This was not one of our well-planned rendezvous. No, this was you and I, and the coincidence of all coincidences that we landed at the same wedding. Neither of us really knows the bride or groom. For you it was your wife’s boss’s daughter getting hitched. You were there for political reasons. I was there with a friend of mine who needed a plus one. She is the bride’s dog’s groomer. My friend was actually the one who noticed you. “Ash, don’t look now but there’s a fucking gorgeous hunk of man eye fucking you right over there.”

I was prepared to act cavalier as I took a glance until I realized it was you surveying me. Just as we made eye contact, however, your other half interrupts us. “Honey, I’m going to pop over there to talk with one of my co-workers. You don’t mind being all by your lonesome for a little while?”

Sweeter words could not have been spoken! She left a musty cloud of her dime store perfume looming in air as she scurried along to her next conversation (victim). You turn to me and see me smirking right back at you. It was exactly what you had hoped to see: confirmation that I’m focused on you; I understand your delicate predicament (aka your wife); and finally, that nothing is going to stop us from coming together tonight.

I motion to you that I’m headed to the Ladies Room, knowing that you’ll follow my cue. Minutes later, and we’re in each other’s arms, hidden within a forest of hanging coats. You had given the coat check girl a large bill on our way in, a small price to pay for what’s to cum.

“Ashlee, I need to have you. I need you.” “What do you need, baby? Tell me what you want to do to me,” I direct you. But I don’t let you answer. Instead, I drop to my knees. You love the sight of my hands unzipping your fly, followed by my nibble hand dive right down into your pants. You let out a light moan when my fingers bring your hard cock into the palm of my hand and form a grip around it. I pull my head back and stare up at you with lust filled eyes that expressed how much I want to please you. You gently rest your hand behind my head, cradling it, sensually guiding me towards your thick cock.

Staring at your engorged cock, I could feel how slick my pussy was, and how feverishly I wanted to suck it. My mouth opened, lips wet (both sets), and I draw you deep inside my mouth. My lips clamp around the shaft as I savor the taste of your pre-cum. I begin to sucking you off to the tune of my humming. The vibrations are driving you to the brink as you struggle to summon the strength to stand upright.

I take your cock out of my mouth for a moment, and yank your pants down to your ankles to allow more room to maneuver. Then I return to blowing you with the precise amount of sucking strength. As I’m working my magic, you feel my lips touch the very base of your dick. Your balls slap my chin as we rock back and forth. Finally, you can’t hold out any longer and you shoot a warm geyser of cum down my throat. I eagerly swallow every drop, and contently run my tongue over lips afterwards.

The ways in which I want to make you cum are vast and varied.

Call me.

I promise your call will be the prelude to More.

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