The power of a good story is in the telling and I think the same can be said for phone sex. It is one of my biggest turn ons and can also be one of the most difficult sexual crafts to master. Anyone can read a person in real time. The most obvious reason for this is because it’s physically evident how certain things one does to their partner affects them sexually. However, with phone sex, many of our senses are taken away and the heightened faculty that you are left with is sound, stripped down to just tone and imagination; and it is so much more satisfying when the person who is guiding you into orgasm understands this and gets it right.

I’ve always preferred words over pictures. Most people need visual stimulation but for me, it has always been aural. My earliest forays into erotic pleasure began when I was a teenager while visiting chat rooms. I later progressed to phone calls with older guys. They inevitably found my voice sexy and our phone calls segued into sexual banter rather quickly. It was during those lust-driven calls that I discovered that words give me that warm, melted caramel feeling in my loins.

I also enjoy the power I feel when I’m engaging with you. Whether you are in the mood for a straightforward vanilla scenario or your fantasy involves seductively maneuvering the conversation deeper through a sexual kaleidoscope of erotic nuances, it turns me on knowing that your erection answers to me.

Engaging in phone sex with you is thrilling for me and I get very aroused by bringing your fantasies to life, fleshing them out and giving shape and weight to them. I love adding my own tweaks and embellishments to them as well. When I hear you your inflections begin to change on the other end of the line, it floods me with urgent desire for you. You are not in this alone; I derive just as much pleasure from our calls as you do, babe.

I direct every call differently. There are lots of variables involved in this. Sometimes I wait through your silence for the low, almost pained groan of recognition as my targeted words hit the spot. Other times, you are very horny from the get-go and tell me exactly how you feel about what I’m saying and where I’m taking things. Whatever kind of mood you’re in, I know how to take you there glorious fashion.

I thrive on the clandestine manner of a phone sex call, the furtive, whispered words that are shared in private, between just you and me. There is a depth of pleasure that can only be reached when you are able to be present, in the moment and ready to embrace the intense sexual gratification that can only happen when your mind and body are relaxed and in perfect sync. I know how to help you achieve this kind of euphoria because I have not only honed my craft, but mastered it.

Some men are content with the fake, heavy breathing, exaggerated moans and peals of faux orgasmic pleasure reverberating through their phone lines. However, you wouldn’t be here, if you were a man who is willing to settle for a meager orgasm. I know that you need more, crave more and deserve more. Rest assured, I will give you all that you need, and you will want more because “No Man Calls Only Once”.


It’s time to call and discover the intimacy between two voices.

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