Through the years people walk in and out of your life. With a New Year comes time for reflection. I certainly haven’t walked in and out of your life. When I arrived, I did so with plans to stay. You were forewarned as much when you read on my website “No Man Calls Only Once.” That means that you’re not just going to get off to the sound of my voice. It means that when you call me you’re entering Never-never land where anything goes, and the only limits are our combined imaginations. And when you enter a world like this, to quote someone else with a preeminent voice, astute mind, and a beyond magnanimous skill set “You can check out at any time you like, but you can never leave.”

You do not need to wonder if I’m going to be here in 2022. I will be. You will be. And we’re going to be spending a lot of time together. December 31 is not in any way a demarcation line for our relationship. It’s merely a date that reminds you of how long you’ve been in the throws of your addiction to me. Once upon a time you and I were new to one another. We had the wide-eyed excitement of the experience of getting to know one another. Since then, we’ve cultivated our relationship in such a way that we can equally value the intimacy and the intricacies of what is now, “us”.

The above is not a true fact because I simply said so. I might have you entranced emphatically, but even I cannot just wave a magic wand and command you to become mine. I seduce you with my powers of prowess. Seduction is not about persuading you to do something that you don’t really want to do; it’s about encouraging you to embrace the lust-filled desires that you have always had to subdue with every girl before me.

Because of my ability to invade your mind through your cock is so effective, it seems like you’re a slave that lives and dies with the glorious orgasm and the huge smile that only I can give you…

In reality, I’m constantly seducing you. I’m always thinking about you, even when we’re not on the phone together. This is how I know I’ll never lose you. This is how I know that you belong to me. You simply love your cock way too much to not have me when the moment arises (and it does often). My promise to you is that: I’ll always be here. We are a two-way street, babe. You need me, and I need you to need me.

To better understand this, imagine a world in which you and I were physically prohibited from seeing one another for an extended period of time. Perhaps you were pioneering outer space or were locked in a soundproof glass cage by the likes of Joe Goldberg. Regardless of the situation, when you return from being isolated from Yours Truly, you arrive at my doorstep; you’re unable to put into words how you feel when you see the door open and I’m standing there dripping sex from head to toe. No dialogue is necessary when you rush in the door and push me up against the wall.

I immediately feel your raging hard cock pressed up against me as you lift my skirt to penetrate me as fast as you can. Your dick lunges forward as deep inside me as you can get, railing me hard and fast with primal need.

I fucking love being needed like this by you!

I love the guttural sounds you make as you slam into me over and over again, emptying your hot, vast load in glorious fucking fashion.

This is us, baby. This is us now, and in 2022, and forever.


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