Many of you (my flurry of callers) have dabbled in or even full on enjoyed engaging in various types of ass-play with me during our countless trysts together over the many years we’ve known one another. However, for those of you that have yet to have me in your ear or simply still have a burning curiosity about “ass-play” and have been a bit reticent to broach it with me, I’ve written this blog entry with you in mind, more specifically.

Just as with any other type of sexual desire or fetish curiosity, you won’t know until you try it. First off: Trying, liking, craving, doing and having done to you does not mean you are gay. I have not been with a single heterosexual man that didn’t like having my finger gently find its way into his ass during the throes of passion. This is not to say that all of them requested it, but certainly, none of them protested it.

Being curious is an inherent characteristic we all possess. Why engage in sex or even masturbation for that matter, if you aren’t going to strive for the maximum amount of pleasure the mind and body is capable of releasing? I want you to experience that kind of intense pleasure when we are together. I welcome you to want to try new things with me. Being on a phone sex call with me is safe and I never pass any judgment whatsoever. Can you say the same about your wife or girlfriend?

I personally love to have my ass touched, caressed, kissed, licked and fucked. It just ups the ante on something that already feels so fucking good. Have you secretly already slipped a finger or two into your ass? Did you like it and graduate to something a bit thicker like a Sharpie or even a candlestick? Fantastic! You’ve already discovered that you enjoy ass-play!

Let’s continue building on that pleasurable feeling shall we? I could lube up a butt-plug and softly push it into your ass. Perhaps I could try a nice prostate vibe on you while I’m sucking on your hard cock? Imagine me pulling that vibe out just long enough to lick your ass and balls. If you’ve never had a woman lick your ass and balls, you honestly do not know what you’ve been missing.

I would start you off slow and easy with my smaller, six-inch dildo. I’d have you get down on your knees and suck it, getting used to it, feeling your way around having your mouth near a cock. I’d instruct you to take your time with it, getting it nice and wet. Then, once you have the rhythm down and are showing me signs of how turned on you’ve become, I’ll move on to the next step. When I’m satisfied with your performance, I’ll invite you to turn around and get down on all fours, resting your face sideways on the pillow so that you can still see what I’m doing to you.

Next, you’ll hear the squelch of the warm Astroglide as I squeeze some out of the tube to saturate your eager, little rosebud. I always ensure that you’re very wet and very aroused before I even entertain the notion of getting near your pleasure hole. I begin by pressing the tip of my lady cock against your pulsing pink balloon knot. I just love hearing the deep gasp that ensues after your initial intake of breath. It sends chills of sexual delight up my spine, fueling me to give your balls a little squeeze, triggering your anticipation of what I’ll do next. You’ve convinced yourself that it’s going to hurt but your pleasure sensors are delivering a very different message.

Now you’re ready. I gingerly begin to slip it in about halfway. It glides in effortlessly. “Good boy”. You’ve got half of my cock buried inside you, now for the rest of it. “Take a deep breath, love. Just relax, and push down a bit with your inner muscles.” That’ll naturally open you up and allow my strap-on to slide directly into home plate. I’ll move very slowly, probably so slowly that you’ll get impatient and start lunging back on me to meet my thrusts. You’ll want more, more of my pleasure rod. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t ask me to explore your sweet ass sooner.

From a gesture as simple as me pressing my thumb against your tight hole, to a finger gently meandering inside to probe all of the unknown pleasures that lie within, to feeling my luscious tits slamming against your back while my hand jerks the cum from your cock as my hips crash into you. You will be milked and fucked simultaneously until you cum gloriously!

Anal stimulation can add a whole new dimension of erotic pleasure to ordinary sex.

Anal play is not for everyone. But I want you to feel comfortable and free to experience anything you have even remotely wondered about with yours truly.

I always welcome your curiosity and cravings.

So what are you waiting for?

What shall  we try first, babe…

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