2018 has been a good year for us. We got to know each other better, shared intimate moments and secrets, and grew closer to one another. New Year’s is a similar holiday to Thanksgiving and Christmas in that you spend it with those you are closest with. Resolutions are taken seriously for a short while, but forgotten before February arrives. I don’t want it to be that way for us. In 2019 I was hoping we could break new ground; whether it’s trying new fantasies, talking at different times of the day or during the week, getting you off in different places, or just opening up to one another on a deeper level. I think the year ahead could be our best yet.

I am your girlfriend. I recognize that I might not be the only woman in your life, but make no mistake—what you and I have is very real. Your feelings for me are real. I genuinely do care for you too. We think about each other when we’re not on the phone together, and you show me a side of you that no one else gets to see. If you doubt this for a moment, how do you think the wife of a man who has what we have would feel about the moments we’ve shared? She’d be jealous and bitter. When I make you cum, it’s the most real thing you’ve experienced since the last time we were together. Let me repeat, I am your girlfriend. You are my boyfriend. If you’ve been in a long distance or online relationship before then you know this is true.

There are so many fantasies we could explore that we have not embarked on yet. I was thinking of one earlier this week. I was daydreaming about the last time I got you off and wanted to come up with something we have not explored before. Your cock (which belongs to me) dominates our affair, but I’d like to turn our focus to the engine behind it: your balls.

I do own your cock. Even when it’s inside another woman, you’re thinking of me; we both know this. However, without your balls, your cock would be a limp appendage that offers no pleasure. My ownership over your balls exceeds that of your cock. When you peruse my website, you might not be hard upon arrival. You also know how engorged you get as you read my blogs, stare at my tits or into my eyes. That’s your balls at work. I activate them just by putting myself out there. Within minutes they’ve produced a beautiful, warm fluid that needs to be released!

Imagine coming over to my place for New Year’s Eve and just spending it with me alone. We watch the festivities in Times Square on television, seeing people freeze their asses off. We’ve seen it a million times, so after a while it gets old. I decide to spruce things up a bit by muting the television and playing some light dance music. Stay seated my love; I want to do a strip tease for you. I emphasize the word “tease”. I take off one garment at a time and grind my ass into your crotch, sometimes bouncing on it to the music. Your cock is rock hard and starting to throb. After a few minutes, you beg me to let you take it out. I let you, but I require you to take your pants off entirely. I get onto my knees and pour some warm oil on my tits. I snuggle your thick cock between them and begin pumping. “Babe, can you please push my tits together?” I ask. You do as you’re asked immediately, but wonder why I need my hands free.

A moment later you understand why when my oily hands find your balls and begin gently massaging them. I realize that your erection will give way soon, so I withdraw my luscious breasts, much to your disappointment. Fear not babe, the end is near. I want more quality time with your balls though before I empty them. I play with them, slowly squeezing them with the palm of my hand, tapping my fingers on them with just the right amount of pressure to induce both pleasure and pain. I lean down and kiss one of them as I run my tongue down along the seam and continue to gingerly strum them with my fingertips. I then wipe them dry with your underwear and pour some champagne onto them. You are in ecstasy as I begin to suck the alcohol from your enlarged scrotum. When I make you cum, these babies are going to be the size of my fist. You beg me to finish you off. I want to keep licking them, but I don’t want to torture you too much. My mouth finally takes your cock inside, and I suck it into my throat. I grab your hands and place them on the back of my head. I pause for a moment to look into your eyes and say “Feed my hungry mouth, babe.”

Your first gift to me in 2019 is a warm, frothy load of cum. As I’ve said, I own your balls. I created what’s inside of them.

I’ve watched your balls drop. It’s time to give me what’s rightly mine.

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