Phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544Finally, Saturday arrives. Your first thought when you wake up is to reach down low and start jerking your cock. But…you think better of it because you want your balls to be nice and full for me. On the other hand (no pun intended), you know that I’ll fill them up for you within minutes of seeing me. You deliberate like this for 10 minutes or so, till you finally make the hard decision (pun intended) to stroke it. You envision my boobs bouncing when you arrive when to pick me up.

Your fantasy gets even better when you see that I’m wearing a tight, clingy tee shirt that hugs my tits like a glove. And that certainly elongates your already engorged cock! You continue to jerk it until you’re about to climax, when suddenly you hear your phone announce an incoming text. It’s from me. “Don’t jerk off today, babe.” But with you so close to cumming, you struggle to follow my request. Relief arrives with my follow up text message that reads “Just kidding, my dear. Have at it all you want. I know I can coax load after load from you all night long.”

You don’t reply to me just yet. The bead of sweat sitting on your forehead dissipates as you return to pleasuring yourself. You close your eyes and see my gorgeous melons bouncing again. You think about your thick dick sliding between them. It’s enough to send you over the edge as you spray a frozen white rope into the air. It splatters down all over you, my first gift to you on this long anticipated Saturday. You catch your breath and text me back “You know me so well, Ash”. Yes, of course I do!
When you come pick me up, I’m wearing precisely the kind of outfit you had jerked off to earlier in the day. My nipples are erect, and my breasts are bouncing the way only firm tits can. They rise and fall with a quick jiggle, stunning your brain into immediate silence.

On the ride down to the beach I’ve got your right hand on my leg as you drive, both of my hands covering it. You remove it from resting on my jeans a few times to enable you to drive properly, but it always returns to the hot spot my fleshy thighs have created right through the denim covering my flesh.
We arrive at the beach house with the sun just beginning to go down. When I enter the bedroom there’s an exquisite diamond necklace resting on the pillow. My eyes get wide, and I just stare at this beautiful piece of jewelry as a thought comes to me that I must live out.

I turn to you, kiss you passionately while looking into your eyes, and know what you are thinking. As you nervously place the necklace on me, and start to tell me you don’t know how you ever got along before meeting me, I shush you. I kiss you again, and drop to my knees. I reach up through the leg of your shorts and squeeze it into steel. With my other hand, I unzip your fly. Finally, I take your shorts off altogether and liberate your cock. It’s chiseled in the most perfect way (like a sculpture in Italy), and I want to make it feel so fucking good!

I take your head into my mouth and concentrate on it for several minutes. With my eyes closed, I reach up for your dangling balls and scoop them up so that I can fondle them. You feel a pleasing cool sensation as my hands lubricate them, all the while your cock is still snugly in my mouth. You’re writhing in pleasure as my lips descend on your shaft until I find the dense base of your cock. My mouth vacuums itself onto your lead pole. I feel your hands grab the back of my head as you throat fuck me. “Holy shit!!” you exclaim as you fire your sperm down my throat.

I want you to call me soon.

Until then, enjoy the build-up of anticipation as memories of me stir things up.

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