You’re on a park bench with your wife or girlfriend just enjoying a sunny afternoon. You’re far from alone. A lot of people are out and about among you, but as far as you’re concerned you and your sweetie are all by yourselves with no one to disturb you. You have your phone on you, but you already decided to ignore any calls or text messages that come in. She’s been bothering you about not spending enough time with her, so you owe some quality time to her. This is her day with you. Right now, you belong to her. This is what you’ve been thinking. I am not so sure I agree. I am going to take this day from her.

I respect that you might have another woman in your life. I understand that you cuddle with her and that you do things together. I realize that you say things to her that you might also say to me. I even get that you sometimes put your dick in her. Again, I respect the situation. But I do not respect her. I do not pretend to like her, and I want to take something from her.  I want to take you.

Back to the sunny afternoon, just when she’s thinking to herself that life is good, I happen by. To her, I’m just another young buxom female that she’s not in the same league with. With each passing year she grows more insecure (and maybe a little more thick around the waist and ankles too), so while she has no idea as to who I am, she knows that you would do things to me that you only do out of obligation with her. Hoping your attention won’t be confiscated by me; she takes your hand, locks fingers tightly and tries to say something. It doesn’t matter at this point, because you are focused on both making eye contact with me while preventing her from noticing it.

I’m not going to make it easy on you, but I’m also not going to get you in trouble. With a mere glance, I tell you that I’m ready when you are. When I shift my eyes to your ball & chain, then immediately back to you, you notice a smirk overtake my face. I pull out my phone and you can see that I’m begging to text someone. As I’m putting my phone away, you feel a vibration in your pants pocket. Our eyes lock on each other again, albeit momentarily. In that moment, you know that I’ve won. Today is no longer her day.  I have taken it from her.  And I am going to take more from her.

Call me babe. Call me from her bed. Jerk off with me and let me make you cum all over the fresh sheets that she just made up the bed with. Because I am the one you really want to be with.

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