I'm ready to take care of you 866-605-2544We’re walking along the main strip, holding hands, taking in the beautiful weather. We’re surrounded by hipsters gallivanting throughout the downtown area, the girls all competing for who can wear the least amount of clothing. Today’s classy and fashionable is yesterday’s cheap and incredibly slutty.

We play 18 holes of mini golf, spend countless quarters at the arcade, ride the carousel like we were kids again, and eat way too much junk food for one afternoon. I fall into your arms in laughter when I try to feed you cotton candy but instead accidentally wipe it on your chin. It’s an experience straight out of the movie The Lovin’ Spoonful, with fun, upbeat music in the background.

Everything is feeling like a dream come true for us both when I tell you I’m going to buy a bottle of water while you’re snapping photos of the scenery with your phone. We’re separated by all of 30 feet when you turn your back to take pictures. But that’s all the time that was needed for an overly macho brutish young asshole to approach me. He’s grinning at me like I am a prime cut of steak that he is about to bite into.

I get hit on all the time. I’m used to it. Most men are respectful, and those who are not generally just stare too much. A dirty look shoos most men away. As for the obnoxious few who cross the line, I’ve learned how to take care of myself with a belligerent tone and my self-confidence. But when you saw how he was eyeing me, you marched straight over to me. Your forceful walk made a statement; but rather than become antagonistic towards him, you pull me into your arms and bring our lips together, showing the whole world that I belong to you. I suck on your ear lobe a moment and whisper “You earned huge boyfriend points just now. I’m so going to give you the best head of your life when we get home.”

Later that night, with my lips tightly sealed around your shaft I latch my wet tongue to the underbelly of your cock. My throat vacuums your erection in deeply. The sucking and vibrations send you into a frenzy that makes you feel happy to be alive.

Next I introduce subtle sucking sounds, not the obnoxious and over the top type you hear in porn. Feeling me suck your cock is amazing. Seeing me making love to it with my mouth and my eyes closed takes you to another level. Hearing how much I love your cock being in my mouth makes you feel closer to me than ever before.

But you finally can’t take it any longer when you feel a stream of saliva drip onto your balls! You involuntarily thrust your body forward, admittedly stunning me a bit, but I recover quickly (I’m good like that). You grab hold of the back of my head and force your cock all the way down my throat as you explode a hot gusher of cum into my stomach.

You’re my man. I’m your girl. And when you show me you want to take care of me it makes me want to pleasure you, in more ways than one.

Call me…

Let’s take care of each other.

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