Sometimes a picture says it all. I enjoy writing these blog entries for you because I like offering you some insight into my life. Little sprinkles of who I am, what I like, how I think. The photos I post here help. They provide you the chance to see me in different poses and each of those poses represent a variance in my moods and thoughts. But sometimes there’s a picture that says more than I can say with just words, like this picture. It’s times like this that I think it’s a lot more fun to know what you’re thinking.

What do you see when you look at this photograph? I know enough about psychology to know that we see what we want to see. If you’re drawn to this picture, you’re drawn to it because you love the idea of having a sexy, powerful woman take control. You feel it all the way down to your cock. It makes you weak in the knees just thinking about me claiming your cock as mine!

It’s the idea of surrender that draws you in. And that’s what I want to know more about. The idea of your surrender, the idea of you being completely under my spell, makes me incredibly horny. So this week, I want to turn the tables. You know enough about me. Now it’s time I learned more about you…about what brought you here, what makes you hard, what makes you cum. So call me and talk to me. Share with me your secrets, the ones you never tell anyone. Tell me your fantasies and divulge your kinkiest thoughts. Give it all up to me. Tell me everything.

You see, once I learn all about you, you’ll be completely mine. Once you confess your innermost secrets to me, you’ll be powerless to escape my hold on your cock. You won’t be able to stop thinking about me. You’ll dream about me at night. Your cock will be under my command and I promise you, you’ll love every second of it

So let’s get to know each other better. It’s only fair; you’ve been reading all about me. Isn’t it time I learned more about you? After all, you have nothing to lose… except your cock.

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