Cuckolding is one of those fetishes that many have never heard of and a good portion of those that have, completely misunderstand it. It’s not as cut and dry as the stereotype it has earned and it doesn’t mean that you are gay or any less of a man for engaging in it. While it’s true that one form involves emasculation and/or humiliation, other forms are more about mutual pleasure and bringing you closer to your partner. It’s not the act that defines cuckolding; it’s your intentions behind it.

It’s all about visual stimulation – for both of you. It allows for being able to see one another in a different way that is not possible when you are in the throes of a sex act yourself. When you think of your lady, chances are that you never see her as more beautiful than when you are pleasing her. As pleasurable as that is though, there’s something to be said for taking a step back and observing her receiving pleasure from another.

For you, it’s about how hot it makes you to see your woman being pounded by someone else and the euphoria that washes over her as it’s happening. Seeing her being taken by another dude’s cock stimulates every part of you. To watch her writhe in ecstasy as she arches her back and pushes her erect nipple into his salivating mouth trumps any porn imaginable.

As for her, whether she admits it or not, I’m certain that she herself has fantasized about being seduced by someone else. We all fantasize, but the conventional rules of what constitutes “cheating” often holds us back from exploring those desires further. Many women dismiss unfulfilled cravings as unrealistic; never knowing that it could actually be something their man would find exhilarating. It could even enhance your sex life together and strengthen your emotional bond. As a woman, there are few things that can turn us on more than seeing how much we turn YOU on. Having the opportunity to feel another man’s cock inside of us as his hands are groping our bodies while we are able to watch you stroking your hard cock is insanely hot! Seeing how much you want us in that moment is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Sex is supposed to be interesting and fun. Tapping into something a bit less mundane can be quite mind blowing. Sadly, so many women miss out on this opportunity, but I understand what she doesn’t. I know that it IS possible to share your woman without emotional distance forming. There are certain things that push our pleasure buttons and even pretending that you are watching her get fucked can be incredibly arousing.

I get it completely and I’m very good at bringing this particular fetish/role-play to life in all forms. Ultimately, there are neither rules nor just one way to participate in cuckolding. It can be about your insecurity of your size and wanting to see her with a “real” man and how he handles her like you can’t or it can be about seeing the person you are most attracted to from all angles of their sensuality and femininity.

Whatever your motivation, actively seeking out being a cuck or just craving a taste of it in a delicious scenario, I’m happy to oblige you. So, what’s it going to be, babe…

To have or to cuckold?