Sex on the beach phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544I had the most awesome time on my vacation! While I was away, I had a very erotic dream about us. Here is how it went…

“I’m so excited! I’m getting ready to take a vacation soon to the Pacific North West. I’m not going to say exactly where I’m going, because a dreamy man is waiting for me there.”

You know who you are.

You’re the sexy man of my dreams. The one I let sweep me off my feet for an entire week filled with never-ending pleasure. You are the one I think about all the time. You’re the man in my fantasies; you know exactly how to make me shudder with elation.

I so enjoyed the magnificent scenery that only places like Washington and Oregon have to offer. Being in nature, surrounded by such huge, glorious redwood and pine trees all tucked away in such a peaceful setting was heaven.

The hot night air and salty smell of those gorgeous beaches was breathtaking. As we walked hand in hand on the desolate coast line with the full moon shining on us from above was truly dazzling.

Feeling the waves hit our bodies with the icy water only made us even hotter for one another. We lay down right on the sand and made out for what seemed like hours. You were rock hard for me, and I was dripping in sex for you.

I straddled you, draping my hot naked flesh across yours. I slowly stroked your stiff cock with one hand as I strategically squeezed and rubbed my other fingertips in a soft, circular motion around your heavy balls. The sexual tension between us was intense; all I could think about was feeling you inside my aching pussy.

I pushed your cock deep inside me, and rode you so fucking hard that my tits were bouncing wildly. When you reached up and started pinching my erect nipples, it immediately sent me into orgasm. Hearing me scream out in such ecstasy sent you reeling with your own euphoria as you blew your hot man gravy deep inside my velvety pussy.

Please call me and tell me this wasn’t a dream, babe.


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