I’m writing to let you know something important. I don’t do it often, but for the next seven days and nights, Yours Truly will be taking a vacation. While I usually take you with me, and do calls with you while I’m away, this time needs to be an exception.

I know you’re going to miss me—maybe even more than I’m going to miss the possibility of hearing the phone ring and seeing that it’s you—but we can get through this together. I’ve long been a firm believer that absence makes the cock grow harder.

Perhaps you might not have plans to call me over the next seven days; however, simply knowing that you can’t have me for an entire week is enough to make you want me more. I know how you think, babe.

So if you really care for me as much as you’ve told me, I’d like to ask you to do something for me. Consider this a gift for me, one you don’t have to spend a single penny on (this time anyway *wink). I want you to think of and develop a fantasy about you and me together.

Every fantasy that’s ever created has to begin with a spark, a kernel of thought that sprouts layers and grows the story. All of the details that follow allow for the culmination to transpire. Sometimes it’s the way a younger girl’s tits bounce as she enters the room you’re in. Other times it’s a moaning sound that makes you think about what it would be like to hear that sound coming from me as your naked body is pressed up against mine.

Once your unconscious grabs hold of the spark, the story begins to take shape. It’s like a movie reel is playing in your subconscious mind, and it’s flashing different ideas and scenarios that all turn you on immensely.

It could possibly be the college girl you saw at the park this past weekend sporting a skin tight top that presses her luscious tits way up high—she’s certainly been on your mind. You dream of taking those perky tits in your mouth, to feel them in your hands as you come up to her from behind, to cup them in your strong hands. But how does this point arrive?

In this vision, you likely would need a reason to talk to her, a reason to look great in front of her. Perhaps you see her on the side of the road, helplessly crying over a flat tire. You pull over and rescue her by taking off the flat and replacing it with the spare from the trunk of her car, something this 20-something cock tease could never do. She’s a delicate little flower that offers the world her ahem…entry-points in exchange for men taking care of her. And now that you’ve quite literally risen to the occasion, she wants to reward you. She begs you to follow her to the mechanic shop in case there’s another problem with the car, her face intentionally turning away at times, allowing you to drink in her tits. You gladly agree to earn more good will. When the mechanic tells her she must leave the car overnight, you offer her a ride home.

Several more elaborate details later, and our young piece of ass is naked in your bed, moaning aloud like she’s fucking the man of her dreams. The joy you take from developing a fuller fantasy that brings you to this point is immeasurable. You concoct a world in which this is destined to happen.

Now, I want you to focus on the main attraction (me). I’m leaving today for a fun-filled vacation; the only downside to this is that I’m effectively locked in a dungeon, far away from your cock. I’ll be stripped naked as the day I was born, with only thoughts of you and what you’re going to do to me to keep me company. We both know that the dungeon door will open on Tuesday, September 7 around 7 pm Pacific Time. It’s the very thought of that door opening, and what happens next that I’m asking you to think about this next week.

I just gave you the spark; that spark is me as your dungeon prisoner. I injected even more enticement with the precise time the door will open up. Now, I’d like you to think about what you’re going to do to me!

Tonight when you’re jerking off to this fantasy, you’ll have thoughts to add to it. Tomorrow, when you reach for your cock again, you’ll add even more intricate details to further bring it to life. And with each passing jerk off session, this fantasy will continue to grow until it can get no bigger. You just might be surprised at what cums out of it!

By the time we speak again, this fantasy will be so sensually polished that it leads us to the most sexually charged crescendo we’ve ever had together.

Don’t call me.

Think about me.

Think about us.

And soon enough, we’ll be together again.

I can’t wait to hear what you cum up with, babe.

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