for others, while your own needs are met with disappointment? You know you’re supposed to be past such things, but it’s difficult when everyone else around you is eagerly looking forward to the joy of surprise.

I’m here to change things, but for you and only you, babe. This year I want to turn Christmas into the enchanting time you can look forward to because of what comes your way!  2020 has been a lot of things, (enough said on that). I want to help end it on a high note – with a bang, if you will.

Imagine a scrumptious turkey feast on Christmas Eve, a table filled with loved ones. The food is piled high, the eggnog is flowing, and everyone is having a good time talking about what Santa might bring or what they hope their year-end bonus is going to be at work.

No one is talking about what they’re doing for you, though. Just as you take a sip of wine, a young voice cries out “Oh look, it’s snowing!” A smile dons your face when you look outside and see the beautiful sight of a white Christmas!

Just as your mood begins to brighten, your happiness is interrupted by a nagging voice reminding you that you’ll need to get up early to shovel the snow. You respond by going outside to take a walk in the freshly fallen snow, in the hopes of regaining just a sliver of the wonder you were feeling before “The Bellowing Voice” squashed it.

After strolling along for a few minutes you hear a voice. “Hey there, handsome.”  You turn around and see me smiling at you. “Merry Christmas” I continue. “I’ve been waiting for you to be alone.” So many thoughts are racing through your mind. You want nothing more than to embrace me and ravage me. “I know you don’t have a lot of time for yourself right now, but it wouldn’t be right if all the Christmas spirit was directed towards other people. I want you to receive a magical gift, too!”

I reach for your hand and lead you away. We walk about half a block when we reach a van, and I open the sliding door. There are no seats;  in its place is a comfy mattress draped with soft linens on the floor, that I climb up onto. I light a cranberry scented candle and turn on Christmas music from my phone. “Come inside, my baby.  I want to unwrap your present for you…”

Just then I rip off my winter coat and you see I’m topless, my red dress peeled down to my waist. You eagerly drink in the view of my beautiful tits, as the moonlight is sparkling off the glitter bedazzled on my chest.

You pull the sliding door closed and suddenly we’re as alone in the world as two lovers can be. With privacy now ours, you can’t help yourself. We begin kissing passionately, your hands groping my curves—you can’t drink in your present fast enough.

I reach down to massage your cock through your pants. “Why don’t you take those jeans off, babe?” Instantly you’re naked, your cock fully engorged as I gently squeeze it. Your big mushroom head is an aching hue of purple, and needs attention STAT. “Do you want me to put my mouth on it?” I pretend to ask.  Your breathing is heavy and to the point where it requires work for you just to formulate words. “Yes, Ashlee” you finally utter.

With you lying on the mattress, Jingle Bell Rock whispering softly in the background, and the snowflakes tumbling down onto the windshield, you are in Heaven as you savor the feeling of the sticky, moist, warmth my lips and knowing tongue bring so splendidly.

I take your cock into my mouth before fully opening my throat. My lips slowly descend lower on your shaft until they hit the base of your gorgeous cock. I condense my throat muscles for a moment, squeezing your bulging cock head. You let out a moan “Oh god, Ashlee!” You can’t see it but my mouth smiles widely around your cock. Nothing means more to me than knowing I can seduce you…

Up and down my head bobs on your thick cock as I reach for your hand, placing it on the back of my silken head to control the speed in which I dish your pleasure. A few moments later your entire body begins to convulse.

I suck even harder, feeling you fuck my face with fervent longing (That turns me on so much!) Your hand grasps the back of my skull before you shoot a gusher of cum down my throat. You let out a scream as your whole body tenses.

I sit up and wipe your warm cum from my lips. You open your eyes to see mine smile back at you with joy and contentment.

“Merry Christmas, baby;

I’m glad I could give you your very own dose of Christmas magic this year!”

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