No Man Calls Only Once 866-605-2544“So, a girl grinding her scrumptious ass into your crotch, fervently trying with vigor to bring you to the edge of cumming is not cheating?” I ask.

“Um no,” you reply in a slightly indignant manner.

“What if, while she was in pursuit of giving you the lap dance of your wildest dreams, she pulled down your zipper and took out your rock-hard cock, and brought it to her lips?” Michelle asked, joining in on the racy conversation. I knew just talking about this with us was feeding the bulge in your pants. Michelle knew it too.

“So,” I begin. “Does that cross the line? I mean what if it was at a bachelor party and you didn’t even ask for it? The stripper just offered to suck you off right then and there?”

You stutter momentarily, leading Michelle and me to smile and giggle at one another, loving what we were putting you through. Finally, you reply, “Well yeah, that would be cheating.”

“Well then, where do you draw the line? What constitutes cheating if a stripper dancing on your lap for cash is okay, but that same stripper takes it upon herself to bounce and grind a little harder with the intention to make you cum, is that really any different? Would you tell her to stop?”

You think for a moment, and then answer “Well no stripper is going to give me a free blow job. She might try to get me horny enough that I would agree to pay her for one, but what I’m saying is that, um, uh,” but the words are hard to find (pun intended). “I guess if you’re paying by the song—and no girl is going to give head for the price of a song that she lap dances to—then it’s okay. Because anything that is charged by the song is not going to be anything that would cross the line.”

“I see,” I respond. Michelle makes a facial expression that conveys agreement. But I’m not done by a long, hard shot! “So, what if I were dancing on your crotch and then I let you play with my tits, what then?”

You mull this over for a moment… “It’s a grey area. If we’re talking about squeezing your tits (I squeeze your knee as you say this), then I’d be inclined to say it’s okay. But—“

I push my finger to your lips to shush you, “But if it’s your mouth on them, sucking them, licking all over my hard nipples?”

“Well still grey, but then I’d be inclined to, uh, um, then I’d be inclined to say it’s cheating?”

“I see,” I respond. “So, if I offered to leave here and head back to your place, remove my top and bra and let you suck on my tits…” my voice drifts off. My hand gently rises to my right breast. You watch as I cup it through my tight tee and then squeeze. “…you would say No because that would be cheating?”

To be continued…

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