They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I enjoy writing my blog entries for you for many reasons, and sprinkling tidbits about my life in my blog is a way that I can give you some additional insight into my life when I’m not in your ear. My erotic phone sex diary helps you understand who I am, what I’m into and how I think. Yes, the photos that I post help too. You get to see me in lots of sexy poses demonstrating some of the many different sides to my sensuality.

But sometimes there’s a picture that simply expresses more than mere words alone can. Take this picture, for instance. There is a definitive message I’m sending out and when I’m speaking to you with my eyes and body, I want to know how your eyes and body are reacting to the message I’m conveying. It’s incredibly arousing for me to know that our sexual signals are in sync.

What do you see when you look at this photo? Maybe you see an alluring woman who is confident and powerful. Or a woman who knows she’s beyond hot and isn’t afraid to show it. Perhaps you see a woman who is aware of what she has to offer. Maybe even a woman who is ready to grab a hold of what she wants, taking it, and claiming it as her own. (And you’d be right.)

But I know enough about psychology to know that we see what we want to see. If you’re drawn to this picture, you’re drawn to it because you enjoy the idea of having a seductive goddess take the reins sexually. You feel it all the way down to your cock. It makes your heart skip a beat and causes your knees to go weak just thinking about it. The possibility of me taking complete control of your penis makes you throb and twitch with anticipation.

It’s the notion of surrender that draws you in. That’s what I want to know more about. Does the idea of your surrender make you horny, babe? I’d like to explore that with you. You know plenty about me. I want to delve a little deeper into what really drives your lust and desire. I want to tap into the areas you are not permitted to explore with “her”. I promise it will feel incredible.

You see, once I’ve learned all about the desires you’ve had to subdue for so long, you will find it impossible to cum without me. Also, once you’ve confessed your less conventional yearnings that you’ve yet to explore, you’ll be powerless to escape the hold I wield over your cock. Therefore, you’ll be completely mine. Pleasant thought, isn’t it!?

With me, you are safe; I derive great pleasure in helping you discover what lies beyond vanilla sex. I welcome and encourage whatever kind of kinky phone sex fuckery you want to explore.

I’m ready to show you the power and euphoria that your sexual surrender will bring.

It’s time to call…

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