You may have noticed that I recently updated my website. I’ve added a brand new page to my menu and some new pictures throughout the site (with several more to come). In addition, there will be lots of updates to my Tidbits page this week as well. So stay tuned, and let me know your thoughts! I love being your eye-candy and nothing gets me more turned on than knowing that your erection belongs to me!

I decided to reveal a bit more of myself with this refresh underway (when a girl you’ve already seen naked wants to reveal more, you pay attention). On my Tidbits page I shared that my first phone sex call happened when I was only 14, and that I swallowed my first load three years later. I thought you might enjoy those little nibbles from my autobiography as much as I enjoyed divulging them. I liked the thought of you visualizing me when I was younger. I wrote out my words on a piece of notebook paper, but when I saw the words “First time I swallowed: 17” live on the page; I decided to share the backstory and the torrid details surrounding the unveiling of my innocence.

I regard the summer of 2002 as the time when I awoke from innocence. It was the months in between my 7th and 8th grades. I had dated boys, but never went beyond kissing and letting them feel me up (I was already a C cup at 13; D cup by 15). The night where things began to change was a hot July week day. My girlfriends and I were hanging out, no parents around, just killing time in the air conditioning. This was before cell phones took over the world and most prank calls were made by kids instead of scam artists.

We used to entertain ourselves for hours by calling cute, older boys at stores in the mall in hopes of flirting with them. At some point we stumbled upon a high school senior named Sean when we called him at his job at Foot Locker. My best friend Suzanne kept him on the line for a good 2 minutes (a marathon in prank call time) the first time he answered. The next time she called him a week later, they talked for 10 minutes, and he ordered us a pizza and soda. We thought it was the coolest thing ever, and that he was the coolest guy ever. I wanted to see what would happen if I called!

So, back to the July week day… when someone proposed seeing if Sean would send us pizza again, I insisted that this time I be the one to talk to him. Suzanne was taken aback, perhaps even a bit jealous of the thought of another girl talking to Sean, but after some peer pressure from the others, she caved. We all sat around in a circle with me in the middle. I dialed him, got him on the line after two rings. “Hi Sean, this is Ashlee. I’m a friend of Suzanne’s.” That was all that he needed to hear in order to start flirting with me. It was not my first time, but he was older than the other boys I had previously engaged in this game with. He was charming and funny, and he told me I had a sexy voice. Finally he asked “Are you wet right now?” I slammed the receiver down (this is 2002 we’re talking about) and turned beet red in front of my girlfriends. Despite their protests, I refused to share with them what he just said. I couldn’t. I couldn’t because I knew they’d ask if I was, in fact, wet right now and I also knew they’d know I was lying when I told them I was not. I was only 14 years old, my panties were soaked and I was giddy over garnering the attention of a senior in high school!

Riding my bike home was a bit uncomfortable given how moist my crotch was, but I made it there quickly. I took the key my mother left under the mat because no one was home, which is just what I was counting on. I ran upstairs to my room and took my shorts off. I was about to get in bed and love myself to orgasm, but the phone rang. It was Sean. “Hi Ashlee he said.” Please don’t hang up. Please, please, please,” he begged. He apologized profusely, insisting that he didn’t know what had come over him and that he just found my voice to be so incredibly hot. I knew that high school boys were supposed to be horny and found it hard to resist temptation, so I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“How’d you get my number anyway?” I asked. Apparently all it took was another pizza delivery to convince my friends to give up my contact information. That actually turned me on. An older boy, one who was only a year away from college, when I was still in junior high school, had told me that my voice was hot. I found myself getting wet again, though this time my guard was down and I could relax because he was being so sweet. I wanted to summon my verbal hotness on command, but when I spoke, my nerves crept up again, and my attempt fell flat. Finally, without it even feeling like it was voluntary, I said aloud “I want to touch your cock!”

“Good, because my cock has been out since you picked up the phone, Ashlee.”

The next few minutes were a blur. I don’t really remember what I said or what he said either except at the very end when he told me he was going to cum. I just remember thinking that I was a slut for having let him phone-fuck me. I just wanted to curl up into bed. That’s what I did, falling asleep on my side with my hand between my legs and my 14 year-old C cup tits pressed together. The feeling of being a slut passed after a few weeks. That’s when I decided to meet up with Sean in person.

To be continued…

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