The Allure of Ashlee 866-605-2544Your wife is out of town for a few days when your old friend Michelle reaches out to you. You haven’t spoken to her in ages, your relationship with her is now relegated to looking at each other’s social media posts and maybe dropping an occasional comment to one another. The last time you spoke to her she was 31 years old, dancing for tips, and still doing the same free-spirited things you did when you were 20 and studying for final exams. She’s still very attractive; if you were single, you’d love to date her. But that wasn’t on the table back then, and now that you’re sentenced to marriage without parole, it’s not now either. However, now is when she is calling you…

Michelle and a friend of hers are going to be in town for an evening and she wants to know if you would let them crash for a night at your place. You’re a bit hesitant, as you know your wife would definitely not be down with it. But since you know that nothing is going to happen, you decide that what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her and you agree to let them stay.

The day arrives and Michelle’s car pulls up two hours later than she said she would be arriving. You’re already a little ill at ease because not being prompt is vintage Michelle. But there’s no turning back now. She steps out of the car, which you see from your house window. You decide to let her ring the doorbell and let on that you’re staring outside when the passenger side door opens and out walks a buxom piece of ass that immediately ignites the engine in your balls.

As you come out to greet us, Michelle shouts out your name and runs towards you, throwing her arms around you. You stare at me walking behind her as the two of you embrace. “This is my friend, Ashlee,” she says. I just smile at you and extend my hand with a simple “Hello.”  Michelle explains that we used to work together years ago.

We come inside and make small talk for a little while, Michelle noticing that your eyes are glued on me. She expected it and doesn’t seem to mind. Michelle looks great for her age but is not in the same league as me. After about 15 minutes she explains that they need to take off to take care of some business but assures you they’ll be back in time to go out for dinner. “That’d be great!” you exclaim, your mind racing with being able to spend time with us.

Later that night the three of us are eating dinner, enjoying our visit when Michelle taps me on the hand and motions towards the bar. I excuse myself and saunter into the bar and sit down next to a handsome well-dressed man wearing a wedding ring. Michelle explains to you that “Ashlee” loves the challenge of engaging a married man. She tells you that we used to have contests to see who could get an attached man to buy us a drink and ask for our number the fastest (yours truly won every time). Needless to say, the drinks were on Michelle for the remainder of the evening every single time we went out.

When I return to the table I ask, “So Michelle, did you explain to my new friend what I just did?” You love being called “my new friend,” but not as much as the wink and sexy smile I give you. From there I ask you if you’ve ever cheated on your wife like the guy at the bar just wanted to. You admit that you’ve thought about it but would never go through with it. “Not even a lap dance at a bachelor party?”

To this, you reply, “Well sure, but that’s not really cheating.”

To be continued…

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