As much as I love that you think of me when you cum, I know I’m not the only one that is capable of making you cum. Somewhere there’s another girl, one you’ve likely never told anyone about. She is a special girl that never ceases to stir up a response when she does cross your mind. She might be the babysitter that sends a thrill of excitement down your spine when she shows up to watch the kids for your “date night” with the wife, or the cheerleader next door that’s always practicing in her skimpy little skirt in her backyard. Is it your son’s girlfriend that he’s always bringing around in her short shorts and crop tops? Your wife’s younger, firmer sister that makes your cock hard every time she brushes up against you?

Or maybe it’s your wife herself, but the version of her you knew years ago when she was still tight and eager. Perhaps your secret fantasy girl is locked away in your mind because she falls into the “can’t happen zone?” Someone from an earlier time that is still so vivid in your thoughts you could almost touch her. Was she your high school sweetheart or the popular girl that was totally out of your league? Her pretty little details etched so well in your memory from countless nights of fantasizing. When you see me wearing ponytails does it take you back to thoughts of her? I’m ok with reminding you of someone else; in fact, I hope I do.

Whoever she is, you don’t have to hide her from me. Not only will I not judge you for your youthful fantasies, I can help you bring them more to life than ever before. I love role-playing, and I’m very good at it. What happens between us stays between us. Doing a phone sex call with yours truly allows you to have your cake and it too! I can be your secret fuck crush and nobody but you and I need to know who I’m representing or how horny she really makes you. You can have your way with her vicariously through me and never have to feel guilty about it.

Give me a call and tell me about her babe. Let me bring her to life for you in a way you never thought possible.

It’s okay to be tempted by the fruit of another.

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