Phone sex Ashlee 866-605-2544I don’t really read too much into my dreams, but as you’re fast asleep and actually experiencing them, they can be incredibly intense (especially the bad ones). The dream I had was truly terrible. But what ensued afterwards was such a wonderfully delightful surprise that I just had to write about it and express my sincere gratitude.

The Dream…

You and I were on the phone together. You were lying down in your bed, your cock hard as a rock, gripped tightly in your hand; your iPhone was on speaker while resting on your chest. Our conversation flowed freely and our sexual chemistry was at an all-time high. As I heard your breathing becoming harder and louder, I knew you were on the brink so I took over the call, and the phone sex was on!  I decided to edge you, elongating the pleasure and urgency that was coursing through your veins. Shortly thereafter, you screamed out “I’m cumming, Ashlee”. You erupted like a volcano, spewing your hot man gravy all over yourself.

“Did you cum hard, babe?” I asked rhetorically. The grunt that escaped your mouth was barely audible, but it was enough to confirm that you did, indeed, cum very hard! As you lie there basking in the afterglow of our erotic phone sex encounter, the aftershocks of our sex slowly begin to trickle through your depleted body. In that moment, we both feel contented and emphatically aware that my brand of personal phone sex is unparalleled; I am your only desire, and you are mine.

Once you start to regain your normal breathing pattern, you say “Ashlee, I have something for you. That gold snowflake bracelet you’ve been wanting for so long… well, I bought it for you! I can’t wait to get home tomorrow. I’m so looking forward to taking you out for a night on the town! I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to present it to you, and in less than 24 hours I can finally slip it on your wrist.”

Upon hearing that, I fall deeply and madly in love with you. I cherish all the ways in which you go above and beyond for me. You know all of the little Tidbits about me and you remembered how I just love surprises! I had planned on welcoming you home with a killer blow job, but now it’s my turn to surprise you with a little gift of my own! I want to wake you up with my mouth wrapped around the head of your cock every single day for an entire month!

The next day finally arrives, but your flight home is delayed, and then the traffic is unimaginably slow. When you’re close to my house you call me to say your car broke down and you need to be towed. “I’m sorry, Ash,” you tell me. With that, my heart sinks. I so very much wanted to see you, wanted to saunter around in a sexy dress that shows off my curves. I had planned to suck your cock until you were close to climaxing, and then have you pull it out of my mouth and finish off by christening my wrist, and the gorgeous bracelet that was supposed to adorn it!  (Like I said, bad dreams are terrible.)

Reality Sets Back In…

But then I awoke. It took a few moments to realize none of what I dreamt had really happened. But it’s not always so easy to simply flip your emotional switch back on. I glance at my phone and saw that I have a missed call from you. I attempt to reach you to no avail.

I’m missing you like crazy, and long to hear your voice. I check my emails to see if maybe you left me a comment on a recent blog post or on my Guestbook page. Instead, there’s an automated email from Amazon. It’s a notification that my coveted bracelet that I had just dreamt about, has been purchased from my wish list!

When it arrived a note was enclosed that read, “Sorry I missed you, my sweet Ashlee. I wanted you to have this. Everything you do to me and for me, from the way you make me cum during our phone sex calls, to keeping my secrets safe, to the blogs you thoughtfully write, to the way you maintain your website, is only part of why I won’t settle for anyone else! Nobody does it better. And certainly, No Man Calls Only Once.”

“Thank you so very much, baby! I really needed to hear that.”

You matter a great deal to me, and you mean more than you could possibly know.

I look forward to showing you what gratitude feels like, my love.

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