You know me as a girl with a ton of confidence. I know what I am. I’ve always been a remarkably hot piece of ass. I was the first girl in my class to need a bra. I was the first freshman in high school to date a popular senior. I’ve had more than a few men propose marriage to me. I’m the top of the pecking order, and everyone treats me that way. But that does not mean I haven’t met my match before. I have, and I have been humbled.

When I was in my late teens, I attended a fraternity party. Several football players were there, and at that age I was not immune to star gazing. I thought I was all that and a bag of chips when the star defensive lineman hit on me right in front of the girl he came to the party with. We started dating. For the next few weeks, I was not just the hottest girl in the place; I was the queen of the campus. I could seduce him whenever I wanted. I went a bit too far though, and showed off my control over him in front of the other players. That was not smart.

His bruised ego sought revenge. One night we got drunk at his off-campus apartment. Several other players were also there, and no other girls. He told me he wanted to tease the other guys by showing them how hot I was. I felt bad for making him look bad previously, so I let him show me off. It started with my just taking my top off. What I didn’t realize is that he had confiscated it and hid it from me when my back was turned. I was drunk enough to start dancing to music that suddenly was playing, laughter was heard, the guys were getting jovial.

Before I knew it, 6 football players were surrounding me, dancing with their tongues out, all of them hard as a rock. At first I was having fun. Then they started getting grabby with me, each of them copping a feel. When I didn’t object too strenuously, my ass got slapped. “Suck our cocks babe” my boyfriend said. I was getting nervous. He saw it on my face, and then altered his play. “Guys, back off. All of you, just back off.” I felt relieved. He saw this too. “Babe, I can’t help but want you right now. At least suck my cock.” I was so uncomfortable that I didn’t want to (even though he had his cock in my mouth already many times), but I just wanted out of the room of so many people. I relented, and got on my knees.

I thought everyone had left the room, but they actually had only hung back a bit in silence. Bent over, his manhood between my lips, I felt someone gently massage my ass cheeks. I stopped what I was doing and yelled. My protest was met with an extremely hard slap to my ass. It hurt, a lot. I looked to my boyfriend for help, but he just gave me a cold stare. This was my punishment for embarrassing him. If you shoot the king, you best not miss. I had beaten him down, but not to the point of surrender. One more painful slap to my ass, and I knew I had to surrender. So I did. I didn’t make them work any harder. I forked over my body to them.

Over the next 30 minutes they each took turns in pairs, with one player fucking my throat while another did me doggy-style. I swallowed a lot of cum that night. There were bruises on my hips the next day from where they grabbed me to press themselves into me.

I learned a lot that night about growing up. I learned what a real man is, and what kind I wanted to be with. My body is spectacular and I do still sometimes use it to get my way. But I don’t want a man who machismo comes from his body the way my confidence comes from mine. My body is a man’s reward, not his right. That’s part of why I appreciate you so much and how you treat me.

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