You’ve asked me in the past what it is that really gets me off. The abridged answer to that question is that I get very aroused knowing that I’m turning you on. Honestly, the mere thought of being the chosen recipient of your jissom gets me wet with desire and fidgety with anticipation.

Since our last call, I have not been able to stop thinking about how fucking sexy you sounded as you came for me. In fact, I have masturbated numerous times while replaying it in my mind. There’s this guttural need that rises to the surface of your voice like sweet cream. The palpable grunts and groans that you so comfortably allow to leap out from deep within, flood my mind and body with lust and greed every time we’re together.

There’s this moment, just before you cum, that feels like a gear change. There’s a sudden urgency and intensity to your thrusts. The angle changes slightly, the pace increases, and I know that we’re mere seconds away from the divine moment in which you will feed my quivering pussy the love serum it so desperately longs for.

The pleasure that I derive from being on the receiving end of your release isn’t just pleasurable from a psychological viewpoint. However, coaxing a huge load out of you does indeed penetrate my mind; it obviously triggers ethereal visceral sensations too.

I can physically feel it like a pulse, only much stronger. On a good day (wink*), your semen doesn’t just surge through your cock, it thuds. I can distinctively feel those thuds; there is usually three, four, sometimes, five or more right down where the base of your cock meets the entrance to Heaven (my pussy).

I can feel the head of your cock crashing deep inside against my cervix if we’re fucking vigorously, but it’s more of a pressure sensation rather than a delicate one. When you let go and start to orgasm, the feelings I revel in most are the spasms at the core of your cock, like when it pulses, only stronger. There is a torrent of thumping that blazes through your dick just a split second before it begins to shoot the much sought after contents from within your balls and propel them from the tip of your bulging head. (Mmm… you are such a fucking snack and a half!)

I sometimes like giving you soft blow jobs, fluttering my tongue down into your slit just long enough to build the yearning in both pace and rhythm until you start to twitch. Then I will pull back so that you’ll get all growly and frustrated (I can be such a tease), before pushing it back in again, then withdrawing it once more, so that I can ride you deep and hard for a while. Edging you as you get closer to the crest of that first wave of orgasm makes it feel so fucking good!

The bottom-line is that you get me off!

You are my bottom line, every time, baby.

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