Direct dial phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544“Dinner was delicious. Thank you, babe. I really love this place. Thank you for taking me here.” I know my gratitude was bittersweet because as much you like being out to dinner with me and seen with me around your arm when you’re out and about, leaving your home felt like an excursion.

When I arrived at your house, sporting sunglasses, a string bikini top, and denim shorts that showcased the curve of my right ass cheek, you didn’t want to go anywhere except upstairs to your bedroom. I saw how crazed you had become just by how your eyes were glued to my chest. I enjoy teasing you, which is why I pretended to beg you to take me out after our swim. “Come on babe. Let’s go out for sushi.”

Early on at the restaurant, when I ordered a drink and told the waiter we needed a few minutes I could see the frustration in your face. You were hoping for us to be just in and out (pun very much intended). Alas, the best things in life cum to those good boys who wait. An hour later, dinner has concluded when I requested a dessert menu. I reach for your leg and grip your hard cock through your pants, pressing it between my hand and your thigh. I figure playing with you like this will serve to keep you at bay a while longer while also further working you into a lustful and ravenous frenzy. I know you and I know my powers over you!

All throughout dessert, I can see you staring at my matcha green tea ice cream, silently cheering for me to finish it faster. I take my time, knowing full well what it’s doing to you. Finally, I take the last bite and announce that I need to visit the Ladies’ Room. You sigh, thinking to yourself “Of course she does.”

On the car ride home, I pretend not to notice how fast you’re driving when I ask, “Hey babe. Why don’t we stop over at—” but you cut me off, apologizing for doing so, then pleading with me to have mercy on you.

“Oh, are you anxious to get home? I thought we might enjoy each other’s company a bit longer before you drop me off.” Suddenly the prospect of not getting to fuck me at all tonight hits you like a ton of bricks. You sit there in stunned silence as you try to focus on the road.

I can see the bulge in your pants pulsate a few times before starting to contract. I let you stew for about thirty seconds before I reach over and massage it back to life. “I’m just kidding you, babe. I do want to enjoy your company a bit longer tonight. Just the three of us.” You look at me pleased but perplexed, then realize that the third person I was referring to was your third leg. I instruct you to slow down. You do as you are told. I turn on some smooth jazz and we spend the rest of the drive with my hand squeezing your achingly hard cock through your slacks.

When we step inside of your house you tear open your shirt, the buttons flying off in all sorts of directions. I reach down and find your cock stabbing through your pants. You begin to unbuckle your belt when I tell you in an authoritative tone that you are to do nothing of the sort. “The pants stay on my dear.” Before you can protest, I continue “If you think this is going to work any way other than as directed by me and at my pace, then I’ll just leave now”.

“That’s not necessary, Ashlee. Whatever you say. I’ll do anything you say. Just please don’t leave,” you plead. But you know that I love it when you show your vulnerability to me. Your rightful place is under my thumb.

I sit you down on the couch, your pants still on as I step to my knees and spread your legs. I squeeze your cock through the fabric and can feel that it’s harder than metal. Instead of taking it out and plunging it down my throat, I press on it with my wrist, pitting it up against your inner thigh. I continue that for a couple of minutes, edging you closer and closer to climax with just my small wrist. “Ashlee, please. You’re killing me. I need to cum. I need to cum badly!”

“Okay, babe. I’ll make you cum now. You can pull your pants down.” You scurry to pull your pants to your ankles. I scoop up your balls with one hand and stare at how huge they are. “Oh, babe. Are these full for me? Did you get all filled up just for me?”
“Please, Ashlee! I’m begging you.”

Seeing how horny I made you, how hard your cock is, how ravenous you are to cum, I hoist myself on top of you and slide down on you, your cock penetrating my pussy like a knife through lukewarm butter. I bounce up and down on you for about ten seconds when “Holy shit holy shit holy shiiiiiiiiii…”

The best things in life cum to he who waits.

I think you’ve waited long enough.

Don’t you?

Time for you to cum!

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