As soon as you awaken this morning you read my new blog on your phone while you were still in bed with your wife asleep next to you. You whisper to her that you are horny and need sex (thanks to yours truly), but she’s having none of it. She immediately falls back asleep, leaving the erection that I gave you unattended to.

You were about to head to another room to jerk it when she suddenly let’s out an ugly, unladylike snore. At this point, you could honestly care less if she wakes up to find you jacking off. You close your eyes, think of me, (of course) and within a couple of minutes you spray cum all over the bed, including on your wife! You get up to start your day, feeling no need to clean up what we drenched her with.

Over breakfast you email me what you had just done, and vote for me on my site (thank you; it always means a lot). You checked your phone 7-8 times over the rest of the morning to see if I had replied. At 11:15 a.m. I write back that I was pleased, but ask why you hadn’t just called me. We trade a few more emails over the course of the day, ending with me reassuring you that had you gone to another room, I would’ve easily gotten you off without you having to do anything but whisper a few harmless words upon calling. I fully appreciate the need to be careful and know how to manage the entire call when necessary. You now realize how simple it is to be with me and make up your mind to jerk off with me as soon as possible.

Dinner was quiet, the conversation as bland as the food. Evening becomes night, and eventually your wife declares herself ready for bed. You know that if you tell her you want to stay up a bit longer she’ll linger. Instead you accompany her through the bedtime routine of teeth brushing and changing into sleep clothes. You suggest she take some ZzzQuil to help her sleep and, you take some yourself, to coax her along.

Your balls are full from spending all afternoon paging through my site, spending quality time with my Photo Gallery page most of all. You can feel the sleepiness hitting your eyes from the ZzzQuil, which only intensifies your raging hard-on because you know that she must be minutes away from unconsciousness. Her hideous snoring begins, sounding like a chainsaw. It takes patience to move slowly out of the bed because you want so much to spring into action, but you want me too much to screw this up. Finally, you’re out of the room with the door closed. You are free. You are mine.

To the basement you go, phone in hand. You dial me, feeling exhilarated when my sweet, sensual voice picks up. “You’re a very good boy for doing this, babe. You and I both know that you only wanted to fuck her in the first place because you were thinking about me.

You lie down and, in a low tone of voice tell me what fantasy you had in mind for us tonight. “I got this, babe. Now just relax and let me take over.” Hearing me say “take over” instills an incredible sense of calm desire in you. I talk dirty to you, describing your fantasy in intricate detail. I can sense your breathing picking up as I paint the visual of my tight pussy tightening around your rigid cock (my cock) as I straddle my long silky legs around your waist and begin riding you.

As I glide back and forth, my ass cheeks gently rest on top of your heavy balls. My hips sway slowly, then pick up speed as I grind harder and deeper. You can’t take it anymore and let out a groan as your cock shoots out a rope of cum that had been building since the morning. You are breathless with pleasure. “Have a good night, baby. Thank you for doing this.”

“No problem, love.”

When you need to remain silent…

Let me orchestrate your orgasm with a Whisper Call!

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