I know that you enjoy the idea of being taunted and teased mercifully by a sexy, confident, intelligent woman like me. I also know that every man secretly craves a case of achy blue-balls. Anticipation is the ultimate form of foreplay. The pain is almost debilitating, but you endure the discomfort because you know that the greater the pain, the more glorious your explosion will be. I bet you have even jerked off (or fantasized at the very least) about having to beg and plead for permission to release the huge blast of cum that has your balls feeling like sand bags.

I love toying with you through tease and denial. Can you imagine a more perfect way to experience being edged than having my sultry voice in your ear as I bring you closer and closer to eruption? Are you curious about having your cock and balls stimulated beyond the point of no return? I am an expert in the art of cock tease. However, in the end, I will always let you have what you want: a hot, sheet soaking orgasm.

I have found that enduring a bit of discomfort and pain heightens the excitement, the desire, and it builds and spills out past the boundaries of control. Once I finally release you from my grip and allow you to explode in my pussy, on my tummy, between my tits, or even in my tight little ass, it’s the most mind numbing experience you’ll ever have.

I have been teasing and pleasing men since I was a preteen, and I know how to hold your cock and balls captive with just one tool. My voice, it’s my secret weapon. I will take you outside your limits and back again, better and faster than any other woman you will ever have the pleasure of touching.

I have the hottest and most sensual voice of any female you will ever hear. I invite (and dare) you to find out why No Man Calls Only Once. My tits are beautiful, but my voice is unrivaled. End of story.

Pick up the phone and hear for yourself.

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