Phone sex is best with Ashlee 866-605-2544…And waiting. It became pleasurably agonizing, hoping every time I heard a tiny sound in the hallway it would be him approaching. I would get excited, and then mellow out again when I realized it was just my imagination. When he did at last come, I didn’t even hear him approach.


He assumed as he entered the classroom because it was too dim to see my face, though I had made sure the glow did illuminate my nearly bare legs. I was glad he was expecting it to be me.

“Mr. Atkins.” I acknowledged him and removed my legs from his desk, slowly crossing them in front of me.

“This note… what are you doing here? We shouldn’t be here.”

He was saying the words, but even to someone who wasn’t engaging in wishful thinking, they sounded unconvincing. I stood up and leaned against the edge of his desk, facing him, opening my legs a bit so he could imagine himself between them.

“Mr. Atkins, I’m sorry if you’re misunderstanding. I just wanted to discuss Dracula a bit more.”

He moved closer, grinning.

When he was close enough that I could touch him, I grabbed his tie and pulled his body into mine. I could feel that he was already hard as he pressed against the loose fabric separating us. The situation excited him as much as it excited me. “You’ve always been my favorite student, Ashlee, but I could get in a lot of trouble for being here right now.”

Pulling harder on his tie, my mouth found his neck. “I’ll just have to make it worth the risk, then.”

He groaned while his hands found the underside of my thighs, pulling me closer to him, moving us both back so I was resting on his desk. I slid back further and wrapped my legs around him.

“I just wanted to experience this before graduation,” I told him. “I’ve been trying hard all year not to make a move.”

Even in the low light, I could see the smile that spread across his face. He said he loved the way I looked lying on his desk. I responded by feeling the bulge in his pants, attempting to grip him through the fabric and feeling him grow.

“We need to make this quick. They’ll look for me if I don’t come back.”

“Perfect” I whispered in his ear. With the suspense building as long as it had, I was dripping wet in anticipation anyway.

I heard him unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants but I didn’t look away from his face. Even in the dark he looked handsome. I wanted him to tell me more about sex and blood and death but I also just wanted to experience it with him — all the parts of being human, all the things worth writing about.

I was happy there, to be a willing participant in a fantasy I was sure he had. Happy when he slid my lace panties off, happy when he didn’t bother to remove my bra but instead pulled my breasts free from it, and especially happy when his body met mine.

While forging a path with his mouth from my neck, down to my collarbone, and then landing on my tits, he pulled me closer to him and entered me. The speed with which he poured himself into me belied his eagerness. I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

He thrust himself in and out of me with frenzied desire as I felt myself on the verge of a glorious orgasm. I arched my body, pushing my tits high up into the air as I came all over his cock. He told me that I was a good girl, and slowly pulled his dick out of me. He pressed his cheek against mine and whispered, “Ashlee, if you want to be a great student you’re going to have to finish me off with your mouth.”

Kneeling before him, I skipped the niceties and began sucking him with full force right away, working my hand around his shaft in tandem with my mouth. His hands worked their way through my hair, separating it into two ponytails that he held firmly as he used them to guide my head onto his cock, increasing in rhythm until I felt him tense up while his hands were busy clenching my hair.

Pulling my head down on him, he held me there and emptied his hot cum into the back of my throat. While pulling my mouth from his cock, I ran my tongue over my lips, savoring every drop that was just fed to me.

“The reward certainly did outweigh the risk! Thank you, Ashlee!”

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