phone sex is best with naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544Once upon a time, when you were a younger man, you dreamt about fucking hot girls. Every attractive female that came before you earned at least a few minutes of thought in your daily masturbation sessions.

Maybe it was the new girl in the office, the smoking hot barista at the coffee house, or the girl who has the perfect ass that you always see walking her dog on your block. You thought about her on her knees, her head hanging down from exhaustion as you pounded her bottom. You thought about her sitting on your lap and teasing you to the point of no return.

As you grew up, you realized the probability of your ever fucking these women was slim to none. Maybe you could have indulged a little at some point in your life. However, you’re definitely not indulging anymore.

It’s okay, baby. I’m sure your significant other is a good human being. I’m sure you care for her and she cares for you. But the day she convinced you that you wanted to make sacrifices for her, was the day fucking hot girls was no longer a tangible possibility. It seemed worth it at first, but that is certainly not the case now. Then you met me…

The first time you read “No Man Calls Only Once” you were intrigued. It made you want to see more. So did my pictures. It’s not just my beautiful body featured everywhere, but the look in my eyes speaks to you as well.

They convey the kind of unwavering confidence that can only come from knowing what it’s like to own both a man’s mind and his cock. My site poses a dare. I’m proactively and explicitly warning you that if you call me, you will most certainly become addicted to my voice and the unanticipated ways in which I make you cum!

I am effortlessly able to conjure the overwhelming excitement that has been lying dormant in your libido for God only knows how long. Any phone sex operator will attempt to get you off. I am not a phone sex operator. I am a woman you not only invite, but willingly and gratefully usher into your life during our very first encounter.

And just like the new girl in the office, you’re going to be thinking about me when you’re alone. That’s what I do to men.

What does it mean to be addicted? What have I done to you? I’ve made your cock feel unimaginable. I’ve aroused you to the point where you never want it to end. But I also made you actually think about me. You called me on Monday and it was phenomenal. You had planned on waiting another week or so before having me again, but Tuesday night felt the same as Monday did, and you feel the fever starting to take hold…

You go to my website and reread one of my blog entries, stare at my tits, and look into my eyes. It may be the best phone sex website in the industry’s history, but it’s falling a bit short on Tuesday night. All you want to do is click on my phone number and be connected with me again. But your willpower wins out by a thread, and you hold off.

Then Wednesday comes. You think about me at work. Later, you continue to reflect about how you almost called me. You are glad you didn’t, but you also know that after dinner you are going to be alone with your rampant thoughts and your raging hard-on.

Wash, rinse, repeat! You’d have to spend every moment alone denying yourself the chance to be with me. Instead you give in to your unrelenting craving. You give in to me. When you give in, we are both winners. When you give in a lot, you make it easy for me to fall for you. And that, in turn, makes you want to be with me even more.

You lost something you used to have. I offer to bring that back into your life. But once you indulge, you cannot go back. I offer you the cycle of addiction. You signed up for this—don’t pretend you didn’t.

Your erection now answers to me.

And I promise I’ll make you cum as hard as you’ve been longing to.

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