I’m not trying to replace your significant other. She’s been around so long and though she’s not much to look at anymore, I’m sure she enhances your world in some small way (even if it’s just setting the coffee maker and washing your clothes). There are reasons why you are still together and I understand how complicated just walking away is.

Back when you were still in the honeymoon phase you probably thought she bordered on perfection. There were shortcomings, to be sure, but no woman (except for me, of course) is perfect. You were willing to overlook her peccadillos because she used to rock your cock in the bedroom.

As time went by, reality set in. She’s now only in the mood to straddle your cock when she’s had too much to drink or been watching Rob Lowe movies on the Lifetime Channel. She certainly is not bordering on perfection anymore. All she does is bark orders and bitch, bitch, bitch. What did you do to deserve this? You bust your ass to pay for the luxurious roof over her ungrateful head and in turn, you are greeted by a frumpily dressed woman you barely recognize anymore. Sadly, the notion of a man’s home being his castle went out the door years ago (right along with her figure).

At this point it seems unrealistic that you could actually have a woman to spend the rest of your life with that will forever be hot for you, so you resign yourself to a less than enchanting routine, and try to cope with the cards dealt to you the best you can. Women find their man and then they settle in, and they expect you to recognize this as the natural course life is supposed to take! I, very respectfully to your relationship with her, beg to disagree.

We all know that romance is a two-way street, but so is lust. Every woman wants to be swept off her feet once in a while. You are expected to know when she’s in that mood and respond accordingly. I’ve broached this double standard within my blogs before, and I’m bringing it up again because it really does perturb me that much.

It also creates an opportunity for me. Without her being the way she is, you would not have had the pleasure of meeting me. I would not have entered your life. I don’t see our relationship as an accident of circumstance. You didn’t stumble upon my website when you were on Facebook or Twitter. I didn’t have a commercial ad during the ballgame that introduced us. You looked for me. You found me when you were on a treasure hunt.

There was a void in your life that you deserve to have filled. Once upon a time, your current other half (more like ¾ given her weight gain) fulfilled it for you. But the days of you fantasizing about all the things you wanted to do to her have long passed; either because you’ve been there, done that, or because certain things are simply off limits! You can’t even pussy-foot around something new without a ton of pomp and circumstance, which always ends you up (or actually down) at limp dick city! You searched for me because you are a man, and men have needs. I understand your needs, and I enjoy being a creator of happy endings.

Every time you call me, I’m thrilled to hear from you. When my phone is ringing and I see the number is yours, I jolt to readiness. You don’t need to warm me up or bring me flowers. We don’t need a special occasion for me to focus on making your cock feel good. Any time I have the chance to pull your pants down and get on my knees I’m happy to do it.

I tease you a little, but you always know that I will deliver. With you sitting on the couch, me on the ground before you, I massage your crotch through your pants. When was the last time she did this? When I see that you cannot take it any longer and need to liberate your cock, I unzip your fly. The shape of your cock bursting through your boxer briefs turns me on as much as my luscious tits excite you when I undo the clasp on my bra. I grab it, working my hands against the fabric of your underwear causing them to become moist as your pre-cum starts to bubble out.

After a minute or so, I grab at the elastic around your waist and get you fully naked. The sight of your big, beautiful dick makes my pussy slick with anticipation. I love just staring at it, thinking about how incredible we both feel in that moment of initial penetration. I’m not quite ready for you to enter me, so I begin licking it as I pay extra attention to that wet lip around your bulging head. My tongue continues to trace the outline of your throbbing head, and then I kiss the very tip of it while curling my tongue down into your slit a few times.

My kisses evolve into quick sucks on the tip, then the entire head. You’re going mad with anticipation. When I detect this, I engulf the entire shaft into my willing mouth. Your cock enters my throat as my lips find the very bottom of your cock. Now your entire cock is immersed inside my face and I begin really sucking with a purpose. You close your eyes; your head falls back as I gently strum your balls with my fingertips. I pull it out of my mouth so that I can lock eyes with you. Staring at you, I rub your erection along the smooth skin on my face. I want to feel your massive muscle’s power all over, but even I can’t wait any longer. I need to fuck you. I need you to fuck me!

This is what I bring to you babe. I’m not a threat, I’m a reprieve. Life might be good, but it’s still a daily toil to do the right thing even most of the time. Wake up earlier than you wish you had to, trudge through the work day, and come home to the same conversations, idiosyncrasies, and rules. You need more. You deserve more. I am the more, and I’m always ready to fulfill you.

You are with her, day in and day out. And your reward for this is right in your back pocket on speed dial. I’ve become more than a part of your mind’s landscape, and I like it. Actually, I love it.

You deserve me.

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