5 free minutes with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544I’ve been thinking about the dynamic between us lately. Sometimes I feel like I preside over our relationship and that you are content being passive and a bit more yielding. Other times it’s reversed, and you take more of an assertive stance. Yet, these opposing roles don’t cause any discord between us, because at the end of the day we have the perfect blend of give and take.

It’s a bit like having a joint bank account. The focus is not that 50% of the money is mine and 50% is yours. We each have access to 100% of it.  However, there are times when one of us will withdraw or deposit more than the other. It’s with this analysis in mind that I concocted a thrilling fantasy about compromise and knowing when it’s the right time to give or to take from one another.

You live alone in a 2 bedroom apartment in the city. You’re home alone one night, perusing Phone Sex Central in search of a girl to keep you company when suddenly there’s an emphatic knocking at your front door.

Your body involuntarily jumps from being startled. You look through the peep-hole and see a beautiful, buxom goddess standing on the other side (yours truly, of course!). You see nothing to fear so you open the door.

I look into your eyes, and quickly maneuver my voluptuous body past you until I’m inside. “Hurry, I exclaim. Close the door! Please close it!”  You’re stunned but do as I ask anyway. You can’t imagine how this incredibly hot body that’s shaking before you, could ever be in the wrong versus whatever she’s afraid of outside.

My boyfriend locked me out of our apartment after he found me packing up to leave him, I tell you in between trembling breaths, and he is in a murderous rage. I climb into your arms after seeing the empathy on your face. You embrace me like a little sister at first. But I don’t let go of you so quickly. Instead I make myself comfortable snuggled up against your chest. I wrap my arms around you tightly as my knee finds your erection.

I rub it back and forth until it goes from hard to rigid. “Can I stay the night?” I ask with big beguiling eyes. Your cock pulsating up against my leg is the precise answer I was hoping for. We spend the next couple hours just sitting together talking. Your soothing voice calms me and makes me feel safe and protected.

“You really are my hero tonight.” I whisper in your ear. “And I know how to reward a man who does such sweet and chivalrous things for me.” Your mind is reeling with the possible ways in which you might be rewarded by me.

At this point, your heart practically leaps out of your chest as I begin to undo the buttons on your shirt. My fingers gently rub your chest just before I start planting wet kisses and little swirly licks with my tongue all over it. I look up at you and bat my lashes as my kisses start moving upward to your neck.

When my hand joins in, it roams down to your crotch and your body shudders and fills with goose bumps as you moan with pleasure. You hold my face in your strong hands and reply with “Do you have any idea what you are doing to me, Ashlee? I want your reward.”

I wrap my fingers around your muscular shaft and begin to jerk it hard and fast. As I’m pumping your cock, I reach down and give your heavy balls a soft squeeze and you erupt, glazing my entire hand with your hot cum.

“Thank you for being here for me tonight, babe. I love that I could be here for you in return.”

“You and I have the perfect give and take!”

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