There’s nothing tackier than tan lines which is why I tan in the nude whenever possible. The challenge is that my yard is exposed on one side to a neighbor’s yard by a chain link fence. Fortunately my neighbor is an elderly woman who rarely leaves the house, which made the events that follow even more surprising.

I had been laying out for most of the morning on my stomach and when I turned over to lie on my back, I took out my ear buds and heard the sound of a lawnmower coming from my neighbor’s yard. I didn’t see anyone so I decided the hell with it and lied down to make sure my breasts got the attention from the sun that they deserved. It was hot that day and I could feel my body starting to glisten under a thin layer of perspiration. I reached for my drink and took out an ice cube and ran it around my stomach, feeling goose bumps rise over my burning flesh. I traced it up my body and rubbed it around my nipple, feeling it instantly harden. Between my legs there was a constant tingle that was now starting to throb. I slid my hand between my creamy thighs, slipping a finger inside my moist pussy when I realized that I was being watched.

There you were, taking a pause from cutting the grass as you stood there watching me with my finger moving deeply between my swollen lips. Our eyes locked with lust and you sighed as I noticed that you were pumping your hard, thick cock. It was slick with pre-cum and my arousal caused me to slide two more fingers inside my dripping pussy. We looked deep into one another’s eyes as we both kept rhythm, masturbating just ten feet away, but fucking one another with ferocious intensity.

Your eyes broke contact as I felt them studying me. I was entranced with pleasure and my huge breasts were brown and shining in the sun. I lied there working my ripe pussy now full with three fingers. I pumped myself harder as you did the same to your rigid cock; the veins in your cock were engorged and bulging (so yummy)!  Suddenly and without a word spoken between us, we started to push ourselves vigorously toward orgasm, until we both explode together. I squirted like never before as it both gushed and sprayed far and wide; your ejaculation was even more impressive as it hit my stomach from several feet away. I wiped my finger across my taut tummy and had a taste. You were beyond delicious.

Call me. I promise it won’t feel like there’s a fence between us baby!

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