As much as I bemoan the end of bikini season, the change of weather is also a time to celebrate one of my favorite hobbies: watching football. I love this time of year and I love Sunday afternoons parked on my couch in front of the television. One of the great things about the NFL is that going into the season; every team except the Browns has a chance to make the playoffs. Even my beloved Oakland Raiders saw the post-season last year.

I’d like to kick off a new idea for us to try. This one is all about fun. The same way a gambling addict lays a few bucks on the line in order to have more interest in a game; I propose we instill some light-hearted excitement. What do you think of this: If I make you cum within the first 24 hours after the Raiders win, I will be willing to schedule a 5-10 minute quickie with you at any time of the day you choose. Want me to be your morning alarm to greet your morning wood? How about the fast explosion right after you return from the gym or just before you go to sleep? You’ll have this to look forward to in the hours (or days) leading up to it.

What about if the Raiders lose? Well, in that case, if you call me within 24 hours after they fall short, I will use it to cheer myself up. If I make you cum within a day of a loss, then for the next three days following that call, I will email you a particularly hot picture of me that will never get posted on my website. It will be for your eyes only.

I’m up for coming up with other little games like this, perhaps one involving your team. But it does appeal to me that you’ll be checking out the scores on ESPN with an eye towards what Derek Carr is doing that afternoon. What do you say babe?

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