We’re out for a walk along the ocean, enjoying the 80 degree early evening temperature that’s accompanied by a soothing breeze. The sound of the waves crashing always carries me away into thoughts of romance and sex. My body is being heated by the sun but the real heat is burning from within, deep within my fiery burning loins.

I had been asking you for months to take me away, to bring me somewhere that’s hot and beautiful (like yours truly). It’s only for a weekend but that’s long enough for me to put you in a relaxed state. No clocks, no fears of being interrupted, no rushing anything at all. We wake up when we want to, we turn in when we are ready to and we make love with wild abandon when we want to!

After a skinny dip in the foamy ocean we lie out on the beach, accompanied by only a bottle of champagne. We trade sips straight from the bottle as we watch the sun setting. It’s an intensely sensual moment lying there, soaking in this glorious setting together, while the ocean mist cools our sun kissed bodies. I say to you softly, “Babe, I want you to be mine tonight.”

“I am yours, Ashlee,” you say, a little surprised and a tad confused that I could possibly think I didn’t already have plenty of power over you. I go on to explain that I don’t just want you lusting after me. I want you falling for me emotionally. I tell you that you will be well rewarded for your submission to me. I will bestow upon you such intense and frequent episodes of pleasure that you will wonder why you did not completely subordinate yourself to me sooner. Your eyes grow wide when I suggest we go inside so I can suck your cock while you mull it over.

Moments later, I’m on my knees on the hardwood floor before you; your legs are spread open as you lounge against the back of the couch. You like the feeling of my fingertips fluttering across your inner thighs. It feels both sweet and seductive enough to put you in a trance-like state.

You seem to like even more when I gently scratch them with my long fingernails. My dough eyes stare into yours as if I was asking for permission or approval, but we both know that at this moment I do not need to officially ask for anything. You’d rather do whatever my heart desired and you’d move heaven and earth to do so! The promise of me pleasuring your cock gives me a tremendous power over you that, when wielded thoughtfully, will make you cum harder than you ever have before.

“Ashlee, I want you. I want you badly.”

“Do you want me or need me? I want you to tell me what’s going through your mind right now.”

You’re still a bit stunned. Your mind races to find something to say to me but all you can think of is telling me how much you need me to suck your cock right now.

Call me now and I’ll show you what cums with your acquiescence…

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