real phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544 It’s a perfect Saturday night. We’ve both been waiting for it to get here all week long. When you awoke last Sunday morning you started a countdown to this moment.  Every day this week you checked your weather app, hoping to see each time that no rain was on the horizon. You planned every minute of it, spent every night after work cleaning your place to make sure it looked its best for me.

On Monday you masturbated to thinking about the conversation we had when scheduling this rendezvous.  It was my idea to make a date and go out of town somewhere. I was thinking of going for a hike up to the falls. After cooling our bodies off in the refreshing water, we could lay down a blanket and fuck our brains out, so loudly that even, the animals will run scared. But then you came up with the idea to stay overnight on the beach. Seeing my eyes light up, my lips dance their happy smile and my chest begin to heave when you suggested it has been ingrained in your memory. A few hours later, your cock exploded a gusher when you jerked off to thinking about how quickly I said yes to you.

Tuesday arrived and it felt like the weekend was still a world away. Despite stroking your cock dry right before falling asleep, you woke up to your rock hard erection practically puncturing a hole in your mattress. You jacked off twice before getting out of bed—that’s how crazy you were over the thought of me being alone with you in just a few more days!

By Wednesday you were day-dreaming about me at work, imagining what it would be like if I snuck into your bed in the middle of the night while you’re fast asleep, crawl beneath the covers, run my fingers up your inner thigh until they find your balls. I cup them with one hand while the other reaches for your cock. You awaken to my hand tightly wrenched around your shaft as I pump it with all of my might.

On Thursday you were basically useless at work. You couldn’t even pretend to be productive. Anything that could wait until Monday was deemed not worth thinking about. By 2 pm you told everyone you weren’t feeling well and had to go home. You called me as you were driving, begging me to come over and suck your cock. “Absence makes the cock grow harder, dear,” I say, teasing you. After you whined about how hard you are, I finally relented to doing a phone sex call with you. I made you cum harder than you have in years. With my voice in your ear, I brought you to a place no other woman knows exists.

Friday morning you awoke and immediately called in sick again. You knew there was no way you could trudge through another day at work. Instead you got a haircut and a shave. You jerked off again and again to thinking about how tomorrow would go if everything went exactly as planned. You even busted out your new electric razor just to do a little manscaping (much appreciated, baby).

As you walked around your house, you couldn’t help but envision fucking me in every room and every position. In the kitchen you’d have me facing the sink, my hands grabbing the counter. You’d come up from behind and cup my tits, kissing my neck as you press your raging hard-on into the crack of my ass. After a few moments of dry humping me, I feel my skirt being lifted. You slide my panties to the side and slip a finger inside my juicy lips, and discover that I’m dripping wet for you!

You release your finger from my fruit cage and eagerly push your thick dick into me. Our moans harmonize as you thrust away, pounding my bottom for the next minute or so.

But that’s all either of us can last as we explode simultaneously.

You have similar fantasies in every room, and I’m sure that each visual is better than the last.

Saturday cannot cum soon enough for you.

(Yes, it can!)

It can happen right now. Call Me.

To be continued…

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